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  1. StickFlicker

    Archery goat 2019

    Great buck, congratulations! You need to enter it to the Arizona bowhunting record book. Bowhunting in Arizona
  2. StickFlicker

    Unit 21 Archery Antelope Down

    Congratulations Nate. That buck has nice mass.
  3. Seeing scaled quail is certainly shocking. They do look like that's what they are, but the photo quality isn't very clear. Are you sure that's what they were? The G&F book on game birds of Arizona doesn't show a population of them within hundreds of miles, but there could have been a transplant at some point since the book was printed in 1989. Thanks again for sharing all the photos and ongoing story! I was lucky enough to archery hunt that unit two years ago, and turkey hunt it this spring, so I can picture many of the areas you're hunting. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
  4. StickFlicker

    Dream Buck

    Congratulations on a great buck. It was a great year to get lucky and draw the tag this year, great antler growth up there.
  5. StickFlicker

    Local Paper Buck

    While it is a nice buck, the headline is a little misleading. Making the minimum for entry to the record book is a little different than the misleading "could break archery record". But, if you'll notice, the author is a female with the same last name as the hunter, so I'm guessing it's his wife, daughter or other relative. I agree though, it's great to have hunting including in a general circulation newspaper. That's rare these days.
  6. StickFlicker

    Getting home early

    I came home unexpectedly early one time, and the wife surprised me with a new coat! It was hung over a chair in the bedroom....it came with a wallet and some keys. I still haven't figured out what the keys fit... 😁
  7. StickFlicker

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    I guarantee you could say that about Trump or any other well known conservative, and they wouldn't bat an eye!
  8. StickFlicker

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    Grey curse is correct. A great many of the people that return tags give them to a non-profit organization. The recipient doesn't use any of their own points, so these primo tags are being used with no depletion of bonus points to the other hunters that are competing for those hard to draw tags like there would be if the tag were returned to G&F and resold to the next hunter that would have drawn.
  9. StickFlicker

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    Even for those that "abuse" it how many times can they really do it? Maybe once every 12 years. And it's the others on the tag that benifit not really the pointholder. Its not like they are gonna kill a monster 2 years in a row. There are several well known hunters that draw deer and elk tags in prime units every year or two because of this. Randy Ulmer has drawn 4 or 5 Unit 13B archery deer tags in the last 6 years. Others have done the same. This isn't always as rare as many of you seem to think.
  10. StickFlicker

    My first Coues

    Congratulations on your first....of many!
  11. StickFlicker

    Thoughts on use of point guard

    It was pretty obvious that was going to happen as they were putting it in place. Same thing happened when they allowed parents, grandparents, etc. to start signing over tags to kids. The number of applicants spiked as tons of people that had no plans to ever hunt started applying. Every plan they institute makes it harder for the average guy to draw a tag but raises more money for G&F through application fees, license sales, and reselling tags that have been turned-in. Why would they want to stop it?
  12. Good luck, and thanks for sharing all the photos! I've never gone to that unit without spending a LOT of time at that Discount Tire in St. George!
  13. StickFlicker

    First velvet buck

    Awesome buck! Congratulations.
  14. StickFlicker

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Great job Brian. Awesome buck!
  15. StickFlicker

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    Congratulations to the both of you, and thanks for sharing all the details and photos!