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    seeking help on AZ-22N late hunt for bull elk

    Well guess I'm way behind. Saw a post and for once thought I could help. I have unfortunately asked just to be humiliated after being self taught with no experience. Not looking at the date of the original post when a comment was posted it brought it to the top of the board. Happy hunting.
  2. CWBBucker

    seeking help on AZ-22N late hunt for bull elk

    Sent you a pm.
  3. CWBBucker

    Drama isnt my friend, so I'll post Elk pictures

    I would be dam happy with porcupine! Forget the score! Awesome pictures thanks for sharing.
  4. CWBBucker

    Opening day success

  5. CWBBucker

    First Coues

    That things a toad! Would love to have a whitetail like that one up!
  6. CWBBucker

    Any reports from the late bull hunts. 5b, 7w, 8?

    We hunted 5b on the East side. We did lots of scouting and saw quiet a few bulls the week before. 4th of July morning was intense as it sounded like a firing squad let loose on the running bulls in the open. First two days we saw alot of muley, coues, and a couple cows. Monday-Wednesday we saw tons and tons of elk but not a single bull. My brother and I both trying to get our first elk never tagged out but we had a heck of a good time. Nothing like sitting with 30 cows all around you hoping a bull pops out.
  7. CWBBucker

    Find the deer

    Nice awesome pics!
  8. CWBBucker

    Late rifle who's getting ready?

    Hoping to get my first elk in 5B. After my brother missing a muley on our deer hunt and not another to be found, really hoping to get some meat in the freezer!
  9. CWBBucker

    Anyone still need to kill an elk on the 3c late archery tag?

    Thats awesome can you do the same for unit 5B early December rifle hunt? Yea that would be great..
  10. CWBBucker

    5BN late archery

    We are heading up Saturday to do some scouting for next weekends rifle hunt. Ill send you a PM if we see anything.
  11. CWBBucker

    2017 September Archery Bull 6x6

    Awesome congrats on getting one!
  12. CWBBucker

    My 11 yr. Old son's first buck

    That is a toad!
  13. CWBBucker

    New Mexico Muley

  14. CWBBucker

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Great video of them fighting I have yet to experience that! Thanks for sharing.
  15. CWBBucker

    Tagged Out

    Nothing like a buck down in the morning!
  16. CWBBucker

    Two girls and 12A East

    Hats down to you! That is awesome.
  17. AgraffAZ thats an awesome buck congrats!
  18. CWBBucker

    Sweet Halloween. Auroras first deer.

    Congrats. Seeing that many is half the fun!
  19. CWBBucker

    Lady's First

    Congrats and KCCO!
  20. CWBBucker

    Rollercoaster Elk (Squirrel & Coyote too) Hunt

    What an eventful trip. Great write up thanks for sharing to bad the ravens were not circling the poachers...
  21. CWBBucker

    My 17A multie

  22. CWBBucker

    Nephew’s Muley Buck

    Very nice buck!
  23. CWBBucker

    What to do after snake bite?

    Geez they need to get the pen out there. I would buy one to carry in a heartbeat.
  24. CWBBucker

    Short and Sweet Desert Mule Deer Hunt

    Thats awesome hoping to do the same with my father this weekend!