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  1. sbooth

    G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    First gen with MOA only or MIL also? Thanks
  2. sbooth

    FS Savage Rascal

    For sale are two Savage Rascals in almost new condition. Both are walnut stocked and one is Left and the other is Right. The original boxes and papers are included. Included is a black Allen soft case of proper length for these shorties! I have both as my son is right handed and left eye dominant so we had some figuring out to do. No pics but you have my word they are almost new condition. Please look online for details. 300.. for both and soft case 150. for lefty. Will sell righty if lefty sells first. Steven 928-978-0499
  3. I have a used Savage Rascal in hardwood. It is Left handed. Has 500ish rounds through it and is sighted in for CCI Quiet 22 LR. In great shape and has original stickers still on stock. Perfect for the 6-11 year olds in length of pull and weighs under 4 lbs! No hassle price of 150. Also, I have a used Remington Model Seven in 300 BLK. It has the adapter for suppressor. It is UNMODIFIED and has a decent trigger. This is an AAC model and has some nice features such as: Picatinny rail with 8x40 screws, 1:7 twist for 200+ grain subsonic ammo and adjustable comb. Shoots honest 1.25 moa with my can at 100yds with subsonic 208gr Amax bullets! Fun gun that teenagers can practice with and not develop flinching. No hassle price of 600. Also have a Vortex PST 2.5-10x44 MOA/MOA That I'll sell with LOW Vortex rings for 550. to go on this gun. Those rings cost 130. thru Midway. If not I have a set of I " Leupold Steel Weaver QR rings for 50. These go for 70. I'm in Payson. Thanks for looking, Steven 928-978-0499 Text/Cell/Paypal
  4. sbooth

    36C MAPS

    I have 3 USGS National Geographic maps of 36C. These are of the rain proof plastic ish material. 1:30,750. They cover Sasabe north to Kitt peak. Including Alhambra Valley, Coyote mountains,Saucito Mountain, Solano and Redondo wash, and Contraras and Sabino canyons. $20. shipped.
  5. sbooth

    which bino

    Sell the 10s and 15s and buy the 12s!
  6. sbooth

    WTB Remington model 600 7m-08

    Great one with 21" douglas barrel and real synthetic stock and pentax scope fs on gunbroker for only 650! Get it!
  7. sbooth

    Florida Mountains Ibex

    I just returned from an "orientation" trip on friday. Visibility was terrible due to fog. I will be there on the 22nd for the second season. Anything I can do to help? Contact me If you wish. Rest assured, I will let you know in the unlikely event I come across him. Was he last in the South Peak area or?
  8. sbooth

    12x50 EL

    Great White Buffalo gets my point. All binoculars are more effective on a tripod. No matter the magnification. 15x56 are a pack glass for most people but you can hand hold them also. The point is the 12x50 els are a ONE binocular tool. The field of view is like all the smaller binos unlike looking thru straws as in the 15x56. The clarity, exit pupil, field of view, and ergonomics are without peer! You need to ask yourself if while glassing, do you spot most animals due to peripheral vision and movement (wide field of view)or not. When your glassing for bedded bucks from 10 to 2, the higher magnification of the 15s will allow you to look thru trees with more magnification and spot animals by pieces. 10s and 15s are a great combo but the 12s alone will make life simpler and your pack lighter. I just sold my 15s just to let you know my preference. 12s and 15s together doesn't make any sense to me. When I had 8.5 els and 15s, the 8.5s were used from straps while walking but always went on a tripod when given the chance.
  9. sbooth

    12x50 EL

    The 15s are still a better specialized tool. But I would not feel at a disadvantage using the 12s and they can be used to "scan" from the straps. Even 8s work best with a tripod! 12 els are the best all around and their clarity (and the 10x50) are a slight step up from the slc. I'm going to be pissed if they come out with 12x50 rfs though!
  10. sbooth

    12x50 EL

    They have both the 10x50 and 12x50 el. Introduced about 3 months ago.
  11. sbooth

    12x50 EL

    I've owned 2 different 15x56 swaros and had them in my pack while the 8.5 EL were around my neck for scanning or on tripod at first light due to their great exit pupil. Also a range finder and a leica 77 or 62 in the pack with an outdoorsman tripod. OK for truck hunting and short 1-2 mile hikes. I do 1-2 true backpack hunts a year and became tired of all the weight in optics. Recently bought the 12x50 ELs and am so impressed with the optics I need to tell it! Has enough extra zoom to prove the 10x not powerfull enough and close enough (but certainly not the same) as the 15x> The brightness and flatness is so much better than the 15x and the field of view is no longer "looking thru straws" but expansive. I looked thru both side by side for 3 hunt days and felt the 15x had more reach to look far or under and thru trees but not by enough to offset the clarity, brightness and field of view of the 12x. These are painfully expensive but think you should consider them especially if you tend to carry 2 binoculars. These are easily a bino harness weight. Perhaps I would not advise you to sell your 15x but if you're shopping the 12x is easily the better jack of all trades. FWIW