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  1. loco4coues

    2020 Rutting Coues Video

    Awesome video as always! Thanks for sharing!
  2. loco4coues

    SOLD: Weatherby Vanguard .270 WIN (NIB)

    Still available?
  3. loco4coues

    2019 Youth Deer Hunt Success

    Finally got around to putting together a little video of the kid’s 2019 deer hunt. 37B, any antlered deer. It was hot but we had a great time! We were blessed to go 4 for 4, the kids worked hard and made some great shots. Check out the video for pictures and video! first buck: .243, 95gr Berger VLD at 300 yards second buck: .257 weatherby mag, 100gr Sierra BT at 430 yards third buck: .308, 168gr hornady eldx at 430 yards last buck: .270, 150gr Berger VLD at 530 yards
  4. loco4coues

    Weatherby Vanguard .270 with scope

    SOLD. thanks for all the interest. Thread can be deleted.
  5. loco4coues

    Weatherby Vanguard .270 with scope

    Sold pending funds. Thanks Stray Horse
  6. loco4coues

    Weatherby Vanguard .270 with scope

    Updated prices! Let’s get these sold today!
  7. For sale: - weatherby vanguard series 1 in .270 the gun has a 24” barrel and a muzzle break and the trigger has been adjusted to about 3 pounds. - Vortex viper 6.5-20x44 wide duplex reticle (has a scratch but still holds zero and shoots straight, plus the vortex warranty is hard to beat) Hate to sell but need to fund some other projects. Don’t worry, I still have lots of guns. I will sell the gun and scope combo with a plano hard case for $425 I will sell the gun only for $225 I will sell the scope only for $200 - bipod, sling and stock pad are all included. Text is the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of me. First one with Cash only, in person. East Mesa. Jared at 480-204-2342
  8. loco4coues

    Unit 22 in the Thick

    Awesome! Very cool looking buck. Thanks for sharing
  9. loco4coues

    Persistency pays off

    Great job! Awesome buck! Thanks for sharing
  10. loco4coues

    My 2018 October Coues

    Sweet buck! Thanks for sharing
  11. loco4coues

    Father son double

    Very cool! Pulling a double is always a great experience. Thanks for sharing
  12. Awesome! Hunting with the kids and watching them be successful is an entirely different feeling for me than having my own success. It’s awesome to watch!! Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  13. loco4coues

    2018 Coues Buck / Finally Broke 100"

    Awesome buck! Thanks for sharing!
  14. loco4coues

    Tried to film my coues hunt....

    Great job! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  15. It all started 10 years ago. When I was growing up, and showed an interest in hunting, my dad grew that interest into a passion. He taught me how to shoot. He taught me how to glass. He taught me how to climb up and over that next ridge to get away from other hunters or relocate the buck that we watched go that way. He taught me how to wait for the right time to make a move on a buck in order to be in a position for a shot. He taught me how to take tasteful pictures of the buck afterwards and how to clean the animal and utilize all the meat that the animal had to offer. My dad is awesome and he taught me all those awesome things. I always hunted with my dad and brothers. My dad was with me on all of the animals I shot...until 2008. In 2008, we had 6 tags in camp. We decided to split up into two groups of 3 to increase our chances. I was hunting with my older brother and my brother in law. We had been watching some good bucks in the area and we made a plan for opening day. Long story short, I glassed up the bucks and my brother and I pulled a double, killing two bucks that were running together. It was awesome because it was the first time my brother and I had hunted without my dad. It was awesome because we pulled the double. We learned a lot and we learned that we were confident to hunt on our own because of how well dad had taught us. Fast forward 10 years. This year, 2018. We killed two good bucks, again without dad present (he drew a different unit with another of my brothers). We did not pull a tenth anniversary double but it was still an awesome hunt. My oldest boy, Tanner and my brother’s oldest boy, Zac had drawn a general rifle tag for Coues deer in unit 32. We have become a little familiar with the unit over the years and both Zac and Tanner have killed bucks in unit 32 previously. We also brought along Tanner’s brother Parker and Zac’s brother, Colton. My dad was also there to help. We got into the unit on Thursday and got camp set up. Glassing Thursday evening only yielded does and some javelina. Opening morning brought high winds and more does. We glassed up about 25 does that morning. We relocated for the afternoon and fought more wind and found more does. Finally about 20 minute before dark I glassed up a little two point buck about 900 yards out. He was not in a huntable spot for the timeframe that we had and we decided to hunt that area in the morning. Saturday morning found us on a great knob that gave us 360 glassing coverage over a lot of great country. My dad had to stop sooner as to not run out of gas in his quad and was glassing other country. The wind was brutal. We were trying to stay out of the wind and also glass stuff that appeared to be out of the wind. We started finding does right away. Then we heard some shooting nearby and found 4 bucks running out of the country while being shot at. Finally around 9:30, I decided to glass a ridge that was out of the wind for the 3rd or 4th time. Within minutes I glassed up 3 bucks about 1500 yards out. We watched them for about 30 minutes until they bedded down within feet of each other. We made a plan to get closer and felt we could get to the 300 yard range. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to close the distance based on the terrain and our 6 man crew trying to not be too loud or get anyone hurt. We left Colton and Parker with some gear under a cedar and moved up another 30 yards to the top of the ridge with Zac and Tanner. As we eased up we relocated the bucks in their beds. We also ended up a lot closer than we had planned. 190 yards. It took us a few minutes to navigate the brush and rocks on the ridge top and get Tanner and Zac set up in seated positions. Tanner’s buck stood and began to feed while Zac’s remained bedded. The plan was for Tanner to shoot first then Zac. After a few moments, Tanner told me he was ready and I told him I was ready and watching the buck. When Tanner shot, I watched his buck do a back flip into a bush and slide out onto the ground not moving. Zac shot next and went just over the buck. The buck came unglued from his bed and stopped. Zac’s second shot found its mark and I watched as his buck made it about 10 yards before crashing! Another double! 10 years after the first one and we had just watched our boy’s pull a double! It was incredible to watch. We had such a great time and of course the success makes it that much sweeter. Tanner’s buck: .270 win, 150 gr Berger VLD, 190 yards Zac’s buck: .243, 95 gr. Berger VLD, 200 yards Sorry for the long winded story, just trying to give it some context.