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    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I’m hoping this rain hits this whole state and gives these animals some much needed water! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Also, I hope the cooler weather that comes from this front helps the rut!
  2. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule deer Rut question

    The rut doesn’t get “hot” until the last 10-14 days of January. To be honest, February is probably the peak rut for most desert units in my opinion.
  3. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Anybody hunting? Got on 3 groups of does Friday but none had bucks. Did see one buck solo but he saw me before I saw him so that ended quickly.
  4. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    It’s on YouTube, anybody can see it...I figured I would share it on here to help some of the Az guys out. I assumed most people on this site are from AZ. Maybe not?
  5. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Sounds like peak rut in the high country.
  6. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 buck opening morning

    Congrats to your friend! Cool video.
  7. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Like a 6x6?
  8. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I don’t think the video worked in my previous post. IMG_2873.MP4
  9. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Seen a decent buck with 7 does this morning in 44B. First group I’ve seen with a buck. He had the strut going but the does weren’t hot enough to keep him around very long. He did a quick sniff on them and then left them. It’s going to be picking up soon I think. These are 3 of the does that were with him. She walked in from about 90 yards out and go within 60. Love this time of year. IMG_2873.MP4
  10. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Going to keep this going...seeing some lip curling and a few noses sniffing behind some does this weekend but still multiple bucks in herds. Hopefully the full moon this week gets things rolling in my area.
  11. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Seems that the Roman nose is always an attention getter. I got this video of this buck in September and plenty of photos of him since and I can’t get over how crazy his nose is. Let’s see what some of you guys have seen over the years as far as Roman noses go. Thanks 👍🏻... FYI, we could use some rain in the desert... FullSizeRender.mov
  12. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Bad butt man! Great buck and congrats again.
  13. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Photos? Haha congrats on the buck!
  14. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Trail Cam Ban?

    Anybody see this?
  15. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Nikon P1000

    I recently purchased a Nikon P1000 to start filming/photographing my family and also animals when I’m in the desert. I’ve had the camera a little over a week and here is the camera and some shots I’ve captured. The water tower shot is an iPhone maxed out at 1.75 miles per google earth on the left and the P1000 on the right at the same distance. The first bighorn photos are from about 150 yards.
  16. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Nikon P1000

    Thanks guys. Hope to have more photos/videos soon.
  17. Yuma Outdoorsman

    More late kaibab action

    Congrats! Great buck!
  18. Yuma Outdoorsman

    New Camera (Nikon P1000)

    Just wanted to share a post I made in the Optics forum. If you are considering a new camera for videos and photos in the field, I highly suggest this Nikon P1000. I’ve only had it a little over a week and am pretty happy with it. Just wanted to share it in case anyone is looking for something like this. Im hoping to have some photos and videos of deer soon.
  19. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Nikon P1000

    These next 2 sheep were about 500-600 yards away in the shade of a mountain. The zoom sounds loud in the video but in person you don’t hear it. (don’t mind the commentary in the video, I had my daughter with me and we were parked right off a Jeep trail and had people coming by and she was jumping in and out of my Jeep so didn’t want her to get hit by somebody coming by. DSCN0259.MP4
  20. Yuma Outdoorsman

    San Carlos Desert Sheep Hunt 2020

    Awesome ram!
  21. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Tagged Out...

    Well, I was able to tag out Saturday afternoon. I was walking down a wash into the wind and kicked this buck up at about 50 yards. He went north and into a finger and stopped at about 200 yards. I was able to position myself for a clear shot and dropped him. I hadn't seen a deer all day and when he jumped from his bed, he looked bigger than he was and I just couldn't pass him up. I had a slight shooter's remorse hit me realizing my hunt was over but after looking him over and realizing I had tons of trail camera photos and videos of him, I was happy to have him. I can't wait to get out for the rut in January. Here are a couple hero shots with him and a velvet video from September. mybuck.MOV
  22. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Nephew’s First Buck

    I shared my photo last night of a buck I was able to take but the highlight of my weekend was seeing this big ol buck my nephew Deagan was able to take. He just turned 10 earlier this year and was able to do the hunter’s safety online. We had a waterhole being used pretty regularly and had a solid 3x3 buck that was coming in consistently every other morning, even with the cooler weather. I told my brother in law, the best opportunity to get Deagan a shot would be to sit a trail on this drinker and have him get that 3x3. He agreed. Friday morning, they got up at 4:30 and drove to the waterhole. They parked 700 yards south of the waterhole and walked in slowly. First light came and nothing showed to the drinker. At first light, Deagan told his dad “hey I think I can hear something coming.” My brother in law Joe told him he didn’t hear anything but to keep his eyes open and try to stay quiet. 30 seconds later, this buck stepped out. Joe ranged him at 150 yards and Deagan said he had him in the scope. Deagan shot the first time and shot over his back. Being in a small canyon, the echo caused some confusion for the buck and he just stood there looking around. Deagan jacked another shell in and dropped the buck on his next shot, never needing to shoot again. Joe said Deagan jumped up and started fist pumping the air and was going crazy. What a great father/son moment they were able to experience. Best part is, they thought he had shot the nice 3x3 and instead it was a beautiful 4x4 that just happened to be the biggest buck using this waterhole. Deagan is hooked for life. I’ve attached a photo and video of this buck from before the hunt. FullSizeRender.mov
  23. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Nephew’s First Buck

    Thanks guys. He’s definitely hooked for life.
  24. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Brother In Law’s 2x4

    Well, might as well add my brother in law’s 2x4 to the mix. He dropped this buck at 350 yards yesterday evening. It is his biggest buck to date as he just got into deer hunting a few years back. (I may have had something to do with it 😂)...this was an old buck with front hooves larger than any deer I’ve ever seen. That’s 4 bucks for our camp this year.
  25. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Brother In Law’s 2x4

    Thanks everyone who took the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it. Can’t wait for January.