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  1. bigbuckfever

    Any Artillery/Ordnance Guys Here?

    It was pretty cool , but I can see why they disposed of it
  2. bigbuckfever

    2016 velvet coues video

    Nice shot
  3. bigbuckfever

    Who am I?

    Mr. Coues ?
  4. bigbuckfever

    Tonto NF

    I can finally refresh my salt. Hope it's in time for archery season.
  5. bigbuckfever

    Interesting as it lay

    If G&F wants it, they can go look for it "where we left it". That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😉
  6. bigbuckfever

    Hoyt Charger and Hoyt Vantage Elite Pro for sale

    Archery season is almost here!!
  7. bigbuckfever

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    ^^^^You could just wear them as earrings until you need them for a cut
  8. bigbuckfever

    Fingerprints Near Tucson

    Sounds like you guys need to take this private. lol
  9. bigbuckfever

    Good Guy Seller List

    mfernaz was great to deal with. More than reasonable
  10. bigbuckfever

    New to Offer Up

    I sold a $5 item there and they took 2 in fees. No mas.
  11. I'll take it.  PM sent

  12. bigbuckfever

    What am i?

    shooting star?
  13. bigbuckfever

    What am i?

  14. bigbuckfever

    Hoyt Charger and Hoyt Vantage Elite Pro for sale

    Still available.