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  1. high rise hunter

    Goulds in 31

    Super cool! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  2. high rise hunter

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    Good listen w/Jay Scott and Dwayne on the story of this amazing buck.
  3. high rise hunter

    December and January Success

    That is an action-packed few days. Congrats on some great animals and stacking the freezer! 😁 2020 won't be here soon enough!
  4. high rise hunter

    My OTC deer

    Congrats bud! Every time I see that picture or re-live that stalk my heart gets racing. Gosh that was awesome!!
  5. high rise hunter

    Hunting the gullies in the flats

    Deer will certainly run up and down the gullies using them almost as a road system. You'll have to do further scouting to really pinpoint the best ambush areas. Sounds like you're getting close though!
  6. high rise hunter

    Arizona has it's Second NWTF JAKES Kansas Hunt Winner

    Congratulations to your son and you as well! It's a fantastic experience. My little brother won a few years back. Both he and my old man had nothing but rave reviews about the experience from start to finish. Enjoy!
  7. high rise hunter

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    Haha! Stuck up in the tree! Thanks for sharing. Almost need to shoot expecting them to jump the string.
  8. high rise hunter

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    Mid January is when I'll be hunting as well. Last year I was there a week earlier and felt that the rutting action got better later in the hunt. Speedy, last season didn't you let an arrow loose from the recurve on a coues buck, if I recall correctly?
  9. high rise hunter

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    It's a DARN good feeling to put that physical tag in pocket! As a NR I'm relying on drawing that Turkey Supertag. 😉 Loading up this year!
  10. high rise hunter

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    One can only dream... Congrats on drawing an awesome tag!
  11. high rise hunter

    Late archery bull

    Congrats! Thanks for the fun write-up!
  12. high rise hunter


    Wowza! What beaut! Congrats!
  13. high rise hunter

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    I packed something like 6 miles back into 33 and found a good water source so I was all set. I was finding lots of deer but as I made unsuccessful stalk after unsuccessful stalk, busting deer after deer I noticed I needed to traverse to new country in search of my next opportunity. Had I been sitting water (during the August season) not stirring up the deer as much it may have been a solid strategy to pack in like I did. For this upcoming January, I will certainly be staying more mobile assumably hitting 3 or 4 areas on a congruent 3 to 4 day rotation.
  14. high rise hunter

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    I certainly did. I had a great hunt where I backpacked somewhat "deep" into 33. Didn't a punch a tag but found plenty of deer. Ended up getting ROCKED by a wicked and unexpected storm. I packed out, regrouped, had a some good hunts off Redington Rd and up in Unit 23. My one legit opportunity where a buck bedded 25 yards from me I, of course blew. Long story short I didn't have my bow with me at that moment so I watched and snapped photos as a consolation prize. Probably my biggest take away was backpack hunting coues certainly doesn't seem as efficient as it may be for other species. I found that staying increasingly mobile (i.e. truck camping) and hiking in the dark 0.5-2 miles up some nasty feature will get you away from 99.9% of the hunting pressure and allow you to switch locations every day therefore finding more deer, more opportunities.
  15. high rise hunter

    Anyone Else Pumped for January Rut Action?!

    Jeez, Paul, 5 for 9 on coues hunts with 2 Pope & Young deer. That's a heck of a batting average and a beautiful buck as well. I should take a page from your book and learn! The spot n' stalk is SO difficult. Like oz31p said, "those deer are always moving". I've had really good luck with grunting (not so much rattling) on midwest whitetails (as long as I can see them and know they can hear me) but hadn't tried it on coues. Certainly going to give that a shot this year.