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  1. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    This morning we are down to 9 tickets left. Get yours now so we can draw today and get the license in the mail to the winner today.
  2. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    Thanks Roosevelt Mark!
  3. 125coues

    Arizona has it's Second NWTF JAKES Kansas Hunt Winner

    Well the wife and I will be at the convention and would love to see the lucky guy so let us know what days you are there so we can congratulate him .It is a really great convention and the calling contest are assume.
  4. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    We have 22 tickets left to sell this morning. Help spread the word and let's get them sold so we can draw today. Thanks for your support.
  5. The Nwtf East Valley Toms is having a raffle for an Arizona Resident Lifetime Combo license. Tickets are $20 each and only selling 100, we are down to 39 right now. Get your tickets at www.nwtfevt.org/store/
  6. 125coues

    Polaris Ranger Wheels and Tires

    Are these off a 1000 ranger
  7. 125coues

    Spring results

    She had 6 points
  8. 125coues

    Spring results

    She has a unit 12 House Rock tag
  9. 125coues

    Spring results

    The wife got hit for buffalo.
  10. The East Valley Toms Chapter of the NWTF is selling the 2019 Western Region Calendars. The cost is $50 per calendar and there is a drawing every Wednesday for a gun. That is less than $1.00 per drawing, can not beat that price. There are only 1000 calendars being sold and the winning number each week will be determined by the Kansas Daily Pick 3 evening lottery every Wednesday. To purchase your calendar go to our website at https://www.nwtfevt.org/store/
  11. The 31 Day gun raffle returns this year with some awesome guns. We have them for sale on our website www.nwtfevt.org/store/ or check with your local chapter.
  12. 125coues

    ***Sold*** Remington 700 5R Milspec 308

    Oh man hope this sells quick cause I am getting very tempted these are great guns.
  13. 125coues

    New Hunting rig finally complete

    Great rig ,I bought one awhile back and I put the windshield wiper and heater and defroster on mine.just wondering if you still have the tires and rims that came with it.
  14. 125coues

    7w- First scout

    Everyone know that sign you we're in the dog knobs nothing in more than alot of cows around there you need to try around the Hobbles.
  15. 125coues

    NWTF East Valley Tom's bino raffle

    Update. We sold out tickets and drew a winner and the winner is Brett Woodruff of Alabama I want to thank everyone who bought tickets for this raffle. Congratulations to you Brett You can see a video of the drawing on our website NWTFEVT.org Mark