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    Deer Leftovers

    Wow! That's a first for me thanks for the info.
  2. Tail_Dragger

    Deer Leftovers

    Does anybody know when they typically post the list?
  3. Tail_Dragger

    Water Purification

    I use a platypus collapsible bag that has the bottom cut out along with a sawyer mini that screws right onto it. I also use a 5/8" hose washer from home depot that seats perfectly in the neck of the bag and provides a perfect pre-filter. I carry this with me at all times. Also, if you go the sawyer filter route make sure to never let them freeze as it will ruin the internal filter and will not provide you with purified water.
  4. Tail_Dragger

    Where can I get a map of 34A

    Check out caltopo.com. You can customize it with UTM grid lines, land type, location, etc.
  5. Tail_Dragger

    FS---Vortex Razor 10X42 Binoculars

  6. Tail_Dragger

    FS---Vortex Razor 10X42 Binoculars

    Selling my pair of Vortex Razor 10X42 binoculars that are in excellent condition. I bought them in order to use as backups but realized I really don't need a second pair. Lenses are in perfect condition but the outer rubberized armor has some slight rub marks on them on the bottom that are barely visible (see pictures). Let me know if you have any questions. PM or email me at jhowens88@gmail.com with any questions. $800.
  7. Tail_Dragger

    Elk pics

    Wow that probably had to hurt to snap off a main beam this early....Great pics!
  8. Tail_Dragger

    10x42 Swaro el

    Hi, What version are these? Thanks.
  9. Tail_Dragger

    which pack is the best all around for hunting?

    I guess it depends on what your budget and your goals are. Are you looking to backpack with it and carry your camp on your back or are you just looking for a day hunting pack? There's a huge spectrum to choose from based on this.
  10. Tail_Dragger

    boot suggestion

    I have a pair of Solomon X Ultra Mid GTX's that Are extremely lightweight with thinner soles. This makes the, pretty quiet for still hunting and stalking.
  11. Going into the Navy and need to shed some gear so it actually is used. I figured I would list them up on CWT before I let the Roksliders have a go at them. All prices are firm. Sitka Flash 32 Pack--SOLD Good condition just because there is a small tear on the left waist belt pocket (pictured). G2 Kifaru Molle Express Pack, Coyote--SOLD Excellent condition. Only used it once this past weekend on a hike. Does not include a waist belt. Stone Glacier Approach Pack--$430 Excellent condition. Great day pack that also includes the meat shelf for packing out quarters. Additional pictures upon request. PM or text me with any questions 480-797-1719.
  12. Tail_Dragger

    Any reviews on pelican coolers?

    This should help you out with your decision: http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Cooler-Reviews