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  1. BusterAZ

    Bird gun

    A 20 gauge semi gauge gas auto is hard to beat for dove and desert quail. Longer barrels and receivers can be difficult to swing on tight flushing Mearns, but still easily kill a Turkey. For ducks, a 12 bore is a much better option!
  2. BusterAZ

    S. Az Duck guide?

    The tanks in that area get jumped more than a Nogales Whore 😱
  3. BusterAZ


    Scouted a couple days last week. Only found old scrapes and lots of coues deer. About 50 deer in two days, but not a single buck! I found a canyon with water on a north slope and was hoping it was going to be a goldmine, but rain must of been too little to late 😩 The deer were loving that canyon though!
  4. It’s a very good sign that the numbers are still this prevalent. Thanks for the report!
  5. Congrats on your limit! How many total birds did you hit and not retrieve? Were they long shots?
  6. This season continues to be great 🕊️
  7. BusterAZ

    12A Turkeys + Grouse

    This thread is great 😜
  8. BusterAZ

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    Thanks. I was unaware of a possible emergency declaration. Definitely something to watch out for!
  9. BusterAZ

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/news/bor-news-water-experiment-to-be-conducted-along-the-colorado-river-while-maintaining-hydropower-production-this-summer.htm The weekend releases are regulated till the end of August. This means the water will not fluctuate nearly as much as it used to during this time. These experimental flows are showing promising results!
  10. BusterAZ

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    The scenery can’t be beat and the wild trout do fight exceptionally hard for their size in this tailrace!
  11. BusterAZ

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    I fish both the walk-in and upriver often. Back hauling has become very lucrative, so there are many competing outfitters. I’ve seen countless children floating down in canoes and kayaks and do not consider it a dangerous activity. The wind can really screw with you, but you just have to wait it out. Specific to the walk-in, it’s big water and can be frustrating. April and May are usually better than June, July, or August. The fall can be good as well! You need a good set of waders and to be able to effectively wait in position. Most importantly, make sure your flies are in the strike zone. This is the biggest trout river we have in the state and a great place to fish streamers with a sink tip! Spey or roll style casts will keep your back cast out of the bushes. I’ve tried a lot of flies in the river, but an olive crystal bugger always produces. The usual nymph rig works well too, just make sure it’s getting down to where the trout feed!
  12. I see some snipe while out waterfowl hunting every year. Usually, one or two mixed in with some other shorebirds, so I never try shooting them. However, I’ve seen other people misidentify yellow legs as snipe, which is a protected species! Make sure your ID is dead on before pulling the trigger.
  13. BusterAZ


    Splitting hairs are we now with the invasive and non native terms? You may find my offhanded jokes pathetic, but I already called you out for your pathetic “liberal” talk. The “challenge” talk is even more despicable. The only challenge you pose in this thread is for the last word, which I can see is important for your ego. You are incapable of discussing data or research. Anytime the results counter your thoughts, you go scream and pout in your political corner. Science does not hold a political banner. Politicians have naively fed you lies hook line and sinker for decades. Regarding your bold statements and demands, I will answer whatever questions I see fit and am in no way regulated by you in any manner. That being said, I look forward to discussing predator-prey interactions with those who are able to, but realize that we have not really been able to on this thread! I’m going hunting for the weekend and look forward to reading more about the dreaded hybrid canines that are destroying our famed elk herds next week. Shoot straight gents!
  14. BusterAZ


    This is fools talk! Sorry not sorry, but I was baiting you in! We clearly see things differently and this great country affords us that liberty! Don’t dilute science with politics. You have been duped into believing that science is trying to fool ya, but the truth of the matter is that politicians have been exploiting your loyalty. So much so, that you are clouded with reality!
  15. BusterAZ


    You boys having butt sex? Anyways, the absence of a serious predatory threat has made elk herds too comfortable in areas I have once frequented. Shoot them all boys! I don’t consider man a serious threat to them, because we are not out there every day of the year. Black bear, coyotes, lion, or bobcat do not apply the same predatory forces as a pack of wolves. Please provide fact checked data on the invasive species talk and I will provide a response! Seriously, I’m trying to gain insight into this matter.