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  1. smoneal86

    Dry Rub Venison Back Strap

    Espresso Brown Sugar Salt and Pepper Chili Powder Paprika and Garlic powder Sear strap on all sides in a pan with olive oil and then baste with butter. Finish off in the oven to preferred doneness.
  2. I love the HMR. It’s an excellent rifle. As for the suppressor it was a form 1 build using jk armaments solvent kit. E form approval was only 24 days and though it may not be as effective as a silencerco it worked flawlessly.
  3. Spent the first few days getting skunked. Finally dug in and got further out there. One shot a piece with a 6.5 creedmoor at 590yards. First one dropped and the next walked out broad side, after impact it took one step then dropped in its tracks. The excitement that came afterwards is something I’ll never forget.