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  1. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Kuiu Roll Call

    I hunt the desert flats so there isn't much for brush. There are some thicker washes we walk but you can get through the brush pretty easily.
  2. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Kuiu Roll Call

  3. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Kuiu Roll Call

    Those wrangler outdoor pants are tough to beat for the price. I wear the shorts for fishing and pants out hunting and love em.
  4. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Archery shooting in City of Phoenix

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWfXNU_-fBo&t=1854s Go to the 4:40 of this video. I am not sure if it is in city limits but I thought it was interesting.
  5. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    What happens when the anti's call and report "harvests" for deer and the quotas fill? No rut hunting in the desert units. Does that happen with bear and lion at all? Just something that crossed my mind.
  6. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Got My Buck Back...

    Thanks guys! I’m pumped to have him and with the current law in place in AZ, this will be my last one I harvest that I will have on trail camera.
  7. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Got My Buck Back...

    I am happy to get my buck today. I love hunting these desert mule deer.
  8. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 Rut....

    Couldn't get this link to upload but the other upload was fantastic. Great looking buck. Awesome mass on him. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yuma Outdoorsman

    The "Special Hunt" Success???

    I read on another website that one of the coues tags was filled with a buck under 90” and one of the bull tags was filled with a small bull. Good for those hunters on filling the tags.
  10. Yuma Outdoorsman

    The "Special Hunt" Success???

    Has anybody heard if any of the 6 lucky hunters that drew tags for the new hunt has filled any of their tags? Just curious to see what they got. I know some of you wish you had a rifle in your hands during the last few weeks so I'd imagine the guys that drew the deer tags should have a great chance at a giant.
  11. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 Rut....

    Heck ya dude! Great buck! Congratulations!!!
  12. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 Rut....

    Man that sounds amazing. Hope you stick one soon!
  13. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 Rut....

    Hopefully you get another shot at him.
  14. Yuma Outdoorsman


    I wish they would ban guides.
  15. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2021 Rut....

    This is what I'm talking about. Thanks everyone for the updates. This is awesome to follow along with at work. Hopefully somebody sticks one soon. Good luck to all of you out hunting this week.