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  1. bigbuckfever

    Good News

    I invested some money in Tierra Grande about 10 years ago. Didn't turn out very well. But, I get to chase whitetails in November, so all is well now.
  2. bigbuckfever

    Resident/Non-Resident status question for a hunt

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. I would just take my old AZ drivers license with me on the hunt to back up my story if I was stopped.
  3. bigbuckfever


    I never met him , but feel sad that I wont be seeing his posts here anymore. RIP DelW
  4. bigbuckfever

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    AZGFD has decided to spend ad dollars to entice out of staters to come and try to harvest animals in AZ. so AZGFD could bring in more revenue. It brought AZ more money , but at what cost? As an AZ resident and hunter, I can no longer go to my favorite unit to archery hunt in January. That sucks!! During a time when about 90% of the water holes I have frequented are bone dry and deer numbers appear to be down, they entice more people to come here to hunt ??? I've spent years finding secluded hot spots for deer and now I have to go somewhere else, but as long as AZGFD made more money ( I'm supposed to be ok with that?) Pretty frickin pissed.
  5. bigbuckfever

    Any Stucco Guys in /near Chandler?

    Shane Lafortune 480-206-0609. I'm a painter and have used him a few times and he does quality work
  6. bigbuckfever

    Any plumber recommendations

    Rob Eps 480-694-4688. He's done plenty of plumbing for me over the last 10 years and is a stand up guy.
  7. bigbuckfever

    2021-22 governor's bear tag

    Ill be spending some time in 23 and will keep an eye out for a biggun. Hope you find the one you're looking for.
  8. bigbuckfever

    We lost 2 Fire Fighters Today

    RIP Jeff P.
  9. bigbuckfever

    Who is hunting where?

    23 Nov WT. That's gonna keep me excited thru the coming months. I won't be shooting a spike in august with the bow.
  10. bigbuckfever

    Adorable Bear Cub

    Awesome footage, thanks for sharing. This is why I love trail cameras. You get to spy on nature without influencing it. Keep em coming.
  11. bigbuckfever

    Looking for floor guy in east valley

    I just closed on a house in Dobson Ranch area and am looking for a floor guy. Anyone have someone they would recommend?
  12. bigbuckfever

    Hits Started

    Stop whatever you're doing and go buy a lottery ticket right now. Lol.
  13. bigbuckfever

    Hits Started

    Got a hit, hopefully 23 december
  14. bigbuckfever

    2021 Card Hits?

  15. bigbuckfever

    Thursday night 3-D shoot surprise

    Things that make you go "are you kidding me?" There was about 25 shooters at Usery a few weeks ago Thursday night shooting 3-D when two deer showed up and started walking across the end of the range. Once they were spotted I looked down the line of shooters and all 25 of us were standing elbow to elbow with binoculars up watching the deer, trying our best to grow antlers on either of them. It was pretty cool. IMG_2569.MOV