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  1. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Skre Gear

    https://www.skregear.com/product-category/best-sellers/ Skre has 20% off on some of their camo right now. I really enjoy their stuff and have used it for a couple years now and have had zero issues. I used the code FREESHIPPING for the stuff that is already 20% off and it worked. Just wanted to spread the word in case anybody is looking for some new camo.
  2. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    All our deer are super skinny over here in the southwest corner of the state. We might get some rain next week but we needed it the last few months to help green up the desert. The waterholes are drained like I've never seen before and the warm days heading into November are not helping the situation. Hoping for cooler and wet weather soon.
  3. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Seems that the Roman nose is always an attention getter. I got this video of this buck in September and plenty of photos of him since and I can’t get over how crazy his nose is. Let’s see what some of you guys have seen over the years as far as Roman noses go. Thanks 👍🏻... FYI, we could use some rain in the desert... FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Yuma Outdoorsman

    WY Muley Hunt (long/pics)

    Congrats to you guys. Sounds like a good time and glad you didn't call the hunt off early. There is not a better feeling than thinking you are going to go home with tag soup and then filling your tag in the last few hours.
  5. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Interesting To See...

    I’ve heard them do it during the rut...never in October. I thought it was pretty funny to see.
  6. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Interesting To See...

    I wish I would've used my camera on video mode a lot sooner as I've enjoyed getting to see the different angles of their racks and also some of their behavior with other deer and how they interact with coyotes. These 2 bucks came in 10 days ago and I got this buck taking a big ol' whiff of fresh air. Hope the video works. IMAG0181.AVI
  7. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Velvet Rubbed

    That one isn’t on the hit list haha he’s just for reference of the rubbing.
  8. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Velvet Rubbed

    Starting last Thursday, I finally had bucks on camera in my desert rifle unit rubbing their velvet off. Went and looked again today and it’s about 50/50 still have velvet/rubbed off. This buck still had velvet last week and rubbed off since. Man, I’m getting excited. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks out.
  9. Yuma Outdoorsman


    I was out and about this weekend and saw hundreds of birds in the desert. Some of them are 2-3 miles from the closest water holes. Can't wait for the opener.
  10. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Elk Rut

    There are like 10+ pages of info on another thread...
  11. Yuma Outdoorsman


    Been hitting the desert working trail cameras in several different locations and I cannot believe how many quail I’ve seen. Some waterholes have 50-100 birds and one had to of had 200. They are every where. I’ve even seen some in areas where the closest water hole is a couple miles away. Looks like it’s going to be a fun season.
  12. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer

    I like apple sauce with my pork chops so used It with my deer and it was great. Mushroom gravy on the meat was very good as well.
  13. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer

    Made some steak and some chops out of a young mule deer buck I shot last season. This was some good eating right here.
  14. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Arizona pronghorn rut/archery

    Well...any luck on day 1?
  15. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Yuma Area

    Fishing has been pretty good down here in Yuma. Fish I've targeted have been keying in on shad. I much prefer chasing that pattern than flipping/pitching. We have had Wednesday night tournaments at Mittry Lake and a Saturday tournament on the river. All of them have been 3 fish limits. I've fished solo for a couple and fished with a partner on a couple others and we have had some pretty good luck, winning 4 Wednesdays in a row and winning the one Saturday we fished. Here are a few "hero" shots from weigh ins and one stud I caught at Mittry.