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  1. I have an old MK85 Knight and a newer ultra-lite mountain rifle that Knight makes and both are great guns. The bolt is really short on the ultra-lite and doesn't seem any longer than the MK85 action. It is basically just a fancier looking mechanism that gives the option to swap out different bolts and breech plugs to make it legal in various states with different regs. Mine has been flawless on firing reliability and they are great to point and shoot, but I like that they feel a lot like a standard bolt action rifle that I am accustomed to. 

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  2. Since finally starting to apply for AZ a few years back, I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to hunt Javelina 3 times. I had another great trip and was able to catch up with some guys that I met in AZ on my first hunt, which now I'm happy to say, are good friends. To top it off I was able to punch my 3rd Javelina tag on opening day. AZ has been very good to me, I wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so long.  


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  3. 13 hours ago, kidso said:

    Sweet!  I hope to do the same in five weeks!!  What unit did you hunt?  Did you fly in with an air taxi, or what kind of access did you have?  Did you glass him in the berries or hit him on a salmon run?  Some details please!😁

    I'm kind of late posting it. It was a spring hunt and we actually were able to sit on a bait for one and just trail sit the other. We used a sled to access some more remote river area. Good luck on your upcoming hunt!

  4. Thanks to an invite from an old High School friend and my Brother-in-Law's (both residents) willingness to go with me, I was able to finally get my first grizzly in AK. This was a hunt my Dad always wanted to go on, but never got the opportunity before he passed away. I used his old model 70 .338 Winchester that was handed down to me, because it only seemed right. I was actually able to connect with a great interior Grizzly and as an extra bonus I tagged out on a nice black bear boar also.



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  5. Prepare to freeze your butt off or sweat your butt off. It's a crap shoot what kind of weather there will be. Congrats on the tag! Feel free to ask questions!

    My Coues hunt went from snow and freezing to warm a sunny too. I'll make sure I bring gear for every kind of weather. Thanks!

    For 7W late season...


    3 years ago, warm weather but good hunting.

    2 years ago, cold and lots of snow, awesome hunting.

    Last year, cold, no snow, worst hunting in a long time.

    Thanks, It's great to get updates like this!

  6. Managed to draw 7W late for elk. Last year I was lucky enough to tag my first coues deer and javelina. I was able to connect with a second javelina in February. Now it looks like I get to try for a bull in December. AZ has been a great to me, I can't wait to explore another area of your great state.

    Pretty excited!

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  7. Recently I wanted to I do a euro mount for my wife and all I had was a used outdoor edge knife that was pretty dull. I tried running it over a steele and was really surprised how well it sharpened back up and lasted.

    I sharpen them (Outdoor edge blades) quite often. Sometimes I think they are sharper after I run them over my sharpening/buffing wheel than they were originally.

  8. Well I made another long road trip (my second in a couple months) from OR to AZ. It was another successful trip on a first time hunt. The first trip was for Coues this time it was Javelina! Although I was successful and I am now hooked on these little critters, I truly have to say that the very best part of the trip was the great folks I met. The willingness to help out was amazing, from making sure I was successful, helping with vehicle troubles to making sure I made it home safe; everyone went above and beyond to assist a guy they just met or had never met,just talked to on the phone. I usually hunt solo and had planned to hunt that way here. As it ended up I hardly ate any of my own food and was checked on daily from a couple folks here and some great guys I met in the field. Thanks to all who shared knowledge and offered hospitality, it was a great hunt and I'll be back!


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