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  1. StickFlicker

    Potable Water Totes

    I would think you could wash it out as good as possible, then "swish" some water around in it, then take that water to a lab for testing?
  2. StickFlicker

    Unit 9

    Unit 9, unlike many other units, has a lot of "broken" antelope country. It's a less conventional antelope unit, with less "typical antelope country" than many other areas. It's a big unit, with antelope scattered. It might take some time scouting to turn up a buck worth shooting. I would concentrate on the southern third of the unit, on both sides of the highway. Good luck!
  3. StickFlicker

    Cedar Chest

    Very nice work!
  4. Congratulations on an outstanding buck! You should definitely get him officially scored and entered to the Bowhunting in Arizona record book and Pope and Young.
  5. StickFlicker


    Those tags do all sell out. I went to buy one after drawing a deer tag on the Strip in 2017, and they were all gone. Too bad, since I was seeing a nice 6 x 6 on trail cameras. I suspect that the people that live in southern Utah buy a big chunk of them, since they pay the same amount that AZ residents do for those tags, and it's right out their back door.
  6. StickFlicker


    There used to be lots of booths from Arizona vendors, and lots of Arizona's non-profit wildlife organizations had booths. They've all been priced out of the market now. It just became crazy expensive to have a booth there for the average company or organization. I used to enjoy talking with the various African outfitters, but their prices were usually among the most expensive of all the African companies I've seen (I assume to help pay for appearing at these expensive trade shows). Sad, I used to really look forward to it each year.
  7. StickFlicker


    It's gotten too expensive for a show overrun with rvs, boats, kitchen gadgets and the like. I liked it when it was at the Coliseum in the old days and was mostly hunting and fishing.
  8. StickFlicker

    New Bowhunting in Arizona book available!

    We received quite a few orders in the hours since posting this on CouesWhitetail! Thanks for the orders supporting a non-profit organization, and enjoy the book. They've all been processed already and awaiting delivery by the post office.
  9. StickFlicker

    AZGFD Portal Problems.

    If you didn't buy your license directly from G&F, it will never likely show-up in the portal. Can't speak to the rest of your issues.
  10. The newest 6th Edition of Bowhunting in Arizona was just released! It contains numerous full-color photographs, artwork and bowhunting articles contributed by many of Arizona's top bowhunters. Just a few of the stories include "Stalking Mule Deer" by the master himself, Randy Ulmer, "12 Glassing Secrets" by Coues deer glassing guru, Duwayne Adams, "Tips for Field Judging Elk" by well known guide and podcaster, Jay Scott, a three part series of articles by renowned Arizona game biologist and writer, Jim Heffelfinger, and many others. The book is also the official bowhunting record keeper, and it contains records entered for more than four decades, through July 31, 2018, including about a half-dozen new State Records in this edition. Although it's 50 pages thicker than the previous book, and it's been eight years since the last one was printed, it's the same prices that the 5th Edition sold for when it was released (only $25 Standard Edition - $35 Collector's Edition - with free shipping!). All entries include the hunt unit where they were taken, and there's even a table in the back that shows how many record entries of each species have come from each unit, so you can research to best place to hunt for trophy sized animals. Order yours now at the link provided, or get yours at almost any archery shop in The Valley and several in Tucson, soon to be coming to other parts of the state! Bowhunting in Arizona 6th Edition
  11. StickFlicker

    UofA seriously?

    All the signatures appear to be students, not the administration of the U of A. I think you'll find the students at nearly every university to be unbelievably liberal these days, so not a big surprise.
  12. StickFlicker

    Unit 10 Elk

    Maybe you shouold put this in the elk forum rather than the general "Campfire" forum.
  13. StickFlicker


    You guys are responding to an 11 year old topic, which was brought back to the top for no apparent reason.
  14. StickFlicker

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    Every hunt number has a different maximum bonus point amount. One bull elk hunt might take only 8 points while another might take 25. Perhaps this post is about Unit 22 specifically? It's not completely clear from your title.
  15. StickFlicker

    Need New Mexico antelope tag

    Thanks. I subscribe to several newsletters in New Mexico regarding land use and hunting, and I hadn't heard any of that.