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  1. I am not a professional camera person at all. I have a Hitachi HDD camcorder that I have had for about 5-6 years. I have used this on camping and hunting trips as well as family vacations and my girls playing in the band. The problem I have is I have to use Imagemixer 3 to get what I have recorded off of it. I am having a hard time editing movies to get what I want. I have recently been thinking of getting a new video recorder to film hunts and camping experiences. One that is easier to download and edit. So do I get a new camera or get better software? I haven't been able to get realplayer or i-movie to work for the Hitachi. I have been looking at the Panasonic HC-V380 I think. E searching it is one of the better cameras for my price range. I don't want to spend over about $500. I am not going to be shooting professional hunting movies. The problem is I can't find what software it uses. Ideas or suggestions?
  2. Red Sparky

    Dangers of power outages. This could blow your mind

    Reminds me of the big power outage in Chicago. Lots of explosions that night and hospitals full nine months later. So beware of those power outages.
  3. Red Sparky

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    Go to an old lady's house that has many cats. Cut some small squares of carpet where the cats have peed and then hang them in a 360 degree circle around the lick where they can't be seen. Keep refreshing them and the dude will have no idea why any amount of salt thrown out won't attract deer and elk.
  4. Red Sparky

    Recurve bows

    Anybody interested? All RH bows NIB. Samick Sage 62" takedown 55# $60; PSE Heritage Series Honor 56" 50# $100; PSE Heritage series Stalker 60" 45# $75; PSE Heritage series Stalker 60" 50# $75; PSE Heritage series Mustang 60" 50# $100; PSE Heritage series Mustang 60" 55# $100. I think these are all take down bows. Prices negotiable but I have listed them at about 50% of new from what I can tell.
  5. Red Sparky

    Need to catch up with him

    I have gps coordinates to sell whereabouts; $30 on my other website.
  6. Red Sparky

    Can you ID these two wonderful individuals in 7E?

    Dude that is Dave's favorite bear hunting spot that is now over run with people buying hunting spots online. Go see if you can find everybody that bought the "package" and track them down.
  7. Red Sparky

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    I think cell phones in the woods should be outlawed. It is against fair chase as you can call your buddy and say "Hey here is a great deer if you come in this way you can get him.". That or you can Google Earth to find the best way to stalk a deer. It gives you a true satellite image of where you are and the deer is in real time.
  8. Red Sparky

    New Mexico Antelope

    Way to get it done.
  9. Red Sparky

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    Where it all should have started to begin with. If we can't inflame the hunters we will go where we should have started.....G&F or state lawmakers.
  10. Red Sparky

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    How far from the crowds can you be if you are still complaining about spots being over run when you are posting instead of hunting?
  11. Red Sparky

    First day velvet success...

    Very Nice!
  12. Red Sparky

    Recurve bows

    Los Lunas, NM. If you want I have no problem with free shipping and sending pictures. If you not happy send it back no problems.
  13. Red Sparky

    Azgfd closed roads into my elk honey hole

    Mountain bike and trailer.
  14. Red Sparky

    Playing Possum?

    From the picture it looks fresh enough to have had opossum pie for dinner. Squirrels are better but don't turn down opossum.
  15. Red Sparky

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    My deepest condolences to his family as they go through this.
  16. Red Sparky

    John McCain

    I know words can hurt as well as help, I wish his family my deepest condolences for what they are going through.
  17. Red Sparky

    Lightning PSA

    Had this happen to me hiking out of the Gila. Storm moved in and started raining and lightening, I started double timing it down the trail. The water was running off the rocks when the hair on my neck and arms stood straight up. I got in the kneel down position and lightening struck a tree close by. I was close enough the water carried the charge so my whole body tingled. Scary times and glad nobody was seriously injured.
  18. Red Sparky

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    This was in 2010. You may want to check the regs since they are legal outside of hunting season.
  19. Red Sparky

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    So back east they hunt deer with dogs, is that illegal or not fair chase? What you are calling "fair chase" is actually ethics. Everybody has theirs so don't push your values on others. To some compound bows, crossbows, high power optics, scent killer, bait or salt, food plots, inline muzzle loaders, or long range rifles are not "fair chase". You want to change the laws then work to change them. Time for me to get more cheese to read your post.
  20. Red Sparky

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    Maybe you just need some animal crackers to feel better.
  21. Red Sparky

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    Who would pay for a package when you can just listen to a podcast that gives spots away for free?
  22. Red Sparky

    fooled ya

    Makes me want some Rocky Mnt. Oysters.
  23. Red Sparky

    AZ Unit 23 Archery Deer

    But I do like this new site since the ignore button is easy to find😃
  24. Red Sparky

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    No I just gave a unit, not any particular honey holes. I am waiting for the newbie with one post to ask and then it will flow like water after the dam breaks😇
  25. Red Sparky

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    I love podcast and social media. I know the areas to put in for because I know everybody will be putting in for the units the podcast is about. Less hunting pressure in other units. No way to keep unit 34 or any of the Gila units here quiet so everybody is putting in for them. That is why I have gotten 9 elk tags in the last 12 years, less sought after units.