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  1. bigbuckfever

    Solar Eclipse April 8

    They'll be harder to see??😉
  2. bigbuckfever

    Cool Mule Deer Dead Head

    That would make your day! Nice find
  3. bigbuckfever

    2023 archery hunt

    Wow, that's a beauty. Congrats.
  4. bigbuckfever

    NM Senator - Lord have mercy on us!!

    Love to see his description of an assault weapon. what a tool.
  5. bigbuckfever

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    My favorite area hasn't had many sightings of bucks for a few years now. I think some of the reasons for that are, One: all the sxs's and quads that can race everywhere they feel like going, even if there isn't a road. (this isn't really a slam on sxs's and quads as I owned a quad and loved exploring on it so I have kinda a love/hate relationship with em ) Two: The Anasazi Foundation has been running groups of wayward youth all through some of my best, very remote, honeyholes and camping right in the middle of them during the December rifle hunts. Sucks for me, but it's National Forest so they have every right to use it too. Three: advertising works. When AZGFD spends money paying influencers to come hunt AZ, people come. More hunters = more pressure on the animals and competition for locals, specially at water holes. This past season I decided to check out other areas after not seeing any decent bucks for December archery. In January I went for a few days and spotted 5 bucks just glassing from camp. Nothing big, but my brother and I tried putting the sneak on em. Got close, but no shot opportunities before they left. I got to feel like I was hunting and not just carrying my "class one brush snagging device" through the cat claw. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. bigbuckfever

    2024 Coues Deer!

    Spot and stalk on a Coues buck is one of the toughest things a hunter can do imho. Congrats, I'm glad it worked for you.
  7. bigbuckfever

    Good buck

    Congrats on a great buck.
  8. bigbuckfever

    Jason's Jaguar

    Awesome footage for Jason!! Love trail cameras.
  9. bigbuckfever

    Cold night

    Comfy looking spot, but you must not be burning much juniper in there with no screen and a rug that close? I burn juniper exclusively and it pops like a mother.
  10. bigbuckfever

    New years day buck

    Heck yeah, nice buck!
  11. bigbuckfever

    Early rifle bull

    Congrats and thanks for the story. Sounds like a great trip.
  12. bigbuckfever

    Rut report.

    My buddy saw a nice 3 pt WT tailing 3 does on the road down to a tank I ended up sitting for 5 days in 23. Only bucks to come in were mulies, but that quota was met so I was s.o.o.l. Only WT buck I saw was on the posted no hunting/private area along Renolds Creek on 288 on the way home. He stood there broadside at less than 20 yards and watched me slow to a crawl as I went by him. I swear that buck was taunting me.
  13. bigbuckfever

    Where am I

    Perky Peak?
  14. bigbuckfever

    2023 success

    Congrats, nothing like doubling up.
  15. bigbuckfever


    I've sat in plenty of brush blinds that I hadn't built originally. I always add to them to improve my chances of not being detected, but I've never sat in someone elses store bought blind. A few years ago, there was a pop-up blind set up at a tank I was approaching. I cautiously kept walking to see if anyone was in it. If so, I would have backed out. This one wasn't occupied so I set up my pop-up and sat it for the next 4 days and no one ever came into that tank. Another time I found a blown over pop-up blind and knocked over chair in a random area (no water anywhere around). I figured the wind had done a number to it, so I set it back upright and staked it back down and put the chair back inside. I admired the set up in that particular location. Hope whoever's it was that they came back to it and shot a deer from it.