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  1. SHREK

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    Sunset point
  2. SHREK

    Utility Trailer Opinions

    I bought an East Texas trailer in Tucson last year from APC. My main issue was I needed a folding ramp so I can push it way under my 5th to shorten storage space. Well built, round upper rail, bulldog hitch with jack stand. Small steps by fenders. http://inventory.apcequipment.com/2018-east-texas-77x14-s-a-premium-utility-trailer-2VLg.html
  3. On hold for bryce525. Merry Christmas all
  4. Full set of take offs from a 2018 ranger crew. They are 4 156 pattern with 12mm studs Have about 1400 miles on them. No leaks or plugs NW Peoria -602 330- 7006
  5. Scope is the hslr $600 let's move this setup
  6. Nw Peoria, lake pleasant and deer valley Contact is 602 330 7006
  7. Savage12fv 6.5 creedmoor with bull Barrell warne rings $650.00 Shoots great About 50 rounds fired No damage to glass
  8. SHREK

    Where is he?

    Watching some baseball
  9. SHREK

    hunting map apps, gps

    Avenza PDF works good, download maps prior Gaia gps is another app I use, works good. I've downloaded all of Arizona to my phone
  10. SHREK

    Idaho falls/Yellowstone help

    There are very designated loops you can drive. There are no side roads. Lots of bears being seen in Lamar valley and by Yellowstone lake right now. We unfortunately didn't see any wolves
  11. SHREK

    Idaho falls/Yellowstone help

    Grizzly is awesome. We just left 2 days ago. Glassed up grizzlies in Lamar valley. I agree it didn't seem any small lakes nearby
  12. SHREK

    Anyone fished Yellowstone?

    I'm going next week for vacation. I'll post any info I get.
  13. SHREK


    Got the email today San Juan abajo general deer
  14. SHREK

    The tinder fire

  15. SHREK

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    The strip of land north of the Colorado river that is Arizona, not Utah. I think...