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  1. 6 hours ago, azslim said:

    they call them burro bucks, not unusual in desert mule deer, have seen some good ones.  As far as score, not important, would you shoot him or not, for me I would be more than happy to bring him home.  Don't think it would hit 180 but pushing it, next year probably.

    I’ll shoot him for sure. I think he’s a beautiful buck but scoring wise I wasn’t sure. I appreciate all the responses though. I like seeing the opinions and reasoning for your estimated scores. 

  2. I’ve never really been much into scores. I honestly have little experience with it. I have shot several bucks but none are close to anything a lot of people would call a “bruiser”. Having said that, what would

    you guess this buck to score? I’m guessing him to be about 27” wide and in the 150-160” range but I really have no idea. These photos are unedited and straight from my trail camera. 



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  3. This buck last year didn't have any eye guards. This year, he has them on both antlers. I thought that was pretty interesting. In years past, I've never seen one gain eye guards one year to the next except for maybe forkies turning into 3x's. 

    Both side by sides have one photo in August and one photo in mid-September of this buck. 2018 vs 2019. The angles are a little different but I have a ton of photos of this buck from this year to match last year. 




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  4. 14 hours ago, CatfishKev said:

    For me it would depend on what ive already gotten before.  

    I haven't shot anything over 170" I'd guess but I do have a 27" 5x5, couple decent 4x4's, and some decent 3x3 and 3x4's that I was lucky enough to take in the past. I guess for me seeing how I've already shot a 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5, it would be cool to take a 2x2 to finish the series off. If I get the chance, I'm probably going to take this buck. I'll post more pictures of him in October and let you guys see how he finishes up, as long as he keeps coming in. Thanks for the responses.

  5. I have had this buck on camera for the last 3 or 4 seasons. Each year he gets a little taller and a little wider. I keep going back and forth, if I had the chance to shoot him, would I do it? I think this year, that will be a yes. Something about a big forkie just intrigues me. Would you guys shoot him?


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  6. 3 hours ago, CatfishKev said:

    Great buck! Looks majestic on the wall with that fancy mantle and blinds. Very regal  indeed.   Is that your dining room?

    No, it’s an open room in the house, sort of like a den. Our kids had stuff all over the ground so I had to crop the picture 😂

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  7. 56 minutes ago, muledeerarea33? said:

    Nice buck!! I’m sorry you had to go to hotville to get it done.

    Haha I live in Yuma and work from Dateland to Coachella so I’m in the imperial valley a lot.  


    Thanks everybody for the kind words. I appreciate it! Hope to get me a bigger one next year!

  8. I got my buck back I shot in November. I originally was going to have another guy do it but he has developed arthritis so badly that he can no longer do taxidermy. I was not able to get my buck to Noel until Mid-December and on Saturday he called and said he had it all done. Just can't beat the turn around he offers and the work he does. Out the door was $475. Now, this buck isn't a monster by any means but he fits perfectly in a specific spot in my house. 







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  9. First time seeing your post but the only time I've ever had issues with mine is when the batteries died. Unless you are using the lithium energizer batteries, nothing else really has lasted too long on my camera. The lithiums will last 3-4 weeks.

  10. A month before the season, I found this matching set of drop antlers in a wash, about 250 yards apart. I shot this buck about 1.5-2 miles north of where I found the drop antlers. Personally, I think there is a lot of similarities between them. Just curious if you guys think this is the same buck or not. Thanks. 




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