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    Great to get out

    Great looking male for 11 years old!. I lost my male to cancer at 10 and I'm training two female pups now. One is a little over 1 and the other is just over 2. GSP's are amazing dogs and they both did awesome in Mearns country this year! I'm hoping to get out a couple more times before the end of the season.
  2. JohnSWA

    Coati down!!

    Great hunt and story! Thanks for sharing.
  3. JohnSWA

    Lets talk Prime Rib Cooking

    Check out Souse Vide Everything Prime Rib on youtube. It's the only way I cook prime rib since I bought my "Joule" Souse Vide tool!
  4. JohnSWA

    Cold weather RVing

    Also, bring your water in at night to prevent freezing.
  5. JohnSWA

    Cold weather RVing

    You have to make sure that the thermostat lever is fully to the left. It's a touchy switch. I had this problem before and that's what fixed it! Also the blower motor will not heat the camper, the heat will only kick on when you advance the lever for more heat. I hope all is well with you and yours! It's a touchy switch.
  6. Stay strong, brother! Not just for Gabi, but for yourself and your family! Hoping the best for your and yours!
  7. Look in youtube. There's a fix for this problem. It appears to be a corrosion issue with the safety linkage in the action. It's "Stoeger Condor not firing top barrel". Looks like a simple fix. I just bought a 20 gauge Condor Field on sale at Cabela's for $399! Smoking deal!
  8. Whew! I'm glad you guys posted this. I put in for my hunts and my cc expires is 7 days! I just updated my info! Thanks guys!
  9. JohnSWA


    There's too much here that doesn't add up. There's a video out that shows rapid muzzle flashes coming from the fourth floor and nothing from the 37th, which was reported where he was firing and found dead by his own hand. There's got to be more to this!
  10. JohnSWA

    Honda Vs. Champion Generator

    You won't be sorry! Your generator will last years to come!
  11. JohnSWA

    Taking a Knee...

    Cancelled the NFL Ticket last night. All of my NFL gear is in the trash. Direct TV will be cancelled as soon as I get my firestick. I've had enough with the NFL being NFG!
  12. JohnSWA

    "Food Saver" food saving tips

    Put a paper towel on the suction side of the bag to catch the juices. This will make your vac packer last longer and less to clean.
  13. JohnSWA

    Projects Unsolicited

    Terribly sorry for your loss. I believe anyone would be proud in their final rest to be in your art work!
  14. JohnSWA

    For every dad, mom, cousin, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, friend!

    As a father of two adults that are heroin addicts, I can totally relate to this. No one can force anyone to get the help they need. They have to help themselves. My thoughts and condolences to anyone in this situation.
  15. JohnSWA

    Fishing Outfit Rant

    Take this as a lesson learned and be thankful that your kids are well and safe!