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  1. Might be interested how far west are you?
  2. I wouldn't count the Weaver out, Some of the old ones have value in certain circles
  3. Nodak

    Mini fridge

    Will take the chest freezer if still availible 602-679-0557 Chris
  4. Nodak

    Pending charges now gone

    Brain fart mine is master card
  5. Nodak

    Pending charges now gone

    Just checked Bass pro web site and wow they are with Master Card. I have had the card since the grand opening and have used it for many draws with no issues. When they send me new cards it still says BP rewards
  6. Nodak

    Pending charges now gone

    My B of A card is through Bass Pro, ironic
  7. Nodak

    Finished beef steer going to butcher now

    What does processing run?
  8. Nodak

    GWG women's insulated hunting boots

    Interested, where you located?
  9. Nodak

    4a antelope tag

    My son and I drew this tag going to be a blast!
  10. Nodak

    Wtb left hand bow

    I just bought a used left hand bow for my son. You can have it, we ended up buying new after wasting 2 hours at BP trying to make it work. Like buying a used condom
  11. Nodak

    Work Sharp Knife Sharper

    I got one a few years back and hated it. My son took it out, read the directions, and sharpened my old hunting knife from way back that I had given up on. he gave it back to me and I could shave with it. Now I love it but you have to fallow the instructions and change the belts as you go. Kind of a pain but the fine belt is where the magic happens.
  12. Nodak

    Stack On tool chest

    Will take if still availible
  13. Nodak

    Ford Motorcraft Shocks (Brand-new)

    I will take them. on the East side also.
  14. I have a tang safety 06 and found one. But I cut the stock down to the same LOP. Trial and error Is how I found it. In the end the limb saver rubber turned to goo and I replaced it with grind to fit. I wouldn't waste time on pre fit again.
  15. Nodak

    SOLD, SS Ruger Single Six, 22 LR

    I'll take second dibs
  16. Nodak

    The late charges post.

    Denial, maybe yes, have 4 elk tags so far. More like guilt. Was hoping my son and nephews would draw Jrs elk as that's my favorite hunt. But I have ben charged late before so I'm still optimistic.
  17. Nodak

    The late charges post.

    My B of A card was hit Friday 8:19 AM and 8:21 AM nothing since. Its not over till the results post.
  18. Nodak

    Freezer space for cape?

    I have room for it. Far east Mesa if it helps.