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  1. gonhunting247

    Lucked out

    Thanks, It's great to get updates like this!
  2. gonhunting247

    Lucked out

    Managed to draw 7W late for elk. Last year I was lucky enough to tag my first coues deer and javelina. I was able to connect with a second javelina in February. Now it looks like I get to try for a bull in December. AZ has been a great to me, I can't wait to explore another area of your great state. Pretty excited!
  3. gonhunting247

    2018 Pig/Deer

    Great work, good looking deer and pigs! Congrats
  4. gonhunting247

    Watch those replaceable blades knives

    I sharpen them (Outdoor edge blades) quite often. Sometimes I think they are sharper after I run them over my sharpening/buffing wheel than they were originally.
  5. gonhunting247

    Wyo goat

    Nice work, good looking buck!
  6. gonhunting247


    Thanks for all the advice on hunting these critters!
  7. gonhunting247


    Well I made another long road trip (my second in a couple months) from OR to AZ. It was another successful trip on a first time hunt. The first trip was for Coues this time it was Javelina! Although I was successful and I am now hooked on these little critters, I truly have to say that the very best part of the trip was the great folks I met. The willingness to help out was amazing, from making sure I was successful, helping with vehicle troubles to making sure I made it home safe; everyone went above and beyond to assist a guy they just met or had never met,just talked to on the phone. I usually hunt solo and had planned to hunt that way here. As it ended up I hardly ate any of my own food and was checked on daily from a couple folks here and some great guys I met in the field. Thanks to all who shared knowledge and offered hospitality, it was a great hunt and I'll be back!
  8. gonhunting247

    Bowtech Assassin black ops

    PM Sent
  9. gonhunting247

    Son's first Javelina

    Way to go Brasen, you've had a good year!
  10. gonhunting247

    Daughter's First Javelina!

    Very cool, great pics!
  11. gonhunting247

    Jake and Noah 2017 Javalina

    Nice work, congrats to you and the boys!
  12. gonhunting247

    Son's first coues.

    Very nice, congrats!
  13. gonhunting247

    Stepped Away From the Dark Side

    Great read and pics! Thanks for writing a nice recap of the day. Congrats to you and Miracle, that's a great accomplishment!
  14. gonhunting247

    Javelina Unit 23

    Thanks everyone, I'm getting excited, seeing all the pics from successful hunts.
  15. gonhunting247

    2017 Javelina

    Thanks, that was a neat story. Good work, makes me pumped to get out in February for my first try!