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  1. high rise hunter

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    If there's an opening I'd love to play as well
  2. high rise hunter

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    Could be worth checking out the new F-150 Tremor. Some crossovers with the Raptor plus the 3.5L Ecoboost
  3. high rise hunter

    My Best Trail Camera Spot

    Thanks for sharing. Love video mode on trail cams and wish I did more of it. I just don't check them often enough to keep cards from filling up.
  4. high rise hunter

    2020 bucks

    Thanks for sharing. So many slammer bucks!
  5. high rise hunter


    Good lord that is a giant buck! Hope you get him here in Aug!
  6. high rise hunter

    Field & Stream Article on Arizona Trail cam ban

    Great article. Nice to see a write-up that shines light on this ban for what is vs what the commission wants you to believe or what you see/hear from people uninformed on the situation. Was clearly from the start a personal agenda of Kurt and Todd's and the stunts pulled to make it happen are frankly laughable. I was curious what the final tally was regarding the last public comment period. Surprised to see it was 1,019 opposed to a mere 71 in support!
  7. high rise hunter

    Anyone Bear hunting?

    I'm hoping to get out for the August 20th archery opener for a couple days but will all depend how much time I spend on a NV the week prior. Would really like to take an AZ bruin.
  8. high rise hunter

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Two nights in a row of strong winds and countless lightning in the sky to the south. Haven't seen a drop of rain here in Scottsdale though.
  9. high rise hunter

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    This isn't new news but still just as disgusting and upsetting to read again now as though I was seeing it for the first time. It feels like a big slap-in-the-face to spend sportsmans dollars on YouTube personalities to then in turn stick it to the residents of the state by taking away numerous hunting opportunities. The writing is on the wall, I think we can all see that the day of leftover deer tags is coming to end, picking up a second javelina tag, not likely. I think a lot of that has to do with social media pimping out the state and now a portion of that accountability falls directly on the hands of the AZGFD.
  10. high rise hunter

    Finally Rain!!

    The rain this evening has been great. Keep it coming!
  11. high rise hunter

    Who is hunting where?

    Gonna be a looooong wait for January OTC but do have archery deer tags in NV and CO for Aug/Sept.
  12. high rise hunter

    Sticker buck part II

    That is awesome! Congrats on a fantastic buck!
  13. high rise hunter

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    I don't think anyone would argue this. Obviously 13B and A, the Bab, 9 and 10 (not on the Big Bo) are the trail cam problem areas. The issue with the ban lies with the rest of the state to the south where there isn't this trail cam congestion.
  14. high rise hunter

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    Why does the commission even have these public comment periods. Obviously they have their agenda and are going to do what they want despite how the majority of AZ sportsman and women feel. Sad day.
  15. high rise hunter

    Arizona's Mnt Rushmore of Hunting

    Randy Ulmer came to mind for me.