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  1. cahallsae

    Unit 19

    Around Dewey area. My family wants to go to the farm near there to pick pumpkins. Could be around Prescott national forest too but the drive to the farm would be an hour. Thanks for looking
  2. cahallsae

    Unit 19

    I am looking for a place to take my family camping in Unit 19 where I can also sight in a rifle for a deer hunt.
  3. cahallsae

    Unit 22 Coues Tag

    Thanks everyone! Last scouting trip this weekend and I hope to see some deer.
  4. cahallsae

    Unit 22 Coues Tag

    This is my first Coues Whitetail tag and I have been scouting for 3 weekends without seeing one deer. Lots of scat and prints but I still have yet to actually see a deer. On most Muley hunts I have seen them in the morning and evenings leaving and entering the hillsides. I have been looking everywhere for the Coues (close to 23), South east of Rye, West of Payson/Pine/Strawberry and still have yet to find an actual animal. My hunt is in October and I only have enough time for one more scouting trip. Do Coues bed down on the side of mountians like most Muleys do? I know there is food everywhere for them, anything in particular they love to eat? Could anyone tell me if I am looking in the right spot or if I should look elsewhere. Im not looking for specifics just making sure the work I am doing is not a waste of time. Thanks for reading