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    Hunting,Fishing,hanging out with friends and family,football and baseball. Shed hunting and archery.
  1. ctfsh2003

    2018 elk rut

    Was deer hunting in 19a this weekend, seen a nice 6x6 with 14 cows. Pretty surprising to see in the area I was in. Awesome sight though!!
  2. ctfsh2003


    Nice found a couple browns still walking around also!!! Get back at next weekend!!
  3. ctfsh2003

    Found 19a antelope buck

    Ok called em with coordinates
  4. ctfsh2003

    Found 19a antelope buck

    Nothing maybe it was poached! It was a nice buck or so I think. Yall think I should call game and fish?
  5. ctfsh2003

    Found 19a antelope buck

    Found shot antelope buck in 19a!!! If you are lookint for it please pm or text me at 9284584962 with location. Hope this reaches the hunter.
  6. ctfsh2003

    Dead head

  7. ctfsh2003

    unit 8 hunting pressure

    Had this hunt 3 yrs ago. Hiking never saw another hunter roads were busy though!!! Ended up missing as nice 6x6!! Was a fun hunt though cant wait to do it again!!
  8. ctfsh2003

    Scouting in 3b

  9. ctfsh2003

    Go big or go home

    Lol!!!! Hilarious
  10. ctfsh2003

    Funny Shed Cartoon

    Lol yep!!!!
  11. ctfsh2003

    Nephew picked up a few

  12. ctfsh2003

    2017 Finds

    First 6 pt shed
  13. ctfsh2003

    What music have you been listening to?

    Cody jinks luke combs whiskey myers aaron watson and a lil earl dibbles jr!
  14. ctfsh2003

    4a antelope tag

    Great bucks!!!!
  15. ctfsh2003

    Sydnie's Mule Deer

    Very nice buck!