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  1. Looking like only a slight chance. We had a great breeding season for them, so hopefully some stick around. Friends in Yuma tell me the numbers are beyond outstanding!
  2. With less than 2 weeks to go, numbers are looking great 🕊️
  3. BusterAZ

    Dove Recipes

    I’ve plucked, brined in buttermilk, and fried them before. It’s okay, but I’d like to maybe try smoking them all! I did some green teal on the smoker that way I really liked them!
  4. BusterAZ

    Dove Recipes

    I’ve done similar marinades with duck breast that I left the skin on and they were great! Are you cooking just the skinless breast or the whole bird plucked?
  5. BusterAZ

    Dove Recipes

    I looked on the sticky Dove Recipe thread, but that only had one recipe. Seeing if there’s anything new; variety is the spice of life!
  6. BusterAZ

    Dove Recipes

    Dove Kabob
  7. BusterAZ

    Dove Recipes

    Looking for some new recipes or techniques to spice things up this year! Usually, I make poppers and kabobs. Both are great, but looking for a change up.
  8. I’ve been heading down your way the last few years for Mearns, but would like to put the dog on some Scalies this season. I live in West Valley and usually camp out for the weekend when I head down!
  9. BusterAZ

    Meet Clover

    Thanks. Mine dog is more of a duck dog. At least retrieving and blind work came easier than upland training. I’m his defense, I didn’t get too many in front of him last year though, so hoping for a turn around this season.
  10. BusterAZ

    Meet Clover

    Nice looking dog! Did you get her from a local breeder? I have a 2.5 year old GWP.
  11. I’m new to this forum, but have used a lot of steel shot for small game. In 20 gauge, I like a 7/8 oz versus 3/4. Kent used to have a steel dove and quail load in #7 that worked great. They have a dove steel now only in #6. Lately, I find having all non tox is easier, because I like switch to some 3” stuff and jump a tank or two while either dove or duck hunting.