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  1. Can anyone recommend a guide for a late nov unit 7E elk hunt?
  2. Bnnes

    Glock 19 gen 4 fde

    For sale is a like new gen 4 glock 19 9mm. Its just over a year old. Complete fde upper and lower. Comes with box and three mags. Asking 500
  3. A pair of dbacks tickets is up for grabs. Section 328 row 15 seats 3&4. Asking 125. Thats what I paid. Can transfer via Ticketmaster txt 6233775558
  4. Bnnes

    Free Elk Meat

    Ill take some of still available
  5. Bnnes

    Deer target

    Pm sent
  6. Bnnes

    20A Help

    i know a few decent spots in 20a, ill send you a message. Helped my buddy take his first buck openig morning 2 years back
  7. Bnnes

    Glock 27

  8. Bnnes

    vortex 1000 range finder and kudu pack

    Just included the bow carrier and load hauler which go for another 80 or so. That's why I added the price up.
  9. Bnnes

    vortex 1000 range finder and kudu pack

    370 for the kuiu pack anyone?
  10. Bnnes

    vortex 1000 range finder and kudu pack

    380 for the kuiu bag, bow holder and new game hauler. Also includes the two hip pouches all in verde
  11. Bnnes

    vortex 1000 range finder and kudu pack

    kuiu icon pro 1850, sorry also have game hauler and a dry bag. might include it for the right price
  12. im selling my used vortex rangefinder. bought new from a forum memeber about 2 years ago. in great shape, with minor scuffs on lenses. lost case so ranger finder comes by itslef. asking 250 boo for it. also have year old kuiu pack in verde. its a s/m regualr frame. has been used but has not packed any animal. no rips or tears. will come with two hip pouches. asking 320 obo no trades cash only please
  13. Bnnes

    300blkout ar 15

    just saw reply, only ammo i have is about 20 rounds going with the rifle