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Found 26 results

  1. sbooth

    KUIU Men's Small For Sale

    Peloton 118 LS Crew T | Men's Small | VERDE $50.00 Attack Pant | 28 Short | VERDE $110.00 Guide DCS Jacket | Men's Small | VERDE $185.00 These clothes have only been worn for 1 season and are in fantastic shape! My son who wore them was 14 YO, 5'5" and 120LBS. Now he is 5'7" and 135. I will sell these face to face but would rather ship to your address for 350. total. I will separate IF all is spoken for first. ***SOLD*** 928-978-0499 sboothdds@gmail.com
  2. smoneal86

    24A Success

    This year was a little tougher but we got it done again. His second year hunting with me and I can’t keep him out of the country now. He has quickly became my favorite person to hunt with.
  3. tomharveyb

    Grandson’s first coues

    Grandson Ryan had a 34a youth tag this year. We missed opening morning because of his job. Got to the Gardner canyon area around noon, set up camp and got out for the evening. Saw one doe. Sat morning I glassed up 2 bucks and 3 does. The bigger buck bedded down at 300 yards at 7:30 , while the others went over a ridge. A few minutes later a doe walked by the tree where we saw the buck was bedded. She stared into the tree where he was, and as luck would have it, he got up and followed her up the ridge. When the buck stopped at 350, I told him to hold 2 in. over his back. At the shot, he staggered a few steps, and went down. He was super excited to say the least, but the pack out took most of that away. 4 hours after boning the deer out and packing back to camp, all was good. That deer lived in the steepest , nastiest canyon possible…or so it seemed to this 72 year old, while huffing and puffing him out. Beautiful country though. The grasshoppers down there are HUGE, and they eat meat!
  4. This is my Son, Aaron Altaha Jr., 11 years old, this past weekend was the last weekend of his rifle hunt for deer and he tagged out his 1st deer the day before the last day on 10/30/21. And he was blessed to harvest a Awesome 7x8 Coues buck from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in AZ.
  5. rodrod19

    Tikka T3x Lite Compact .243

    Selling my Tikka T3x Lite Compact .243 w/ recoil pad spacers. Purchased this past August, exactly 10 rounds through the barrel. Located in north Scottsdale. $750 rifle only $1250 rifle w/ scope (Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50 EBR-2C MOA reticle, Vortex Optics 30mm rings, Weaver 20 MOA base) + 30 rounds 95 grain Fed Fusion. Will consider trading for a 6.5 CM rifle w/ threaded barrel.
  6. My 10 year old daughter drew a unit 9 cow tag for the 8-14 October youth hunt this year. We're excited and a little surprised as her Hunters Ed point hasn’t even been awarded yet so she drew with 0 points. Anyway; first big game tag for her and so far she only has a few rabbits under her belt via the 22. We have a summer of center fire practice ahead of us. My familiarity with unit 9 is nil. I have seen some archery success at Camp Navajo, but that is the extent of my AZ elk experience. I would tend to think that some bugling would still be heard mid-Oct to help us locate herds, but otherwise I would plan to scout and gravitate towards water. It does not appear to me that the unit will lend itself very well to glassing. I also see pretty extensive road coverage such that truck camping with daily backpack hunting can cover most of the unit,no? I don’t have an ATV, standard 4wd pickup only. I have multi-day backcountry backpack hunted MT so I am equipped, but that’s probably a bit much to ask of my daughter on her first big game hunt if not necessary. Any assistance validating or correcting some of my assumptions above or any general guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hank
  7. Great shotgun, only used a few times.
  8. justinspe25

    22/23 Youth Deer Camp Success

    Got back from the 22/23 youth deer camp and I have to say I was very impressed with the camp!! Everyone from the AMDO, AZG&F, the mentors, and the camp cooks were awesome! This was my youngest son's first big game hunt and he drew unit 22. He wanted to go after Coues, but our plans changed after we got to camp and hooked up with another young hunter and a couple of mentors. So we headed off to a spot they heard about in mule deer country. Opening morning were glassed up some does and a spike that went over the ridge they were on, so we decided to make a big circle around to get a look on the other side. As we get to the top, to our surprise we jump the deer further up the ridgeline than we thought and the spike presented a shot but Kam was not ready and he ran off and we could not find em again. That evening the other kid (Jacob) made a stalk and shot at a tall 2x2 but missed. Next morning we were glassing the opposite side of that same ridge when our mentor picked up two small bucks sparing up the same ridge from us 300 to 400 yards. Kam decides to go after them so we walk along the top to where we last saw them, but they are gone. So we drop down to get on the next one. Just has we start to crest the top, I tell Kam to get in front of me and get ready, I made that mistake a couple years ago. We get to the top and Kam shouts "dad" and buck pops out of the next little cut I saw it had antlers and said shoot him. Kam shoulder's the rifle and realizes the front scope flap is still down, he lowers it flip it open aimed, and just has the buck realized he needs to move Kam fires. I didn't hear the whack but I see hair fly and he kind of lunged forward. Efren our mentor buddy said you hit him. So we crept up and he was still alive but down, so Kam finished him off. What awesome thrill! Kam was pumped his first buck! We get down to him and realized it was the same buck his fellow hunter missed the day before! It was a standing 55-60 yard shot, I was proud that he kept his cool and did everything right. Needless to say I was pumped for Kam taking his first game animal! Now he is 1 up on his brothers! We couldn't do it would the awesome help of the camp mentors that came with us, they were awesome dudes and a huge help to not only us but other youth hunters, one of them help skin 4 deer back at camp! Huge Thanks to Efren and Gilbert
  9. GuyThatMisses


  10. sbooth

    FS Savage Rascal

    For sale are two Savage Rascals in almost new condition. Both are walnut stocked and one is Left and the other is Right. The original boxes and papers are included. Included is a black Allen soft case of proper length for these shorties! I have both as my son is right handed and left eye dominant so we had some figuring out to do. No pics but you have my word they are almost new condition. Please look online for details. 300.. for both and soft case 150. for lefty. Will sell righty if lefty sells first. Steven 928-978-0499
  11. My kids have outgrown this bow. It is a Browning Micro Midas 3. It has a large range of draw weight and draw length. But I cant find any markings on the bow with what the ranges are. I attached a picture of the specs. Comes with whisker biscuit rest. Peep. Quiver and 3 arrows. I live in Queen Creek and work in Mesa. $100 Bobby 480-220-6501
  12. tomuchworking

    Fun with the Boys

    Tate (13) and Brooks (10) were lucky enough to draw their first deer tags together this year. These youth hunts are the best. We sure had a good time out in the woods. Tate Brooks
  13. I will begin this by saying a HUGE thanks to my wife Tricia. This year she drew a second choice rifle goat tag for 19A, with 21 points and 18 years of not drawing a tag, she finally hit. Several weeks after the draw and a lot of discussion, she made the decision to transfer the tag to our 13 year old daughter, Hunter. After countless hours of glassing, scouting and driving to different areas, I became discouraged with the area. It's not the unit I bow hunted some 20+ years ago for sure. But I was not going to allow this to diminish from our hunt and the memories that come with it. Thanks to CWT, I tapped on a few members that were more familiar with the animals in the area and the unit as a whole. So I'll throw out some kudos to azcouesfanatic, chinohunter, HuntHarder and HUNTAZ. These guys threw me a couple bones after they finished their business in the area with no BS to sift thru, Thanks Guys!!! I decided to hunt Fain. There were a couple shooter bucks in there that would truly fit the bill for Hunter. Opening morning we were on the ground at 0330 making our way into the valley. Getting a jump was paramount, as the pressure in Fain would be intense from all the hunters I saw eyeballing the same area. We went in and made a move on the main buck. A couple hunters blew him out as they were working on a dink nearby. Our buck flew south over a mile out. We could see hunters in the area now working in on him. Not allowing this to ruin our hunt, we went after a buck I figured no one had seen yet this morning. I found him in a small bowl with his two does, right where we had left them the night before. We slinked in on him and set up on him at 350 yards. I pulled the white toilet paper trick and the buck and his does were closing the gap on us. I ranged him at 249. Hunter was on the bipod holding at 250. I asked her if she was ready. She replied "is it bigger than yours daddy?" I'm thinking , 'what the heck', this a great looking goat with some length and good mass. I told her this buck was very close to mine (79 1/8). She said she would shoot it. At 249 she center punched this buck in the engine room. He "pulled a wheelie" and ran 20 yards, stood with the drunk wobbly legs and piled up. After getting to the goat and looking him over, I told Hunter it's looking bigger than mine. She was happy beyond belief! We took some pics and got to watch the first buck we targeted get whacked by some hunters proned out, a mile away on a hill. We then humped the buck back to the truck. Tricia was elated about the story and the size of the buck. We got to camp and put some tape on this guy. Her buck green scored 82 1/8! An awesome buck for an equally awesome kid that 'Got 'er done'! What's a dad to do after that? Get that sucker mounted of course!
  14. My 14 year old son had a bull tag this year. We did a bunch of scouting but never turned up any huge bulls. We had found a few good bulls and kept the options open with the help of friends looking as well. While scouting I found a good dead head coues buck that goes 105. Also while scouting I made a bad decision to leave my rifle behind because of a long nasty ranger ride and a long hike, on that trip I glassed up two lions sleeping near each other. It killed me to watch them for three hours at 500 yards without a rifle. By the time his hunt came, one of the better bulls was killed and we lost another shooter that we could not turn up again. Opening morning had us with bulls bugling and he passed on a few really pretty bulls, a good bull that was broken and a bull with huge thirds at 40 yards, but I could not see his top end until he turned to leave. Turned out he was a shooter but never got on him again. A couple of those bulls were so close that they were almost drooling snot on us! My wife and my Dad were glassing from above us all morning and had seen a better bull go to bed. We left Dad on top and brought Momma with us that night. She stayed a little back when we called a couple times and she had a couple small bulls sneak in and almost stepped on her! Got close to the bigger bull but never got a good look at him. The second day had us up at 2am to cross a nasty canyon in the dark to get into some remote country. The nice thing was that we had eyes glassing this country for us and we worked through some bulls but no shooters. My boy and I kept moving a couple more miles midday while the rest of the crew glassing went to camp and waited for word by radio to see where we would need pick up well after dark or we had stuff to just stay where we were for the night. We got into some new bedding area and had a few bulls bugling early afternoon with two growlers that we needed to see. We let them make their move and we chose to sneak in on them since they were getting pissed at each other and growling consistently. We got right in between them and got set up. I told my son to wait for me to give the go ahead. Just then one of the bulls stepped into our lane at 15 yards bugling and drooling. I asked my son if he liked him and he said yes. He was not broken and I said kill him!! He shot, we cow called and we listened as the bull piled up about 50 yards away in the brush! As we walked up to him, I knew he was not the big bull we had came for, but my son was thrilled because he had just shot a bull bigger than his last one. I apologized for telling him to shoot and he was still smiling and holding the antlers. I called my buddy on the radio and told him we were deep into the area and we would be awhile. I mentioned that I told him to shoot the wrong bull and he said "it's not about the size of the bull it's about being with your boy", that would mean a lot in the coming weeks. We decided to cut him up, hang it and come back at sun up with the horse. So while I am on the radio, I look over and see my son with the bugle and crawling away from me. Then he bugles and begins to call in the first of 3 or 4 different bulls over the next hour or so. It was awesome to just sit back and watch him go to work with just the bugle, changing his tone and pitch and direction. Then cow called with his bare mouth and broke some branches next to him, that was when I realized my days as my sons guide are nearing an end, soon he will be my guide After all that and lots of pictures, the two of us broke his bull down and hung it in a cedar tree nearby. Then we made the long hike out with his antlers to where my buddy and my Dad were waiting with the ranger and a warm fire. We slept a couple hours and then my good friend met us back up on the hill with his horse. The horse took the quarters and my son, wife and I took the rest. We made it back to camp, got the meat on ice and enjoyed the rest of the last day in camp. That comment from my buddy would mean a lot because five days after my son killed his bull, I was scouting for another hunt when I was in an accident that broke my legs and quickly ended our hunting season. So take every day in the woods as a blessing from above because you never know when it will end. Next season will be here soon enough and it will be my daughters turn with me by her side, headed deep into some wilderness in this great state!!! Sorry for the long story but i got excited re-living the hunt Dead head Two lions bedded together My boys 330" bull!! His new bull on the left, his first bull on the right.
  15. I have a single shot 243 for sale. Great youth rifle for pigs. Decelerator pad. Weaver rings. $200 obo If I am off on the price please feel free to let me know and make an offer. Thanks Call or text is the best way to reach me. 480-220-6501.
  16. cflores


  17. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Some recent work...Pic heavy

    Been a while since we posted any work on here, so here aresome of the mounts we have sent home recently.... First the kids...these 4 bucks all all youth deer. Nice Desert Mulie... Archery Bull finished up.... And a nice Pronghorn done for a Coueswhitetail member.....
  18. jeffd

    Roy's Deer

    Here's my son Roy's deer that he shot yesterday.
  19. andrewmilich

    Still WTB youth .243

    I am still looking to buy a decently priced .243. My son has his first Coues hunt in October. (to bad it wasn't december) any sellers out there. Thank you so much.
  20. My son is 14 years old and he just finished up a year of a lifetime!!! (fyi.... previously to 2013 he had only taken 1 Coues deer and an antelope) He started it off on Feb. 3rd 2013 with his 1st javelina that he shot at 100 yards with a 96 year old 6.5x55 Swedish mauser in 36a with close friend Andy Behrens. He then drew the October junior elk tag in 4a, we went up on the Wednesday before his hunt and experienced snow on Thursday. he found a herd on opening morning, so we took off and finally got to 350 yards when the lead cow spotted us. He set up and made the shot, sitting, with the same 308 that his deceased mother and older brother both shot their first and only cow elk with. He was shooting the 155 grain Berger bullets over 44 grains of varget. Thanks to David Broerman for all his guidance. Patrick decided to put in for the unit 33 November junior tag, as it would be cooler, and he thought he would have better chances of drawing. He was correct, we went out on Thursday and set up camp. our close family friend, Pat Romero, arrived later that night. they hiked back into great country and at about 7 am Pat found a good buck. Patrick got to 411 yards of the buck and took him down with Pat's 257 weatherby magnum. The shot was at 8 am. He packed it out with Pat and they got back to camp at noon. We then ate a victory lunch of brats and then went out to try to find Patrick a javelina. he got lucky enough to draw both tags at the same time and same unit. long story short, we found a heard of pigs and he shot one at 101 yards at 4 pm! Patrick had completed a double in a day!!! On November 22, 2013 Patrick Wundrock Shot a 107" Coues whitetail at 8 am only to follow it up with a javelina at 4 pm! Well even though he shot that amazing buck, I sent him down to Mexico with Bobby Boido to the El Tule Ranch, for yet another Coues deer. I could not go because I had other commitments. Patrick said it was a very tough hunt, and on the 2nd to last day, January 23, 2014 he shot a very nice deer that we estimate at 95" with Bobby's 300 WSM at 300 yards. Patrick really enjoyed himself and even found a WHITE JAVELINA!!! Needless to say Patrick had a fantastic year, he knows it, and will probably try for the rest of his life to surpass it! full stories have been added to the end of post.
  21. loco4coues

    Bailee's first pig!

    My niece Bailee killed her first javelina today. She shot this big boar with her .308 at 250 yards and made a great shot!
  22. Coach

    Matt's Youth Coues

    Hey guys, my oldest son Matt and I got back from a fun youth hunt on Monday night. Matt was able to take a nice 3x3 on the last morning of our hunt. We got out there Wednesday night hoping to scout all day Thursday, but it started raining hard around midnight and didn't stop until around 10 on Thursday. Once it was dry enough to drive on the soupy roads we headed out to a spot we had found on the map that looked promising. We found a few tracks, but overall it seemed a little sparse for sign. Then on the way out we found a really good set of sheds. This got us a little more exited about the area for sure. We did a little more scouting that evening and found a way to glass that area from the bottom, did a little shooting at coyotes (missed 3 times due to not having the range finder handy) but we knew where we wanted to be opening morning. Friday morning we headed in and I dropped Matt off about a mile before the glassing spot so he could hunt some of the other ridges while I glassed the canyon we figured the big guy to be in. At about 7 I found a decent 3x3, then another almost identical to him, and finally through a gap in the brush I found a good looking buck bedded right in the open on the hillside. I got on the radio and told Matt to head on over. When I got back to the glass, the bedded buck was gone. A little more glassing and I found him moving down the hill in the sunlight and got a good look at him, and he was a dandy - maybe the same buck we had found the sheds from. I watched him drop out of sight behind a little knob. When Matt got there we located the smaller 3x3 and a little forkie I hadn't seen earlier. The shot was a little long, and he really wanted to wait out the bigger buck. Finally Matt got to see the big buck move out from behind the knob as he was heading to a bedding area. There was no time for a shot, and it was out of reach anyway - about 650 yards, so we made a plan to get closer for the later part of the hunt. On the way out we found another coyote, and Matt nailed him this time. We tried to get back on that buck Friday at noon but ended up on the wrong ridge, then at evening got on the right ridge, but the sun was right in our face and we really couldn't see anything. Saturday morning we were back to the same spot, but didn't find a single deer on that hill. The wind started up right at first light and just got worse as the morning progressed. We headed to Snowflake to coach my youngest son's football game and didn't get back to camp until dark. Sunday morning we were back to the same spot at first light and picked up a doe, but nothing else seemed to be moving. I was starting to get a little discouraged thinking we had maybe pushed the bucks out of this spot and was about to suggest we go look for a new area when Matt motioned to me that he had found two bucks. This kid can sure glass. One of the bucks was a small 3x3 and the other a heavy 2x2. After a little discussion, we figured that there was a good chance the big buck would start moving, so he elected to pass on those two. They moved into the same bedding area the bigger buck had gone Friday morning and we didn't see anything else the rest of the morning. In the evening we headed out to a new area just to explore in hopes of lucking into something. We didn't find any deer, but found this really cool gopher snake crossing the road. Monday morning it was the last shot we had, as we had to head home in the afternoon. We went back to our spot even earlier and started glassing. Matt was kind of kicking himself for passing the small 3x3 the day before, but we were still optomistic. Right away we found a couple of does, but no bucks. We moved our position a little to get an angle where we could see more of the hill. Matt found a small forkie moving in some thick stuff, but we could only get glmpses of him through a big cedar tree. I got up and started glassing the upper portions of the canyon to see if there was anything behind us, and as I panned back down there was a nice 3x3 feeding down the hill directly across from where we had been glassing - he was just 200 yards away and right out in the open - almost exactly where the big buck was on Friday morning. I showed him to Matt, and he said, "I'm shooting him". We got set up for the shot and had to wait for him to come out from behind a big cedar tree. As soon as he stepped out, he was quartering to us slightly but broadside enough for a clean shot. Matt made a perfect shot and I watched the buck hunch up, then run behind the closest tree. Turned out to be a very big and very short blood trail, as it was a heart shot. It wasn't the big guy we had hunted for 4 days, but Matt couldn't have been happier. Matt packing him out. A big thanks goes out to the CWT members that were willing to share some info to get us started in an area that was new to us. You guys responed via PM, so I'll keep your identity private, but I really appreciate your willingness to share information and get us pointed in the right direction.
  23. I have a Mathews ignition bow with a limb saver drop away rest, a Mathews arrow web quiver, a wrist sling, and a limb saver stabilizer. In addition, it has America's Best Bowstrings.(that is the brand) It has a 22" cam and 40-50# draw weight. I also have an additional 23.5" cam that I'm including in this package. The grip was customized to fit my hand but can be changed if you choose to do so. This bow is in excellent condition. There are no frays or cuts in the strings. The limbs and riser are in great shape with only normal wear. I am asking $360 OBO. I am proud to say that this bow won the Western States Triple Crown Cub Division in 2011. Other items for sale: $85.00 - Nintendo DS Lite with 5 games, charger, and game holder. $30.00 - Easton Octane C405 Big Barrel, -12, 29" 17oz. 2 1/4" dia. made for little league. $50.00 - Scandium X DE Marini -12.5, 29" 2 1/4" dia. made for little league. All prices include shipping in the US.
  24. 125coues


    For sale is a Hoyt Ruckus bow that my wife won at a banquet. They sell for $399 new and bare , she is asking $300 comes with a wisker bisket rest, Fuse 3 pin sight, Fuse 4 arrow quiver. the lable reads WT 45, Len 18-28, STR 47-75, BC 31.00 / F Call Mark 602-214-8596 for questions. sold When it comes to archery, getting off to the right start is the most important thing. At Hoyt, we engineered Ruckus with Versaflex™ technology- providing an amazing 10 inches of custom draw length adjustment. Ruckus is the ideal start to your youngster's lifelong archery adventure. 29-3/4” AXLE-TO-AXLE 281 FPS(ATA) 6-3/4” BRACE HEIGHT 2.8 LBS MASS WEIGHT Bows are shipped in this position. ↓ Draw Length 18" 19" 20" 21" 22" 23" 24" 25" 26" 27" 28" Peak Draw Weight 35 lb Maximum Weight 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Minimum Weight 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Draw Length 18" 19" 20" 21" 22" 23" 24" 25" 26" 27" 28" 45 lb Maximum Weight 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Minimum Weight 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Peak draw weight will increase as the draw length becomes longer. For example, if you order a 35 pound bow, it will have a peak draw weight of 30 pounds in the 18 inch draw length position and a peak draw weight of 40 pounds in the 28 inch draw length position. Minimum draw weights are achieved by backing out the limb bolts no more than 11 turns. Please note that the Rukus is the only Hoyt bow that can be backed out this many turns. See the above chart for the exact draw weight range in each draw length. Draw length is adjustable from 18 to 28 inches in 1 inch increments
  25. Well, since I'm getting ready to head to Mexico I figured i would share the year we had. We had limited tags in our family this year, but we had some great hunts and had a great time. I shot this Mexico buck on the last day last evening after passing up many others broken or not exactly what I wanted. There was 16 bucks on the hillside and this was the dominant buck. Others would have scored better but this one gave me a bedded shot at a long range, and here he is on my wall. Next was my UT buck at 33 yards NM antelope Son's first Coues I had the privilege of helping out on quite a few elk hunts, some big bulls were killed, but none of my family had tags (0 for 3 on cow tags) and so we are having to buy beef for the first time in 10+ years. For many years we use nothing but elk for all our burger. I am lucky enough to be headed to Mexico in a couple days to start off 2013, hopefully we get a few more tags and can be blessed again. Thanks.