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  1. longbowpilot

    Would you take young kids shed hunting?

    That’s kind of where I’m at, can’t stop living life because you might get bit by a snake. It’s like a “what if the sky falls” type of thing. Definitely going to keep taking them dove hunting also they had a blast doing that.
  2. Want to take my 6 and 4 year old out in the desert shed hunting in the mornings but am freaked out about one of them steppin on a rattlesnake this time of year. Took them dove hunting with me last September and we ran into a 4 foot western diamondback. Had to dispatch the snake with my 12 gauge but haven’t taken the kids in the desert during warm weather since. I know it’s rare to get bit by one but would never forgive myself if it did happen to one of my kids.
  3. longbowpilot

    Still hunting the flats?

    Sounds good, appreciate the input guys. Will definitely give it a shot this fall if drawn...
  4. longbowpilot

    Still hunting the flats?

    Are you using open sights on your rifle for this type of hunting? The area I hunt sounds similar to what you are talking about, pretty thick with palo verde/cholla, etc. And is mainly flat with some mountain foothills, so glassing is tough. Was thinking I may have more luck with still hunting.
  5. longbowpilot

    Still hunting the flats?

    Anyone on here ever been successful still hunting the desert flats? I know sometimes when you jump up a mule deer they will stop and look back at you (unlike coues, they typically just run). Seems like you could possibly get a shot at one doing this method.
  6. longbowpilot

    Shooting of a road in AZ on YouTube.

    Flat brim hat or not, the dude still makes some pretty cool videos. Better than any of the production shows on outdoor channel with a million commercials.
  7. longbowpilot

    Javelina in 37A Newman peak

    Had 8 in my backyard yesterday evening in 37A. Hunt closer to neighborhoods or golf courses they are all over marana
  8. longbowpilot

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    looks like just another year of deer OTC archery for me... fml
  9. longbowpilot

    So is it still global warming?

    So there are quite a few scientists out there talking about the next solar minimum that is supposed to start this year. Maybe the beginning of a new mini ice age like what happened back in the 17th century: https://www.livescience.com/61716-sun-cooling-global-warming.html I say bring on the ice age, more snow melt for Lake Mead and the Salt river!
  10. longbowpilot

    So is it still global warming?

    With the recent snow storm in AZ and polar vortex in the Midwest, can we put the theory of "global warming" to bed? Some years its hotter and drier, some years its colder and wetter. I think the sun and the earth are going to do whatever they feel like, regardless of the "carbon footprint"
  11. longbowpilot

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Build a 50' tall concrete wall from Texas to Cali with electrified concertina wire on top. Dig the footers so deep so no one can tunnel underneath. Project would create thousands of jobs and the cost would be insignificant compared to the 800 billion dollar "stimulus" package Obama passed back in 2008 to bail out all the bankers.
  12. longbowpilot

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Snowing in marana for about an hour now, sticking to the ground pretty good!
  13. longbowpilot

    water levels

    We've had up to 20 inches of rain in parts of NW Tucson this past year, average is around 11-12". I saw that southern AZ is finally out of drought status on US drought monitor map. The desert down here has grass/greenery everywhere right now. Also, Mt. Lemmon has had snow on top for about 3 months straight now.
  14. longbowpilot

    When do desert mule deer shed?

    Ok brace yourselves, its just a 2 pointer. Nice shed to me but not much to others on this site I'm sure.
  15. longbowpilot

    When do desert mule deer shed?

    Is there a specific time anyone would say that desert muleys shed? I found a nice shed a couple weeks ago in 37A but I am assuming it was there from last year since it was only the 2nd week of January. Will muleys shed as early as January or do they keep their antlers into late February/March?