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  1. Half

    Wts winchester modle 70 300wsm

    That's a smoking deal
  2. Half

    Swarovski 15 x 56 sold

    Are you intersted in trades for a rifle? Im me and I can give you the details.
  3. Half

    Bowtech Sentinel.

    I am checking now. Do you have some presmyk?
  4. Half

    Bowtech Sentinel.

    Bump$$$$$$ trade????
  5. Half

    Heading to Abaco Island

    Hahahaha Sabiki rig was my fave Boner bait. That and litle chunks of Sardines. Not the worlds hardest fish to catch. But holy cow can they fFght! they make awesome grouper bait.
  6. Half

    Left-over tag questions

    The book said the left over hopi hunts are open to anyone. whats the devil iin the details for these hunts?
  7. Half

    ISO 7-08,260,6.5

    Nice info! I hope you find your gun I too am looking for the kids. A 7-08 seems like a great choice
  8. Half

    to a good home only

    Meet me in Mohawk valley!!!!!!!!!!!!LMBO!! good one felllas.
  9. Half

    338 Edge

    7 plus BC. Nice.
  10. Half

    338 Edge

    Holly crap! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.338_Edge NIce!
  11. Half

    338 Edge

    Bump for a nice gun. Svages are legit these days bro. not familir with the round now I hae to go look it up and spend all day geeking over it lol!