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  1. IceColdBears

    Tick Tock

    No hits yet as well but hoping for some luck!
  2. IceColdBears

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    @CouesFanatic They are the same price but I put in solo for that tag so it was easy for me to determine versus the other tags drawn were grouped applications that were two charges of $75.
  3. IceColdBears

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    3 Javelina tags and 3 Turkey tags! Was hoping for the spring Bear tag but can't complain.
  4. IceColdBears

    card hit

    Thanks for responding Wish2hunt. Got my turkey tag on Friday but was hoping they might have a second wave of charges to pick up my deer tag.
  5. IceColdBears

    card hit

    Has anyone seen another wave of charges since Friday morning?
  6. IceColdBears

    card hit

    dpr64 Posted Today, 01:10 PM Anyone with Wells Fargo getting hits? Yes, I was hit with my Wells Fargo card this morning.
  7. IceColdBears

    card hit

    Turkey tags hit the card this morning! But,I'm still hoping for a deer tag.
  8. IceColdBears

    6A Coues Advice

    5guyshunting - It's Oct 24 for open day. Earlier hunt. AverageJoe - Thank you for the pm.
  9. IceColdBears

    6A Coues Advice

    Hello, My Dad and I have two rifle tags for coues deer this year in 6a. I had the same tag last year and found myself hunting above cedar flats in 6a. I was able to scout one prize coues buck prior to my hunt grazing. During my hunt, I saw two bucks, both were mule deer and numerous mule does. Sadly, I didn't tag out last year. This year my Dad and I have been scouting for the last several weekends lower in the unit off the 260. We've tried West Clear creek and Bullpin areas. We've not had any real luck running across anything except mule deer. I'm not sure how many more years my Dad has to hunt since he's 69. I'm trying my hardest to locate a good couse spot within 6a that may yield results or if anything us just seeing some correct game even if the shot is too far. Will anyone please share their advice on good spots to scout that we've not covered? I understand people like to hold onto their honey holes for future hunts but just advice to help improve me as a hunter. Also, it would help my Dad and I have a great hunt in 6a this year regardless if we don't tag out. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.