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  1. high rise hunter

    Bear Opener

    Negative. Hunting in this heat doesn't seem fun at all. That said, I hope some members post success stories/pics over the next couple weeks.
  2. high rise hunter

    Some Good Growth Early

    I had one at the end of June that looked very similar. I definitely think they're are bucks to be excited about!
  3. high rise hunter


    Personally, OnX is a necessity. It's become more or less my hunting journal where I can keep everything of interest and have it all in one place. I.E. - water (dry or not, timestamp), critters seen (again what time of the year), bedding areas, trail camera placements, attach photos to waypoints, tracking feature when shed hunting, the list goes on-and-on. Then there are helpful features that show trails, trail heads and roads, private and public land, water catchments, burn areas, campsites, etc. Like @Edge mentioned. It's also a great tool for real estate. I've used it to track down landowners on many occasions. Compared to Basemaps, I definitely would give OnX the win despite the slightly higher cost. It's more user friendly, quicker to toggle between layers, has helpful features that I found lacking in Basemaps such as trail steepness and I prefer their topo map.
  4. high rise hunter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Nope. 23 early archery, ~7-8% draw odds
  5. high rise hunter

    Left Over List

    Wow. I can't believe how few tags are on the list. Sad. I have heard big game applications are WAY up all across the west. I suppose AZ deer is just another victim.
  6. high rise hunter

    Left Over List

    Been wondering the same..
  7. high rise hunter

    Arizona Mule Deer

    An archery desert deer hunt (like unit 41 and surrounding) will be tough especially for a first-timer. Deer densities are very low and often found in pockets. You may be better off considering a unit around Tucson that holds more deer and where you could chase both muleys and Coues. Additionally, you could apply for or pick up a leftover javelina permit to have in your back pocket.
  8. high rise hunter

    5B wolf

    I've seen them on trail cam in 22N, 2 maybe 3 years back.
  9. high rise hunter

    Hit the lottery

    That is freakin' awesome! Either tag you're gonna have a fantastic hunt! Congrats!
  10. high rise hunter

    Elk and cattle.

    I think this is spot on. ☝️ The one time I have see elk mixed in with cattle I did a double take, then a triple, then snapped a picture for proof.
  11. high rise hunter

    Trail cameras

    I pretty much run cams year round.
  12. high rise hunter

    Shore fishing San Diego today

    Where you using sand crabs as bait?
  13. high rise hunter

    Arizona Unit 24A Elk

    There's an elk hunt in 24A?!?
  14. high rise hunter

    2020 Shed Success

    There's still some out there! Great find! Any luck with finding the match?
  15. high rise hunter

    2020 Shed Success

    Nice is right! Wow those are some impressive finds. Could stare at those all day. Thanks for sharing!