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  1. StickFlicker

    Desert Bowhunting without the illegals

    Unit 27 is recommended by G&F for a complete closure of OTC deer hunting and to become a draw-only unit. For those not paying attention to what G&F is doing, they are recommending the closure of tons of December and January OTC hunts for this year, and will likely continue to close more and more OTC deer hunts each year until the OTC deer hunt opportunity is largely gone in Arizona unless hunters voice their concerns this week. Christian Hunters of America AZ OTC Deer Survey
  2. StickFlicker

    Turkey experts get in here please.

    As was said, they water any time of day. They also don't necessarily water every day or in the same place, so sitting water requires days of patience. This time of year, you're probably better off hunting them by calling or locating them by their calls.
  3. StickFlicker

    Arizona (6A)

    I'm not sure what you classify as an "insane" amount of tracks, but I've often found that extremely high numbers of "deer" tracks in an area eventually turns out to be domestic sheep (especially when all the old tracks were probably washed-away a couple of weeks ago by rain). A number of times in unit 6B, 8, 10, 21 and others, I thought I'd found great deer areas, only to run into a big heard of domestic sheep within a day or two...
  4. StickFlicker

    50% Off Everything on Badlands Website

    You forgot to post the rules that were included with the code, such as "Code can be shared but DO NOT post on social media or on forums"...
  5. StickFlicker

    Where Am I?

    Phillips Ranch?
  6. StickFlicker

    2020 regs

    I believe they rotate which unit(s) have the rifle or muzzy hunt before the archery hunt each year.
  7. StickFlicker


    Awesome ram! Thanks for coming back to update us on the results of your hunt.
  8. StickFlicker

    UNIT 11 M for 12/13/2019

    I too had no idea there was a hunt in AZ where an adult could kill a doe, and also that there was such a hunt open in December.
  9. StickFlicker

    41W Sheep 2019

    Great looking ram, congratulations!
  10. StickFlicker

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Absolutely awesome! Congratulations Taylor!!
  11. StickFlicker

    My First AZ Black Bear

    That's a great bear, congratulations!
  12. StickFlicker

    Holiday Gift Ideas???

    http://bowhuntinginarizona.com/purchase-record-books.html A copy of the new "Bowhunting in Arizona" book for $25! Great to ask as a gift for yourself, or a great gift to buy for your hunting partner.
  13. StickFlicker

    Biggest draw tag buck killed this year?

    Bowhunting in Arizona - Facebook Page Lots of big bucks taken with bows this year. The Facebook Page for Bowhunting in Arizona is the best place to look to see what large bucks were taken with a bow in Arizona this year. Scroll past all the huge bulls and you will get to the bucks!
  14. StickFlicker

    Galiuro Rattlesnake access

    That's one of the most informative summaries I've seen written on the G&F website. Kudos to the wildlife manager that wrote it.