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  1. Excursion

    33 junior late hunt

    Glass Glass Glass. We hunted this area two years ago and had a ball. Made stalks virtually every day.
  2. Excursion

    Coues Gunz!

    Youth hunt all three of my boys will be shooting Rem 700's in 270 Win. Rem 700 ADL, BDL and Mountain Rifle. Two with Vortex scopes and one Leopold.
  3. Excursion

    First hunt(s)

    Grew up in Oregon and Alaska tagging along on my fathers elk, deer, bear and moose hunts until I was 14. The only shooting I did was ducks. Sports got in the way of hunting (never again) after I was fourteen and did not hunt again until I was 33. My first time carrying a rife was when I went on a guided elk hunt in BC. My father who has elk hunted all his life said that it was the hardest hunting you can do - up and down ridges, packing meat out, up hill both ways in a blizzard, etc. All that to say my father was up and hunting on this guided trip with the "good guide" and I slept in because my out of work logger guide was late. He shows up at nine that morning hung over and smoking cigarettes, and says lets go. We go out to the middle of a mowed pasture and the guide lights a cigarette and bugles - there is smoke coming out of the end of his bugle! Three minutes later a big 5x5 comes out at 100 yards - I get my sticks out but can't see. What seems like ten minutes later I discover that my heavy breathing had fogged the 1979 Bushnell scope up. I wipe them clean with my shirt sleeve and get ready to shoot again and the guide said, don't shoot, it has to be a 6x6. Granted, we are in the middle of a pasture frozen still, I am on my sticks shaking and my guide is still smoking cheap Canadian cigarettes. Not ten seconds later the 5x5 looks left and runs back into the woods. Ten more seconds go by and a big 6x6 bull comes out and stands broadside looking at us. Guide said shoot, I shot, down he went. We went back to the truck, drove out into the field, loaded him up and went back to the cabin. He only scored 304 but made Safari Club record book for that area. Come on dad, this elk hunting is easy! Needless to say, I have been on several hunts since then and have eaten my words. Fast forward to today - 2 elk (1 was unit 23 early rifle), 2 antelope, a N.M Oryx, one black bear and several antelope. Now there is nothing better in my life than to help by sons get out and hunt.
  4. Sorry, I am a newbie and posted to the wrong area yesterday regarding this topic. My two boys have "Any Antlered Deer" tags for unit 33 youth hunt in later November. This is a new area to me and I will be heading down this weekend to scout. The problem is I have no idea where to start, where to camp or what to expect. Last year I got drawn for an antelope hunt that took eight years to get. I gave the tag to my twelve year old and after getting sound advice from people like you we were able to bag a nice Arizona antelope in September. In November we headed down to 36 for a youth deer hunt and I completely blew it. No scouting this time, rain, sick boys, and I had no sound advice or scouting time in. I am not looking for your honey hole or trail cam spots, just a good area to base our camp and get to work glassing and hunting in 33. Any and all advice would be appreciated. I looked at Google Earth and Lone Hill looks promising but again, I have no idea. fbrucet@gmail.com