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  1. Updated .. Range Finder included.
  2. Nope. Got another call today to piece out the gear. I'll take a good offer.
  3. I have received a few calls about trading the set up and I would, it would just have to be worth the trade.
  4. Thanks for the kinds words. I do love the bow a lot, but I really do not use it.. I have maybe shot 60 arrows total.
  5. Thanks, but I want to keep it all together in case I do not get what I need from it. I do not want to end up having to replace items.
  6. I am selling my rarely used Matthews z7 bow and all the accessories with it. You can literally buy this bow and start hunting. Everything you see in the pictures are included with the sale. Matthews 7 arrow quiver Axle 7 pin sights Camo Whisker Buscuit Scott adjustable release Octane Stabilizer Brookwood Bow Case Arrow case Striker Broadheads (never used) Field tips This is a complete turnkey package. **To Include the Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Camo Addition Range Finder with the Full $900.** Call or reply to this ad. 480-518-0286