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  1. Snapshot

    Plumber Needed

    The heat trap marble from the water heater could have gotten into the water line.
  2. Snapshot

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    Pretty expensive undertaking to feed hay to that many elk? I imagine some people might do it? Don't really know. When the Grizzlies come out of hibernation, they will cruise the winter range areas, looking for winter kill carcasses to feed on.
  3. Snapshot

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    I have heard that the Montana Wildlife Department tries to work with landowners to allow hunter access to help harvest more cow elk. They are(were) trying to thin the herd in the Madison range, because of the lack of carrying capacity of winter range areas, and other issues.
  4. Snapshot

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    Nowhere. They winter in the Valley where this photo was taken. They live up high in the Madison range in the summer, as well as the Gravelly range on the west side of the river.
  5. Snapshot

    2019 archery deer

    Very nice!
  6. Snapshot

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    These elk were not far away from the runway of Big Sky airport. I have driven by there many times. The valley is almost all private property, with the exception of the easement along the river.
  7. Snapshot

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    This photo was captured by a pilot, just south of Ennis Montana, in the Madison Valley.
  8. Snapshot

    1 million miles beyond Pluto

    I would like to ship all Democrats a million miles away. One way ticket.
  9. Snapshot

    Safe Highway Fees

    Just another sleazy way to bend us over, and make us pay. If something is voted down on the ballot, they will always try to slip more fee's (taxes) in somewhere else. This is a situation, where you don't get a happy ending when screwed.
  10. Snapshot

    Weather report

    Foothills got snow. I imagine the far east side did as well?
  11. Snapshot

    Weather report

    I was hoping to wake up to snow in Tucson. None in mid town, anyway. Drats!
  12. Snapshot

    Merry Christmas

    Yep, still in wildcat country. Sorry to hear about your ailments, I have a few of my own. At least you pulled through. Father time, has a habit of catching up to us in unfortunate ways. Fight the good fight, brother!
  13. Snapshot

    Hey hunters, $20K reward *update*

    Doesn't the FAA usually get involved immediately after a crash? They have access to high tech stuff, including real time satellite imagery. If the Plane had a functional transponder, they should be able to locate it pretty quickly, unless it is under water?
  14. Snapshot

    Hey hunters, $20K reward *update*

    Maybe like the movie "Romancing the Stone", where they stumble upon a downed plane stuffed full of Ganja.
  15. Snapshot

    Merry Christmas from your Family at Camera Land

    Merry Christmas!