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    Looking for hunting/glassing mentor

    Thank you guys all for the help!
  2. azracer11

    Looking for hunting/glassing mentor

    Awesome information. Anyone else? I am mainly in unit 21 so if anyone is in the Phoenix area and wants a glassing partner for te day it would be awesome. Thanks for the help azslim
  3. I am fairly new to archery and have recently been introduced to the glassing aspect of hunting. I have a nice pair of 15's and am looking to go out with somebody and get some pointers. I am seeing a couple deer here and there but I know if I knew where and how to glass I could do much better. If anyone that could help me out and maybe I could tag along and be an extra set of eyes for the day that would be awesome! I am just a looking to learn as much as I can. If you can help me out send me a dm and hopefully we can work something out! Thank you
  4. azracer11

    Opinions on archery mule deer strategy

    Good info! Thank you, I will be out there early hoping to see something!
  5. azracer11

    Opinions on archery mule deer strategy

    No does with them, just two bucks runnin around, that is why I really hope i get a deer on this early hunt because from what I heard they are way more predictable during this hunt. Very similar daily routine. And who doesn't like some velvet muleys? But in December you most likely have does to bust you and more eyes on you. Is this information correct? I am 19 with a lot more to learn, just recently got a new set of glass(15x50 vortex vipers), so glassing is a whole new ball game I'm learning as well. Thanks for the help and I will keep an eye on the wind
  6. azracer11

    Opinions on archery mule deer strategy

    This is great information for sure! If I was able to stalk him this morning I definitely would have, but i was unsure of how to get to him because he was on the other side of a steep ravine and a creek at the bottom. I backed out and unfortunately found a way in after leaving the area for the day due to work. So sorry if I was unclear, but what would your strategy be for the morning when I get back to that area. #1:Sit in the area where he has been coming right off the bat in the morning, or #2 glass and see if he comes in again, and then put a stalk on him. or #3 if you fine folks inform me of a new plan! Just trying to see what people think would be my best bet, I really wish I had more time to hunt this area because I truly think I could figure him out if I had more time. He is only a wide 2x2 but my heart was going when he sky lined this morning! Thank you guys all for the help!
  7. Hello! I am pretty new to the site and I have used a lot of the information found to help me in this years hunt. This is my first year archery mule deer hunting and I have had a rough time. Pre season scouting in my area went fairly well locating a couple bucks. At the last second I found out I needed surgery which sat me out for the beginning of the hunt. I have put in two days and I have located a buck, not sure if it is the same one from scouting but he is very similar. I have now glassed this deer in almost the same spot twice now and I am unsure of what to do now. I watched him bed down this morning in a very difficult place and it would not allow me a stalk until I found an alternative way to enter his area. So now I have this question for tomorrow mornings hunt. Should I go into that area where I have seen him multiple times and lay low hoping for his pattern to reuccor and get a shot. Or should I keep glassing and if he shows up again set up for a stalk using the new way I found in. This will be my last day to hunt and I only have the morning to do so(leaving for college). Any help would be appreciated and I hope I can get it done in the short time I have.
  8. azracer11

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Rifle Mule Deer:1 Archery Bull Elk:1 Hoping to add an Archery Mule Deer this year.