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  1. Petey

    WTB Muzzleloader

    Thanks Chris, looking for more modern and the quick change.. let @Eli enjoy it!
  2. Petey

    WTB Muzzleloader

    Looking for an inline preferably break action rifle, nothing more specific than that. Let me know what you have.. thanks
  3. Anyone able to send me a phone number for the regional wildlife manager / game warden for down south, 30A specifically? I'd like to call ahead about a couple roads before heading down and the Tucson customer service gal wasn't a heck of a lot of help.. thanks!
  4. Petey

    Card hits??

    Just lost $25
  5. Petey


  6. Petey

    Unit 27 outfitter

    +1 on these guys
  7. Petey

    Vector file artist

    Anyone out there good with digital stuff and able to create me a vector file of a screenshot image? Need it drawn and everything, looking to have a yeti mug engraved with it if it makes a difference, thanks! Will pay
  8. Petey

    Canon EOS Rebel

    Canon EOS Rebel XS Canon 18-55mm lens (AF does not work) Canon 75-300mm lens (great condition) Neck strap, filters, 2X batteries, Canon bag all in great working condition other than the AF on the 18-55mm lens. Have Pelican 1450 case with new pluck foam kit for an addition $80 $200 OBO buyer pays shipping
  9. Petey

    WTB 15x SLC carry bag.

    Still need one? Found one someone had kicked out of their truck a while ago
  10. Petey

    Vortex Razor UHD 18x56

    Are these sold?
  11. Petey

    Unit 7 Birds

    Any report on action in Unit 7? Drew the later season tag this year, headed up tomorrow evening. Got out to scout a few times over the past month, very little to show for it - going in pretty blind.
  12. Petey

    WTB Glock 20SF

    Finally found one on the shelf and grabbed it. 30 rounds through it already and love it!
  13. Petey

    Jayco tent trailer

    Need some pictures please
  14. Petey

    WTB Glock 20SF

    Looking for something in decent condition, let me know what you've got Thanks