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  1. high rise hunter

    Archery bull scouting

    I find it most productive to scout for archery elk in the days leading up to the season vs the month prior. Bulls will move a lot from summering areas to where they like to rut. Find the cows and you will find bulls.
  2. high rise hunter

    Have Antler to Sell?

    If anyone in the PHX metro is looking to sell antler Kaleb Hella will be down in the valley for the next few days. You can reach him at 505-220-5820
  3. high rise hunter

    fletching vane noise

    I do subscribe to the school of thought that heavier arrow = quieter bow but I don't walk the talk. I've messed around with arrow weight quite a bit and found if that if I can get my arrow in that 415-420 grain range that's the best combination of trajectory and penetration for my set up (70lbs, 27" draw). I find heavy arrows really start to fall out the sky at 60+ yards and I don't see the additional weight any more advantageous in terms of getting a pass through. Also a big fan of the increased speed to get my arrow to target quicker. Flatter trajectory is also a more forgiving at longer yardages; say I range a deer at 55, dial my sight, he steps to 57, yet I still shoot for 55. My arrow will still hits home. I shoot Rage but haven't messed around with any other expendables so nothing to elaborate on there. Sort of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situation.
  4. high rise hunter

    fletching vane noise

    I've used this arrow setup for a quite a few seasons now and it's worked really well for me. It's quiet, bucks the crosswind as well as anything and have not had anything less than a pass through. Using 4mm shafts, expandable broad heads and 4 fletch, 1 degree offset AAE elite plastiflech - 16 vanes Also believe that quieting your bow is just as important than quieting your arrow. I'm still searching for a dead silent quiver.
  5. high rise hunter

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Mandatory harvest reporting seems like such a no-brainer to me. I can't understand how this isn't being done.
  6. high rise hunter

    Sheds? To Early?

    I think the biggest bulls are dropping now, everything else will follow over the next couple of weeks.
  7. high rise hunter

    Score Guesses???

    Sweet buck. I'd guess 105 - 108"
  8. high rise hunter

    Tipping Taxidermist

    Same here. Didn't realize that was a thing.
  9. high rise hunter

    20 Grays the past 3 weekends

    Holy smokes that's awesome! Giving me an idea to curb my hunting withdrawal as of late
  10. high rise hunter

    Points Question

    You would use 4 points for both the bonus pass and random draw.
  11. high rise hunter


    The last two years have been odd IMO. Last season all rut activity I saw was early and by the end of January I didn't see a single buck with does. This year I bounced around quite a few units the first half of the month and never got into any good rut action. Had the feeling like it was going to be a late rut. Tagged my buck mid-month but had to revert to sitting water to do so. Not sure how the second half played out.
  12. high rise hunter

    Do some javi stink more than others?

    I've certainly noticed the boars are much more pungent than the sows from a smell standpoint. As for taste, haven't noticed any difference although I am careful to use multiple sets of gloves and even switch out blades between skinning and cutting off meat. Javelina are one of the animals I look most forward to putting in my freezer every year. 🍖
  13. high rise hunter

    Desert Bowhunting without the illegals

    The illegals are thick. Camp in smart places and carry a side arm.
  14. high rise hunter

    Cool buck...

    That is a cool buck even without that crazy brow/extra beam/whatever it is! Would definitely be a great one to wrap your tag around.
  15. high rise hunter

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    Congrats Speedy! Awesome story! The first one's always the hardest and now that you have that one under the belt the next ones will come easier.