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  1. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Question about mule deer

    These are just average for the farm....1st and last photo are the same buck, different angles. I don’t hunt the farm but I work in Agriculture so I am around farmland all day. Couldn’t help but snap some photos.
  2. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Question about mule deer

    haha ya same here. Pretty interesting to see how farm hunters struggle when they make it to the actual desert and have to find deer. The RZR caravans are legit the worst part of hunting where I do. 99% of the time they are honestly nice people and are just enjoying the desert but I've run into some that will dang near run you over. One of my favorite areas legit looks like a checkerboard right now due to new trails being made. Just have to adapt to the changing scenarios each year.
  3. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Question about mule deer

    I have 2 waterholes in my unit that are a little over 5 miles apart and will get the same bucks on camera from both waterholes from time to time...I know a lot of "farm land" hunters in Yuma that think you can pattern desert mule deer. I think they are just used to hunting the farm where deer come and go like clock work morning/night. I have not hunted much outside of the desert but the deer we hunt are pretty nomadic in their habits. We usually have the general vicinity the deer are but we get a lot of snowbird pressure on rangers/razr's and it pushes the deer around quite a bit. Seems like the snowbird traffic is growing more and more each year. They also like to create their own trails and roads in places I like to hunt which really sucks.
  4. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Still Checking The Girls

    Is that late for that unit? In the desert, I believe peak rut is February and sometimes goes into March.
  5. Yuma Outdoorsman

    2020 Buck

    I got my 2020 Mule Deer buck back. Noel at Ironwood Taxidermy does great work with the quickest turnaround and lowest prices in the industry. Super happy with how it came out. I was the one that started the post about tipping and I did tip. I just appreciate the turn around more than anything.
  6. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Tipping Taxidermist

    Thank for the responses. I tipped my guy because I took the deer to him in December and he had it back to me by March and only charged $475. I felt wrong not to tip him. This was the buck. I have another buck there this year and didn't know if I should be tipping or not. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Tipping Taxidermist

    Is it standard to tip your taxidermist or what's the proper etiquette? Assuming all is well and you are happy with the work they do. Thanks.
  8. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Plant identification

    Looks like arrow weed too. I would doubt that it would grow in the desert though.
  9. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Cool buck...

    No sexy time behavior at all...
  10. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Cool buck...

    He was pretty covered up in greasewoods man. I took the shot with my camera instead.
  11. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Cool buck...

    Thanks man. It was taken with a Nikon P1000. Check them out. Really cool cameras.
  12. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Cool buck...

    Got a cool photo of this buck last week. I was 100 yards from him and he had me pinned. Zoom in and you can see he’s pretty unique. He was solo. Hopefully he’s with some does this weekend and is dumber than he was last week. 🙏🏻
  13. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Yuma Mule deer hunting (desert deer)

    If you think the road hunting in the pines was bad, just wait until you see what’s out in Dateland 😂 my suggestion for you is learn the Kofa’s. If you are willing to walk a few miles, you will not see anyone else but will most likely see deer.
  14. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    I’m hoping this rain hits this whole state and gives these animals some much needed water! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Also, I hope the cooler weather that comes from this front helps the rut!
  15. Yuma Outdoorsman

    Mule deer Rut question

    The rut doesn’t get “hot” until the last 10-14 days of January. To be honest, February is probably the peak rut for most desert units in my opinion.