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  1. Congrats again on all the success this fall Justin. Awesome deer.
  2. DrRx09

    Lets see your best

    2012 archery
  3. DrRx09

    Pigapalooza 2017 Family and Friends 14 down

    Key check... lol. Had a great time Justin! Thanks again and I had a blast as always.
  4. DrRx09


    Congrats again Justin and Nelson. Awesome bucks and story
  5. DrRx09

    Lucky again!

    If they put you on Metronidazole (Flagyl) to go home with I would definitely not drink alcohol
  6. DrRx09

    ALL SOLD...

    I can't respond about the not responding to you personally, but just because someone didn't post on the actual thread does not mean someone hadn't sent him a personal message. I personal messaged him much prior to yours based on your response. In my opinion AzHunt was a stand up guy and super easy to deal with.
  7. DrRx09

    ALL SOLD...

    Thanks again!
  8. DrRx09

    PSE Prophecy Compound Bow 60lb LH

    PM sent
  9. Thanks again for coming out both weekends Justin! Hopefully next year Ella can partake if she's ready to. She had a blast even though we couldn't get it done that day. Glad we were able to seal the deal the following weekend.
  10. She's on Medicare part D already correct? I haven't had to actually walk through someone doing it but here's a few links that might help out http://www.azahcccs.gov/applicants/categories/elderly.aspx http://www.azahcccs.gov/applicants/categories/medicare.aspx But to be completely honest, it kinda is the social worker's job to help with this situation. If you keep running into brick walls every hospital usually has a patient advocate or something similar to act on behalf of the patient to help get what the patient needs. Best wishes to your mother, hope she doing better.