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    My 4 boys and their Mom. Being in the woods.

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  1. tomuchworking

    3C Rodeo

    Ya Delw, some day when I get the dishes done and carpets clean, maybe I could have you teach me how to be a bad as*.
  2. tomuchworking

    3C Rodeo

    I wasn't road hunting you jerk. You must not have kids.
  3. tomuchworking

    3C Rodeo

    This weekend 3C was crazy with traffic. The Arizona ATV riders planned a ride the same weekend as the youth elk hunt. I sent them a very kind email letting them know my feelings of their horrible timing. I encourage everyone else here to do the same. Please be respectful, but let them know this was a youth hunt with many hunting elk for the first time. Google Arizona ATV riders and find their website. There is a quick link to email. Thanks.
  4. tomuchworking

    Youth 243

    There was a Rem. 600 or 660 on here a few weeks ago. I have one of those for my boys, and it has done great. Check the classified section on here.
  5. tomuchworking


    Dang nice piece, I have one in a .243. Been a great gun for my boys. Wish I had $600 sitting around. Very nice.
  6. tomuchworking

    First Elk Down!

    That is great. I have met your nephew before. One heck of a guy. Always has smile. Congrats
  7. tomuchworking

    People and game cameras.

    That right there is why you should have a blut in your quiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. tomuchworking

    Best Velvet mule deer taxidermy work

    Richard Owens, Hunter's Lair in Show Low. He is a heck of a guy as well.
  9. I am looking to sale an English made bamboo flyrod. It is a 7', 5 wt rod. I also have a Hardy Bro. reel. It is "The Perfect" in the 3 1/8. Please text me at 928-242-8766.
  10. tomuchworking


    I agree, 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. tomuchworking

    Forum is censoring cute kittins. Even in pms. Wth.

    Ya, just remember that we are the weird and crazy ones because we own a gun or ten!!!!!!!! Scary to think what this place is going to be like in ten years????
  12. tomuchworking


    I was working on the Hells Canyon bridge, and saw them a few times off the bridge.
  13. tomuchworking

    Making a difference --- healing through hunting!

    When I took my ten year old to his Hunter Ed field day, Larry was there. I had the opportunity to visit with him for a bit. Very nice gentleman. Please let us know the outcome of the hunt with these guys, and thank them from all of us here for the service they gave.
  14. tomuchworking

    Fun with the Boys

    Wish we could have given him a few more years to grow. About three years ago I saw a four point in that area with an extra just like that. Pretty cool.
  15. tomuchworking

    Fun with the Boys

    Tate (13) and Brooks (10) were lucky enough to draw their first deer tags together this year. These youth hunts are the best. We sure had a good time out in the woods. Tate Brooks