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  1. loco4coues

    ISO .270 winchester

    Thanks for all the replies and interest. Thanks for the DMs and help in answering some questions. I found something.
  2. loco4coues

    ISO .270 winchester

    That’s fair, I found something. Going to re barrel it to a 1 in 8 twist and run some heavy long bullets.
  3. loco4coues

    ISO .270 winchester

    Looking for standard .270 Winchester, need the long action. Thanks!
  4. loco4coues

    ISO .270 winchester

    Looking for a .270 Winchester (need the long action) for a new project. Remington 700, savage 110, brownings, Winchester’s, let me know what you have.
  5. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

    Thanks for the comment. It’s not worth very much as you don’t know me or my experience level. That rifle/load combination has killed an elk at 1025, deer at 910, deer at 880, deer at 810, deer at 750, deer at 630 and countless deer and elk at 500 and in. That’s just the history of that rifle. I guess we are just super lucky. I do appreciate that you took the time to comment. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!
  6. loco4coues

    2 bucks down!

    Thanks everyone! We had a great time and the boys worked hard. Can’t wait until next year.
  7. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

    Thanks! My dad was trying to get the lion. He actually took a couple more shots that also went right. There was no wind so I’m not sure what he had going on, haha. But the lion worked his way out of range before anyone else could get on him. So we went back to looking for deer. I actually found the lion again about 5 minutes before I found my buck the next day.
  8. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

    Thanks! 880 yards. .270, 150 gr Nosler LRAB
  9. loco4coues

    2 bucks down!

    We didn’t make it out opening weekend due to work and school schedules. We went in early Monday morning. We were able to find a buck and get him killed about noon on Monday. We found another buck first thing Tuesday morning and got him on the ground too. It was my nephew Bryson’s first buck. He was pumped! We even found a dead head! check out the video:
  10. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

    Thanks! About 700 yards
  11. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

  12. loco4coues

    Late October bucks!

  13. Unit 27, late October coues deer hunt. We packed in and filled 2 of 4 tags. I also killed my best buck yet! video is live on the tube (it’s a little long but I cut a lot out. 9 days out there is tough to condense):
  14. loco4coues

    Punched my 2020 Tag

    Very cool buck! Thanks for sharing
  15. loco4coues

    Early Nov buck

    Great buck! Congrats