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  1. StickFlicker

    Biggest draw tag buck killed this year?

    Bowhunting in Arizona - Facebook Page Lots of big bucks taken with bows this year. The Facebook Page for Bowhunting in Arizona is the best place to look to see what large bucks were taken with a bow in Arizona this year. Scroll past all the huge bulls and you will get to the bucks!
  2. StickFlicker

    Galiuro Rattlesnake access

    That's one of the most informative summaries I've seen written on the G&F website. Kudos to the wildlife manager that wrote it.
  3. StickFlicker

    Hunting in the whetstones

    Congratulations! That's a great first buck.
  4. StickFlicker

    Mickey Mouse

    Delw, What makes you think that's a (peg) leg hanging down from that skirt?
  5. StickFlicker

    University of Arizona looking to change its 'UA' abbreviation

    What would have been wrong with UAZ? It would have rolled off the tongue better than UArizona.
  6. StickFlicker

    WAR in Kentucky!

    John F. Kennedy, November 23, 1963?
  7. StickFlicker

    Walking or glassing

    If they live in an area with snow, they obviously have to be somewhere in the snow. However, like most animals, they will seek out the warmest area within the habitat in which they live, which is usually the areas the sun it hitting.
  8. StickFlicker

    Christmas Gift Destinations

    There's a train ride from Williams to the Grand Canyon. During the winter in the snow, that might be nice.
  9. StickFlicker

    Got tickted by azgf

    Good info 654321.
  10. StickFlicker

    Walking or glassing

    Javelina are not fans of cold weather, so they can often be seen on the slope the sun is hitting in order to stay warm.
  11. StickFlicker

    Got tickted by azgf

    A couple of years ago AZ G&F took away a guys hunting license for five years because he left one item of litter in his camp after leaving (while on a hunting trip). I've seen them revoke licenses several times for very minor infractions. Not trying to get you overly worried, but once your civil case is over, you could still be at the mercy of the G&F commission for anything they want to do to you, including more fines, requiring you to take or retake the firearms safety class and potential license revocation for up to five years. You may not need a lawyer for the infraction in civil court, but if it then gets called before the Commission I would consider an attorney.
  12. StickFlicker

    Credit Cards

    I like to use different cards for each person's application (if apply separately), so that I immediately know who was drawn when the credit card is hit. It also provides less of a chance that the credit card will have multiple charges of the same amount and trigger a fraud alert with the bank that way. When my Chase card questions a charge (via text), I can say it is legit and the transaction completes without a problem. When my Citi (Double Cash) credit card questions a charge (also via text), it is too late. Whether I say it is a legit charge or not, they have already rejected the charge with no opportunity to re-run it. That policy makes me VERY uneasy about using it for G&F apps. I've also tried calling Citi in advance to pre-approve charges from AZGFD, but they said they can't do that unless they are for a very large amount of money (I don't recall how much, but something like $1,000 or more as I recall).
  13. StickFlicker

    Credit Cards

    pwrguy, I'm not certain that your history with your Cabela's card should provide you with that much comfort. All Cabela's credit cards were moved to a different company (due to the Bass Pro merger) a year or so ago. So, you're dealing with an entirely different credit card company now than you have during those years.
  14. StickFlicker

    Coues or Mule Deer

    Jim Heffelfinger also wrote an article on mule deer x Coues deer cross breeding in the new Bowhunting in Arizona book (as well as two other excellent articles on deer biology regarding antler growth and trophy genetics). Bowhunting in Arizona 6th Edition
  15. StickFlicker

    The Hunt Recommendation Process

    The "multiplier" you speak of is essentially the success rate. If that hunt has had 25% success in the past, obviously you would need to give out 4 times as many tags as the number of animals you want taken in order to accomplish that. They also didn't mention the "pie" method of distribution between weapon types. Basically, if 30% of the FIRST choice applicants for a species are for a particular weapon (e.g. archery), then they apportion enough of the tags for that species to that weapon type to be able to have 30% of the harvest be with that weapon. If you are the type of person that puts a different weapon for first and second choice, you are increasing the future number of permits that go to the weapon type of your first choice and decreasing that of your second choice.