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  1. 125coues

    Unit 8 Pronghorn

    there is a hill you can get up on and glass a ton of that area
  2. 125coues

    Unit 8 Pronghorn

    Wagon tire flats or south of the cement plant in Page flats are good places to try also Putney flats and Meath wash areas up in northwest corner of unit 8.
  3. 125coues

    Worst Waste of Money

    Can not find a picture of it but remember the cough muffler that thing was a total waste of money
  4. 125coues

    New Javi hunter in unit 21

    please post pics if you get one from the canyon
  5. 125coues

    New Javi hunter in unit 21

    if the place is not burned up hunt the canyon across from Sunset point rest stop on I-17 go to power lines and start glassing they come out of the canyon and feed up on top in the tall grass and bed down in the canyon good luck.
  6. 125coues

    Going Old School

    my 2 cents how about a few units with primative weapons only i.e, bow and muzzleloaders only with youth hunts in them also.
  7. 125coues

    4 New trail finder 265 70 17 AT

    what is the load range on them ?
  8. 125coues

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    if you are stuck with staying aroun sycamore or goverment canyon go for it BUT on the west side you should try scouting around Devil Dog canyon area or the areas around Hells Pocket oh and also back on east side around Shultz lake area good luck on the hunt pm me for more info if you like
  9. We have 55 lifetime license tickets left and 85 of the 8 Gun sheets left.
  10. NWTF East Valley Toms chapter has 2 raffles going on right now. An AZ lifetime combo license $20 a ticket selling 100 tickets. And, Here is the newest raffle by the NWTF East Valley Toms. We are selling 100 sheets with 8 guns that the winner/winners will get. There are 2 options to purchase: 1) Multiple buyers paying $20 per line costs $160 total. 2) One buyer pays $150 for the whole sheet, you also get a $25 gift card for Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas, and a second drawing for a Stoeger P3000 12 ga. When all sheets are sold, we will do the drawing. If you have any questions Call Mark Nixon at 928-856-2221 or Kathi Nixon at 480-688-1741
  11. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    This morning we are down to 9 tickets left. Get yours now so we can draw today and get the license in the mail to the winner today.
  12. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    Thanks Roosevelt Mark!
  13. 125coues

    Arizona has it's Second NWTF JAKES Kansas Hunt Winner

    Well the wife and I will be at the convention and would love to see the lucky guy so let us know what days you are there so we can congratulate him .It is a really great convention and the calling contest are assume.
  14. 125coues

    AZ Lifetime Combo License raffle

    We have 22 tickets left to sell this morning. Help spread the word and let's get them sold so we can draw today. Thanks for your support.
  15. The Nwtf East Valley Toms is having a raffle for an Arizona Resident Lifetime Combo license. Tickets are $20 each and only selling 100, we are down to 39 right now. Get your tickets at www.nwtfevt.org/store/