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  1. On 1/31/2024 at 8:05 PM, stanley said:

    Love my 2015 with close to twice the mileage.   Sounds like a real fair price.  Somebody aught to snap that thing up!


    I appreciate the kind words 

  2. 2 minutes ago, trphyhntr said:

    If I as a resident had 0 points and I applied with a non resident with 16 points, that wouldn’t help me? 

    No, because as a resident with 0 points you have 1 chance at drawing one of the random tags. 80% of the tags allocated to residents go random. With 8 points on a group app as a non resident you have 9 chances at drawing one of the random tags for the non-residents which is only 50% of 10% of the tags. That’s the way I understand it

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  3. I have a new STX and 65mm objective that I have never used in field. I just use the BTX so much I don’t need the spotting scope. New the STX runs 2,600 plus tax and the 65 runs 1,100 plus tax. I’d sell the combo for 2,800. Perfect brand new condition. 

    located in Queen Creek 








  4. Bought this in February. Sighted it in and it’s been in the safe. Don’t need to sell it but wanted to see if anyone was more interested in it than me. I have a bunch of boxes of ammo for it that I’ll include along with the Steiner 1-5 scope. I have 3 boxes of the nice Buffalo boar ammo that is also included. 



    drop to 2K 







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