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  1. PhxDT

    Looking to buy a youth hunting rifle

    You and me both.
  2. PhxDT

    Selling Glock 43 - Sold

    Try text again. Please. Send wrong text number first time.
  3. PhxDT

    Selling Glock 43 - Sold

    PM sent.
  4. PhxDT

    Need hunting money

    Is this new, gently used, or used TP? asking for a friend.
  5. PhxDT

    Bows for sale

    Sent Pm
  6. I live in NW gilbert looking for a spot with some rabbits. Any ideas? i don’t tend to run across them where I hunt dove and quail.
  7. Hmm. I don’t see the pics showing up.
  8. We don't have room for this pool table, and wife needs it to go. Seeking to trade for hunting equipment, preferably a 6.5 Creedmor or similar rifle for the kiddos. I don't even need the optics to the rifle. Its in great shape. Barely used. Its already disassembled. - Mahogany wood - Maple legs - New Orleans Rail- birds eye maple upgrade NE Gilbert
  9. PhxDT

    $5,800 Pool Table for Sale or Trade

    welp, I should have posted that I was selling for cheap, the subject was misleading. Not selling the pool table anywhere near $5,800! Anyways, @EODHunter got a great deal at $500. Hope you enjoy it with your family. Pleasure meeting you.
  10. So, I dusted off my Mathews Drenalin and restrung it at Bear Mountain this week. I went to buy some more arrows and wow, they have gotten crazy expensive since last time I bought. I have a few 5575 Gold Tip arrows, and was thinking about buying some more. Where do you all buy your arrows, and what should I get? $10 or more per arrow just seems super high..or perhaps I am just out of step with the times!
  11. PhxDT

    When did arrows get so crazy expensive??

    Interesting. thanks for the thoughts.
  12. PhxDT

    Float tube

    Does it deflate and store in a reasonable size?
  13. I am looking to put in (as my second choice) a cow elk hunt. My family all has 5-6 points, and if we get drawn for cow, I am seeking a premium cow hunt. both 5a and 6a seem to have similar draw rates, but success rates are bumpy. Which cow hunt would be a better choice?
  14. PhxDT

    Which cow Hunt? 5a or 6a? (other?)

    ohhh, I didn't think about that. I'll talk to the guys.
  15. PhxDT

    Which cow Hunt? 5a or 6a? (other?)

    Just responded above- thanks for the help. I have some timing restrictions (no hunt directly after Tgiving). Perhaps I just put in for two early rifle and then just try for next year is not drawn. I'd love to do archery, but the 3 family members with me aren't prepared, or have the ability to do so.
  16. PhxDT

    Which cow Hunt? 5a or 6a? (other?)

    I appreciate the help. we have 21 points total for the 4 of us. One bummer is that we have a conflict on the schedule for the hunt right after Thanksgiving this year, so that option (and like 80% of the hunts) are out. So I was thinking about doing the early 10 bull (ultra premium, tiny chance from what I see) followed up by the best cow hunt (not directly after Tgiving). I'd prefer to go bull hunting, and I agree about the points, but we all hate having tough hunts- like getting a bull tag in a tough unit and not seeing many bulls.
  17. PhxDT

    Which cow Hunt? 5a or 6a? (other?)

    Thank you for the feedback. I haven't used that software before (happy to purchase it if worth it). Given between 5-6 points with 4 ppl on the draw, does this say I would be in bonus pass? Sorry to be high maintenance.
  18. PhxDT

    Draw odds

    But are there any places that show success rates on the hunt? I seem to recall seeing something on the AZ GFD website but it was dot matrix horrible format. Impossible to read. It used to be in the back of the regs every year. Annoying they took it out
  19. PhxDT

    Vanguard tripod

    How high does it extend?
  20. PhxDT

    Junior Bow?

    Anyone have a used junior bow that they are willing to sell? I have a 10 yo boy that wants one. I live in Phx Metro. Thx
  21. PhxDT

    WTB frame meat pack

    I have one you can borrow if you need for a hunt. Let me know.
  22. PhxDT

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Sorry- and my location is Gilbert. Cooper and Elliot.
  23. PhxDT

    Pay it forward - I will start

    Free his and hers snowboards with boots. to a good home. Mens size 10 (fits like a 10.5 or 11) women’s size 6. 140cm women’s has functional everything. Barely ever used. 153cm men’s has working everything except one broken binding. Could figure a way to jerry rig it, I would think. pm me or (better yet) text me at 602568798eight
  24. Fee bike. I had it serviced last year. Comes with clip-in pedals and size 10.5 shoes if you want them. min NW Gilbert.