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  1. bigbuckfever

    Great find

    Cool find!
  2. You're right, they don't have to put in for a draw-they only have to buy an OTC tag. Easier for them to screw with the system. If there's a quota system, there should be an actual check of their harvest like bear (or maybe a sworn legally binding statement attesting to the kill) to keep antis from pooping on our hunts. Without some kind of check, it's just a matter of time before they effectively shut us out of hunts.
  3. The potential problem I can envision with the quota for deer might be a group of antis putting in for tags and 20 of them calling the first day saying they shot a deer, effectively closing the unit Hope G&F have some way to verify . I know bear has the same system and it hasn't happened yet, (not that I'm aware of) but doesn't mean the antis wont try something like this.
  4. bigbuckfever

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Congrats and nice write up.
  5. bigbuckfever

    Georgia shooting range robbery

    Somebody needs to be immediately shot in the head (saying the quiet part out loud)
  6. How will they know the number without mandatory reporting??? (I haven't seen a new requirement for it to be mandatory, -am I missing something?)
  7. bigbuckfever

    Who Am I

    Johnny Carson loved the bit about the Fakawees. Censors couldn't touch it.
  8. bigbuckfever

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    That's pure gold for you with your daughter. With any luck pretty soon she'll be out fishing ya.
  9. bigbuckfever

    Az spring bear?

    Hey 218, we want plenty of pics and a good story on how your gov tag plays out. Hope you get a giant!
  10. bigbuckfever

    How big is he?

  11. bigbuckfever

    OTC hunts for 2023

    I think they need to hire a couple dozen more lawyers to draw up the regs so we can be thoroughly confused. Smfh.
  12. bigbuckfever

    Switching from applying for rifle to archery tags?

    Chasing antelope with a bow is one of the funnest hunts I've ever done. Go for the archery!
  13. bigbuckfever

    Check the color on these 2 bucks

    I just watched your videos again. dang, gets my blood going.
  14. bigbuckfever

    Celebration of Life Service

    Big Browns (and anyone else who is interested), Last year I convinced my dad, to let me record him in his own words, telling me some of his stories. I didn't trust my memory to keep all the details straight. My daughter put them together and edited it with a few pics and she just finished it today. He didn't want me to put the stories out while he was still alive because he didn't want anybody to think he was bragging about himself. If you're interested, the video was just uploaded to YouTube. The link is youtu.be/U8x085faYsQ
  15. bigbuckfever

    AZ 3D shoots

    What knothead said ^^^ Anybody that is thinking about trying 3-d could go to Usery and shoot the 3-d course they have set up there. You can do it without an audience and get comfortable shooting at animal size targets without a bale behind it. The first few shots can be intimidating but you can shoot from any distance you want-you don't have to shoot from the markers. You can use a rangefinder or guess the distances. Just be ready to get hooked cause it's very addicting.