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  1. BusterAZ


    Pond jumping is fun! I like to quail hunt and bring some 3” ducks loads too! I hunt with no tox for quail when I’m going for mixed bag, so there is no potential for a ticket!
  2. BusterAZ


    Opening morning, I had a great hunt. Saturday, I had to deal with ameatuer hour across the lake. A guy in a silver john boat cut the bird flight path off my spot and was skyblasting. The joys of public land hunting 😫
  3. BusterAZ


    Boy, I foolishly tried a popular effluent last year for the opener and encountered a lot of poor etiquette. Never again! Looks to be a lot more options this season. I enjoy meeting like minded folks, so if you see me out with my GWP, feel free to say hello. After the morning hunt please!
  4. Any waterfowlers on this site? I can’t wait to scout this weekend in preparation for the opener next Friday! Who’s heading out this year? All this rain should create some decent habitat this year.
  5. How’d this event go? I can’t wait till my kid is old enough to attend!
  6. BusterAZ

    Dove recipes?

    How long do you cold smoke for? Does the bacon crisp up at that temp?
  7. Hunted near PHX instead of Yuma for the first time. A lot less White Wings, but still good shooting.
  8. Nice rack of Collareds! Reminds me of when I lived in Yuma and the farmers would almost beg for someone to come and kill them for free vs. paying a farm hand!
  9. Dove is a liver-flavored meat that can be made palatable with some basic culinary skills 👨‍🍳
  10. BusterAZ


    Hopefully a few doves stick around the Valley. Was hoping to avoid the mega crowd in Yuma, but know the birds numbers are off the chart down there!
  11. Is anyone a waterfowl member at DC here?
  12. Do you know of any farms in the area? I don’t think the forest holds too many doves.
  13. Looking like only a slight chance. We had a great breeding season for them, so hopefully some stick around. Friends in Yuma tell me the numbers are beyond outstanding!
  14. With less than 2 weeks to go, numbers are looking great 🕊️