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  1. m4dmthree

    first bear

    Thanks to everyone on here that had nice things to say always appreciated and it's always the same ppl making stupid remarks.
  2. m4dmthree

    first bear

    Seriously u guys have too much time on ur hands you really think I'd shoot two deer in one year that's hilarious you guys have nothing better to do but analyse someone's words. Muley in December and whitetail in January wake the xxxx up.
  3. m4dmthree

    shot bear today

    if it was 8 in hope it wasn't too high cuz usually arrows blow thru bear fast and easy just saying but good luck hope you guys find him no doubt a perfect broadside shot on a bear should blow thru if it didn't blow thru it got hung up on meat or bone
  4. m4dmthree

    Game Cam

    seriously u think trimming branches and lag bolts are an issue find something else to worry bout ur probably a tree cop urself huh all these dumb rules hunters will never reach a population that exceeds trees so i wouldn't worry ever!!!!
  5. m4dmthree

    first bear

    was lucky enough to get a great bear here on the last few days of the hunt wasn't the big one i was after but it was too good to pass up. i had been glassing all afternoon at some far distances friday afternoon and only saw one sow with a cub so that wasn't an option. after glassing for hours my eyes began to hurt a little so i pulled the binos down a little to rest my eyes and i look down and he this guy comes out the canyon below me at 500 yards. he was just going to town on the little pears that even existed on these hills. i quickly snuck in and about 15 min after spotting him i was 40 yards. 40 yards with no gun (left it in my backpack) and no one out there to help me in case the bear decide he wanted a little snack before he expired!!! but it all worked out made a great shot and he didn't get more than 20 yards!!! its crazy tho you get a 5 minute natural high immediately followed by OH shoot now theres alotta work ahead ha ha!!!! but my uncle ended up getting there at 9 i had one load taken to truck already and we just made one more trip back in and grabbed the hide and rest of meat. got out at 2 am!! wanna say thanks to my cousin all my friends and family that helped on a tough hunt and of course my uncle he really helped a lot getting there at 9 if it weren't for him id been up till 4am packing the bear out lol!! 3rd animal this year with bow can't wait till deer season in december ill have 5 out of the ten big game animals with a bow after shoot a nice mule deer and whitetail this year!!! I've never been more confident thats for sure!!! feedback always appreciated thanks!! got it to the taxidermist is looking like 19-20 inches from the looks of it definitely pope and young quality here can't wait till next august going back again to harvest the big bear i was on before a shot this guy!!
  6. m4dmthree

    Double up

    265 yards unit 29 west end by wilcox
  7. m4dmthree


    thanks they tasted great in the oven way better than duck!!!
  8. m4dmthree


    arizona ha ha
  9. got my first snow goose and speck this year
  10. m4dmthree


    yeah unit 37 a
  11. m4dmthree

    Double up

    Yeah I guess they kinda do either way they were unloaded but the hill is probably what makes it look like that it was steap
  12. m4dmthree

    What shotgun to buy?

    i have a stoeger m3500 does great i love it for the price
  13. m4dmthree


    second pig with a bow but got it done in a unique area farmland kinda like hunting hogs in texas lol. although it was a tough hunt took 8 days for me to find a pig a lot harder than it is for me to glass them up in the hills spot and stalk.
  14. m4dmthree

    Double up

    these are our two bucks on same hill same time mine is the smaller one but as it turns out my buddy got good karma he said i could shoot the bigger one but with the fog rolling in at the base of the chiricaua mountains he ended up shooting the nicer of the two. any feedback always appreciated!!!!
  15. m4dmthree

    bull elk last season unit 10

    before the hunt started i talked to the locals in williams who were nice enough to give me some info where most of the 100 tags in the unit would not be hunting so i ended up forgetting all the hours of scouting i did to look in a place that i never saw a bull or a cow for that matter on the two days i spent in there. my brother and his friend had the tag and basically they went where we had been scouting hard because there was a 380 bull in there. i just had a feeling the night before the hunt. i told my buddy dylan ya know what were gonna go in to the place where we haven't seen elk yet i know there in there. After not being able to sleep most of the night in excitement like I'm sure most elk hunters have felt, it was finally time we all jumped out of bed, my brother and his friend took of to where we had a beautiful bull in there week before. ME and Dylan headed in to the place the locals told us. right away after hiking up to a little peak me and dylan spotted him and right away i knew he was a shooter. so we hopped in the truck and drove to where we last saw them going into the trees with his cows and a few other rag horns. we ended up stalking into this group completely blind up to 40 yards we even got a lot of it on video. we watched and looked for hours and couldn't find the big bull bedded down with the group. so after hours the elk finally got up and kinda knew something was up. they all shuffled out the trees back to the meadow but still no big bull. Dylan and I were definitely excited that we got that close on a blind stock on opening morning and on the way back to the truck thats when we spotted the big bull on the hill near our truck with our naked eyes. we ended up loosing him in the trees but we knew he was there!! so we headed back to Williams and ate some burger king and made a game plan for the afternoon. finally we got back to where we last saw him and glassed for about an hour or 2 with no success. out of no where into the trees across the railroad tracks about 80 yards away there he was raking a tree and immediately i grabbed my bow and binos and started to move down.. immediately they started looking i told dylan were already too close theres no way the cows are already eyeing us. one instant after saying that we both look at each other and the 2nd train we seen all day starts roaring down the tracks. i looked at my buddy and ran down to the tracks as the train passed i walked across the tracks into the meadow and started using the hoochie mama call and within a few minutes i had him face to face with me where i made a great shot and drilled him he ran 40 yards and crashed into a tree. thank you to my buddy dylan and everyone associated with the hunt sometimes things are just meant to be.