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  1. StickFlicker

    Arizona Top 20 Non-Typical Coues Whitetail

    I responded to you under your other duplicate post under Misc. Coues' Deer.
  2. Congratulations on a great and unique buck! However, you are likely mistaken about it having ever been "ranked the 13th largest" non-typical. If your handle is your name, there is not a deer entered in the current edition with the last name Swenson anywhere near that score in the typical or non-typical section. If you never entered it, it was never "ranked" at any position and the score was never an official score. Also, the minimum for entry to the "rifle" record book for Arizona NT Coues' deer had always been 115, even back in the 1990 edition of the book when yours was taken, and there were more than 13 entries at that time that exceeded the 115 minimum. So, your buck would not have qualified for entry to the record book, although it would have been very close if that were its actual score as measured by an official measurer and it was accepted when you entered it. Just a few years ago, they lowered the minimum down to 107 and only one buck under 115 has been entered since the minimum was lowered. If your buck does actually score above 107, you should have it officially scored and enter it. If you don't, there is really no point in knowing where it "would" rank, if it was officially scored, and if it was officially entered and it was officially accepted at that score. Records of Arizona Big Game
  3. StickFlicker

    2023-24 Regulations?

    In all the years of looking at the AZGFD website, both the old versions and the current one, their search engine is absolutely 100% worthless!
  4. StickFlicker

    Draw still pending

    So, you're saying there's now a single woman at G&F that might be able to help me get draw every year like you?! 😄
  5. StickFlicker

    Results are up.

    I believe he was saying he drew a limited opportunity tag in a hunt with six different units to choose from, not that he drew unit 6.
  6. StickFlicker

    Arizona Bowhunters Association Banquet Time

    Last chance to buy tickets and attend this year's banquet this coming Saturday! There will be chances to win free bows, guns, and lots of other prizes, along with auctions for things like a lion hunt, bear hunt, a bow tuning and shooting lesson with Randy Ulmer, and the Commissioner tags for year-round hunting for three different species will be auctioned. Arizona Bowhunters Association Banquet Tickets Here are a few photos from last year's banquet!
  7. StickFlicker

    Arizona Bowhunters Association

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book has been the official bowhunting records program for the state of Arizona since 1980. The current, 6th Edition, of the record book is a beautiful 400+ page hardbound book and contains not only bowhunting records, but many full color photos and stories written by some of Arizona's best-known and most successful bowhunters. It's available for sale for $25 ($35 for Numbered Collector's Edition) at this link. Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book
  8. It's time again for the annual joint fundraising banquet with the state's two largest bowhunting organizations, the Arizona Bowhunters Association and the Bowhunting in Arizona record book program. The banquet will be held Saturday, March 18 at the Holiday Inn and Suites located at the I-60 (Superstition Frwy) and Country Club Drive in Mesa. Hope to see you there! ABA Banquet Registration
  9. StickFlicker

    Official scorer ?

  10. StickFlicker

    Official scorer ?

    Congratulations to the hunter, that is a great bull! However, Official Measurers happily volunteer their time and do not get paid anything to do so. Some of them may donate many hundreds of hours per year doing so, taking that time away from their family and their own hunting, in order to help the hunters and various record programs. While they enjoy meeting with hunters and helping them to get their trophies recognized by these records programs, please do not expect them to spend even more of their own valuable personal time measuring things that people don't intend to enter. If you or he wishes to measurer it yourself using the rules of Boone & Crockett, just to see the approximate score, you can download the forms from their website.
  11. StickFlicker

    Changing out the signs

    You know they're opening one in Chandler in September, right (scheduled for 9/30/23)? 3065 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226
  12. StickFlicker

    Want to hunt NM for Antelope

    Are you referring to landowner tags where you buy the voucher from a landowner and then buy the tag OTC from Game and Fish?
  13. StickFlicker

    Changing out the signs

    You know that Cabelas has already been owned by Bass Pro for a few years now, right? The change to Redhead junk occurred a long time ago. This is just a matter of apparently deciding to stop supporting the two different store names. It's not likely to change a single thing inside the store at this point. That ship has sailed.
  14. StickFlicker

    Non-Resident tags…

    Oakley, They would also have to return to the days of requiring people to pay in cash/money order. It would be against the state's banking laws to allow the use of credit cards for that process, which is why they discontinued it when they began to allow credit cards in the draw process. I would not be opposed to returning to the days of cash, I'm just pointing out why they don't require payment in full up front anymore.
  15. StickFlicker

    Non-Resident tags…

    It's already mostly pre-determined. It's based on 10% of the total of all OTC deer tags sold, averaged over the previous 5 years. So that might be up or down a little from this year, but probably not significantly different.