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  1. high rise hunter

    Who's HAM hunting?

    I picked up leftover for 15A/B. Honestly didn't even know there were javi that far north 🤷‍♂️
  2. high rise hunter


    In my experience going to any vendor other than an AZGFD office is completely f*ucked. I'm been sold permits from past years, wrong permits, told incorrect information so many times it makes my blood pressure spike just thinking about it. Sorry to hear you'll be missing precious hunting time on such an abbreviated season for you. Good luck, shoot straight and often. Hopefully permit sales do move to online in the near future.
  3. high rise hunter

    December late pictures

    Holy, the frame on that spit G3 buck is more than enough for me. Done deal right there. Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing.
  4. high rise hunter

    Big Ram Down!!! New unit record

    Wow that last photo really puts his mass into perspective. What a giant. Congrats a thousand times!
  5. high rise hunter

    Had a good hunt.

    That's awesome. Unforgettable memory for your son...and you as well. Congrats!
  6. high rise hunter


    Whoa 😳 That is crazy! Thanks for sharing.
  7. high rise hunter

    Leftover tags

    Been thinking the same thing. What's the delay?
  8. high rise hunter

    Results up

    For that 2nd choice hunt I got tag number 166. (Which would have been in the first 20% of tags issued for that hunt.)
  9. high rise hunter

    Results up

    Yes, I did draw 2nd choice but that's the archery hunt that always has the most leftovers.
  10. high rise hunter

    Results up

    Holy crap. I can't believe I didn't draw my 1st choice javelina. That should be a gimme, especially with 2 bonus points going in.
  11. high rise hunter

    Any Border Issues 36C ?

    Lots and lots of illegal traffic through there and some of the scary stuff. Like already said, try to camp near others (Elkhorn is good), bring valuables with you and leave water outside your truck as goodwill.
  12. high rise hunter

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    Old and gnarly indeed! Congrats, super sweet buck!
  13. high rise hunter

    2021 Texas Whitetail

    Captivating writing up and better ending. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful antler color and love how those beams curl back in. Headed to So TX mid-Dec and would be tickled pink to duplicate your success.
  14. high rise hunter

    Unit 10 early archery *story added*

    Awesome story! Glad passing on day 1 paid off big!
  15. high rise hunter

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    I've never met Jim in person but have had some conversations with him. He's smart, impressive as a biologist and I think he's a real asset and lonely bright spot within the AZGFD. That said, his instagram post is rather ironic. I believe without question social media (*cough* YouTube) is the primary catalyst for the increased demand in hunts, not just in AZ but the west in its entirety. We are not the only state losing opportunity, just look at how fast CO is lopping off their OTC elk hunts. It's unfortunate. But Jim making himself widely available on podcasts or to Randy Newberg/Gritty/whoever during their AZ YouTube hunts certainly isn't helping curb the demand. Personally, I wouldn't post a complaint about loss of opportunity if I was a contributor to such.