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  1. longbowpilot

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Was only able to go for just 2 days in 27. Saw one hen and no gobbles. Tons of elk and mule deer though! tons of road hunters out there too...
  2. longbowpilot

    Legality of Orders

    They stopped teaching the constitution and founding principles in public school and colleges. The masses now accept tyrannical govt policies in order to keep them “safe.” NYC is the only area that needs shelter in place, everywhere else should be open. It is total bs and now you see the Dems pushing for vote by mail so they can cheat more easily- never let a good crisis go to waste
  3. longbowpilot

    Federal and state level your thoughts.

    X100 totally agree
  4. longbowpilot

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    Thanks man, yeah a guy from the marina store down there Also just responded and said dispersed camping is also still open
  5. longbowpilot

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    Looks like all the campgrounds at the lakes are closed off. I wonder Can you still walk in and fish from the shoreline at somewhere like Parker canyon?
  6. One of my neighbors took this picture on Sunday of a muley buck that keeps hanging out under an ironwood right behind his wall. Judging by the pic, is he a 2x2, 3x2? Can't really tell. Will be a really nice buck this coming season.
  7. longbowpilot

    Goldwater lake

    Fished for 3 hrs in the morning, not one bite. Used chartreuse garlic power bait, tried orange power eggs, spinners, and crappie tubes. Maybe too cold? guy fishing near us caught a nice about 18” rainbow though and said he was using chartreuse garlic powerbait same as us. still had fun though, always nice to see some water when you’re from Tucson!
  8. longbowpilot

    Goldwater lake

    Thanks, will post pics if we catch any
  9. longbowpilot

    Goldwater lake

    Taking the 5 and 7 year old to Goldwater lake this time for some fishing this weekend Was going to go after trout with power bait and crappie tubes. Anyone recommend a specific color/scent powerbait? Is lower or upper lake typically better this time of year? Don’t care about big fish just trying to get the kids to catch something.
  10. longbowpilot

    Credit card hits

    Was bummed b/c did not get a cc hit yesterday all day. Checked one more time this afternoon and got hit for turkey now I’m pumped. If you didn’t get hit yesterday check one more time b/c mine was delayed quite a bit
  11. longbowpilot

    Lower Lake Mary or Ashhurst lake in mid October?

    Ended up going to Ashurst and fished about 3 hours in the morning. Caught 4 rainbows about 12-14" on the chartreuse garlic powerbait. Was letting my 4 year old son try to get the hook out on his own on the last one but he dropped the fish out of his hands and it flipped back into the water and got away. The bites were constant but had trouble hooking them. Going to bring some treble hooks next time I go so they won't keep stealing the bait.
  12. longbowpilot

    buck pics in neighborhood

    This buck obviously doesn't mind hanging around the houses/golf courses. Pics taken in a neighborhood in Marana a couple days ago.
  13. longbowpilot

    Lower Lake Mary or Ashhurst lake in mid October?

    Awesome, yeah kids don’t mind getting up early so will get there at dawn. Will post some pics if we catch any.
  14. longbowpilot

    Lower Lake Mary or Ashhurst lake in mid October?

    Thanks for the info guys. Will try Ashurst and Kaibab. We’re all pretty excited about fishing up there, not much water down here in Marana.
  15. Taking my 7 and 4 year old fishing when we go up to Flagstaff in a few weeks. For anyone that has fished both lakes, which in your opinion would be better for trout fishing action for the kids that time of year?