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    Southern California Muley's?

    Bob, I really enjoyed your enthusiasm leading up to your elk hunt last year. I also had an early rifle elk tag last year. The anticipation was incredible! Well I was interested in the CA D-12 hunt and decided to give it a try last fall. Even the CA Dept of Wildlife folks were incredulous that a guy from CO would even consider hunting in CA. I made the trek for the rifle season during Thanksgiving week. I love hiking the desert and I enjoy the warm weather down south that time of year. I was excited to get deep into some of the wilderness areas. The deer hunting was mostly just an excuse to go exploring. I was extremely disappointed to find deer hunters driving vehicles up and down every wash. That was the case everywhere I went even 10 miles into multiple wilderness areas. It seems that driving washes is the primary method of hunting there and few obey the law. I did not kill a buck but I didn't really expect to. There were just enough deer around to keep me alert. I still enjoyed hiking the desert and seeing the wildlife like desert rams and lots of quail. I would go again but I would like to keep looking for an area the vehicles aren't getting into.
  2. Cowkiller

    Big bull video

    mc68 I'm glad you think I have a good tag. I know one thing. It took 21 points and I'll never have it again. The excitement and the pressure are both building. I've done the best I can learning the unit from afar and made one scouting trip. If you know 23s I'd love to talk to you about it if you don't mind.
  3. Cowkiller

    Big bull video

    Thanks WHT_MTNMAN I've got an early rifle tag in 23 starting Sept 25. Sounds like it should be the peak of the breeding. Here in my part of CO mule deer breed in late November but I once saw a buck breed a doe in mid-January. He had already shed one antler!
  4. Cowkiller

    Big bull video

    Great video. What was the date? The only actual elk breeding that I've witnessed has been right around October 1st but that has been in CO and WY. I'm curious if AZ is different.
  5. Cowkiller

    Monday Hits only thread.

    Cabelas posted my card hit today. I'm NR with 21 points. First choice was 23S early rifle. Second choice was 27 ML. Glad to hear about the moisture.