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    Rifle for sale

    Is this still available?
  2. NM_Norteno


    PM sent. Thanks
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    Message sent to you
  4. NM_Norteno

    Browning X-Bolt 7mm Rem Mag ***Price Drop*** $700

    Where are you located?
  5. NM_Norteno

    WTB Jim White tripod head

    I am looking for a Jim White tripod head. If you have one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  6. NM_Norteno


    Will you ship it? Will you do PayPal?
  7. Hi guys, If anybody has this tripod do you know if the pan and tilt head can be removed? I took the screw out that is supposed to attach it however the head is on pretty tight. I don't want to force it off and risk breaking it without asking somebody. I am going to buy the Jim White tripod head and I want to put it on this tripod. Thanks
  8. NM_Norteno

    WTS: manfrotto pistol grip

    Would you take $80 for the adapter? I live in NM as well, would you do pay pal?
  9. NM_Norteno

    WTS: manfrotto pistol grip

    Do the tripod adapters have the bit that screws into the binos?
  10. NM_Norteno

    Opinions and reviews on vortex viper pst scopes?

    I absolutely love mine! I have never had 1 problem at all. Tracks great. Killed my coues at 707 yrs this year. I would recommend a Kenton Ind. Custom turret to put on it. Its not swaro but its not $3000.
  11. NM_Norteno


    Is it that big of a difference?
  12. NM_Norteno

    Want to Trade Leica Trinovid 12x50

    Don't do it! Your Leicas are better glass!
  13. Both scope and binos sold. Thanks
  14. I have for sale (1) Vortex Viper PST 4x16 FFP EBR 1 rifle scope. It has a minor blemish on the body (seen in pic), but does not affect the performance of the scope. Glass is in excellent condition.$775 OBO Also for sale is a pair of Zeiss 15x60 B T* binos glass is excellent as well. Comes with Nikon tripod adapter. $1200 OBO (awesome coues glass!) I live in New Mexico, but I have friends in Arizona and I will ship either item to him so that transaction can be made with you. BINOCULARS SOLD!
  15. $725 for the scope now.
  16. Binoculars sold! Price drop on the Viper scope to $750!!! Please remember if you are in Arizona I can ship them to my friend and he can finalize the transaction. I will pay for the shipping and insurance.
  17. If you need additional pics please PM me
  18. Binoculars are SOLD pending funds. Price drop to $750 on the scope. I have 2 of these Vipers and I love em! Just need $ to fund my next project!
  19. NM_Norteno

    Sold please delete

    I tried to sell mine on here for $1000 I think and I didn't have any takers! Decided to keep em instead! Great glass.
  20. NM_Norteno

    Leupold rangefinder

    Do you still have this for sale?
  21. Would you be interested in any trades?