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  1. The Arizona Bowhunters Association is now selling limited seating tickets for their annual banquet and fundraiser MARCH 19th. Get them while you can. WWW.ARIZONABOWHUNTERS.ORG
  2. STYER

    Diamond Prism by Bowtech

    LISTING FOR A FRIEND. Please call rather than reply to this post. 480Five70-5Seven01 Diamond Prism by Bowtech purchased new in June of 2020. This bow has seen very little use and is like new. The Prism can be adjusted from 5 to 55 lbs and a draw length from 18 to 30 inches. Bare bow with original string is black/black and comes with a nice Bowtech case. East Valley $300 firm
  3. STYER

    Easton &Gold Tip Arrows

    Where are you located? Are the measurements posted length of the shaft only or including nock and insert?
  4. STYER

    POWDER (Hodgdon 700-X and IMR SR4759)

    700X sold pending delivery
  5. STYER

    POWDER (Hodgdon 700-X and IMR SR4759)

    IMR SR4759 is sold to Punxsutawn pending pickup time.
  6. 4 containers of IMR SR4759 - $60 2 containers of Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X -$25 Face to face in Gilbert, AZ area. Please contact me thru text 480-TWO9SIX-333SIX
  7. This would be a perfct spotter to take to the range and keep your high dollar one for the field.
  8. My personal spotting scope. Nikon ProStaff 48x60x spotting scope with adjustable tripod, cover, and never used window mount. I bought this new and took to Usery once and it’s been sitting in the closet ever since. (Funny note... I didn’t realize it was camouflage until I took the cover off for these pictures.) $175 PLEASE TXT ME 480-TWO9SIX-333SIX
  10. I am helping a lady that lost her husband sell some of his stuff. I am VERY unfamiliar with this stuff but told her i would do the best i can. PLEASE TEXT ME AS LAST TIME I GOT BOMBARDED WITH EMAILS, MESSAGES,and PHONE CALLS. 480TWO9SIX33THREE6 Forster case trimmer ctk100 nib $90 Hornady Powder Measurer 050110 nib. $80 Lee .575 single 575-500-M nib $15 Lee .395 single mold 395RB nib $15 Lee .375 double 375 RB nib $15 Lee powder measuring kit 90100 nib $5 Lee six cavity .452 230 gr TL452-230-2R nib. $15 Lee six cavity .311 93gr 311-93-1R nib $15 Lee mound handles 90005 for six cavity moulds nib $8 Lee bullet lubricating and resizing kit missing a part $2 New not in box double 454 RB mould and handles $10 New not in box six 458/185 (wad cutter?) mould and handle $15 New not in box six 452/255 mould and handle $15 Used 311/93 mould and handle $5 IF YOU TAKE IT ALL TODAY $300
  11. STYER

    WTB Reloading Press

    I have a Lee Breech Lock press I’d let go for $50. OR a Redding Big Boss for $180. Neither look like they have been used. Txt me at four eight zero 296 three three three 6.
  12. ALL POWDER Listed IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS. I will posting more stuff as I can.
  13. I have a BUNCH of powder and reloding componets and some equipment that I am trying sell for a lady that lost her husband. I know almost nothing about most of this stuff but told her I would do my best. Most but not all is black powder or cowboy action stuff. Starting out with some of the powder. Below prices are if you buy in QUANTITY. 2-LBS Tin Star -$15/lb 25-LBS GOEX FFFG-$10/lb 10-LBS White Clean Shot FFG-$10/lb 7-LBS IMR Trail Boss-$10/lb IF YOU RELOAD BLACK POWDER OR ARE A COWBOY ACTION SHOOTER TEXT ABOUT THE OTHER STUFF AND I'LL SEE IF SHE HAS SOMETHING YOU NEED. 480-TWO96-3THREE3SIX.