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  1. Pics of boxes for gun and scope... I think the CDS certificate is still good for this one.
  2. Hucker

    CZ 452-2E rifle - .22 WMR - SOLD

    Pics of box...
  3. Hucker

    Browning HC LR - 7mm Magnum

    Someone else asked about the thread protector for the gun. It is in thd box. Pics of boxes for gun and scope...
  4. Hucker

    Browning HC LR - 7mm Magnum

    Replied. Thx.
  5. Hucker

    Remington 700 LSS - .300 RUM

    Yes sir, 26" barrel. Send me a PM on trade offers. Not really looking for anything, but I never know what I need until I see it.
  6. Hucker

    Good Guy Seller List

    CGOW - fast shipping. Great communication throughout. Wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thanks!
  7. If only I wasn't in Sierra Vista...that would replace my smaller one.
  8. https://thewaterport.com/product/weekender-8-0-gallon-water-tank/
  9. This is the Waterport Weekender, rebadged/sold by CaliRaised. I have the little WaterPort and love it for camp showers. Great deal! GLWS.
  10. Hucker

    Things (snakes) that make you go, whew!

    Well, didn't work out as good for me (well, my pup). Was walking her today, on a trail we've walked a ton. Nice and wide trail in most places. Also a pretty well used mountain bike path. Stupid rattler sprang out from the grass on the side of the trail like it was shot out of a bow. Dog jumped it (I am pretty sure). When the dog landed on the other side of the trail, that snake launched again and nailed her twice in the front leg. No rattle, no warning, just pissed off snake. I had to carry that bitch out a couple of miles while she hyperventilated and convulsed. Took me most of an hour to get out of there. She weighs over 80 lbs, but shaking and moving around made her feel like 200 lbs. Not exactly what I had planned for training for an upcoming elk hunt, but I got a free workout out of the ordeal. Anyways, got her to the truck, shoved a bunch on benedryl down her throat (I know, I know) and drove like wild back home. She had recently had a knee injury, so I had some doggy vitamin-I. Gave her one of those. Then laid there petting her for a couple of hours while she shivered and fought the sickness. About 4 hours in, she started eating and drinking. She's slept most of the rest of the day, but acts like she'll be okay once it runs its course. Dog is tough! I suspect that a mountain biker who had just passed us on the trail probably spooked that snake and had it on high alert. Nothing we could have done (other than not go for a walk).
  11. Hucker

    Side by sides/UTVs

    There are a bunch of cab chops documented on the Honda forums. I looked at doing it, but it is not super easy. Best bet is to air down. I saw most doors were something like 81" and my Pioneer sat at like 79".
  12. Hucker

    Side by sides/UTVs

    Went from a Viking to the Pioneer 1000-5. Loved both machines, but the Pioneer was in a different world. Comfort, quietness (relatively speaking), and power were unreal! Unfortunately, I traded it for a couple of quads when my boys started driving (because it is more fun for them, obviously). The DCT transmission in the Honda is crazy good. I'll leave this right here: Didn't need 4x4 to bust through that snow, with the stock Bighorn tires. I got rid of the Viking because I found that I bottomed out on two-track roads a lot. Other than that, I loved the machine on well graded roads.
  13. Hucker

    Ammo Needs

    What do you all think of a thread where we can post up our ammo needs, and people can post up what they can access locally. We could also do a Coueswhitetail Express (CWE) deal if people are that trusting of each other (TBD by the guys/gals doing the deal). I'll start. The Cal Ranch in Sierra Vista has a ton of the 300 PRC 212gr ELD-X ammo in stock. $54.99 a box. I know it has been difficult for me to find for under $79.99 a box (although MidwayUSA had it recently for $64.99). They also have quite a few boxes of the 6.5 PRC ELD-M in stock. I don't recall the price, but maybe $64.99 (?). I travel to Tucson a couple of times a month if you can be flexible on delivery. I am also headed for Safford next Thursday, if someone over that way is in need.
  14. My kid and I were in Surprise for a baseball tourney in June. Lucky’s Pizza and wings were delicious. Best I have had in AZ, by far. And I am an Original Ray’s Pizza fanboy (for the non-NYers amongst us, go once in your life if you can).
  15. I have a CTR in 6.5CM, and it is the best shooting gun I have ever owned. My son (14) and I had a competition to see who could shoot the brass end of shot shells pushed thru our target at 100 yds. I’ll see if I can find the picks of the brass…Fun as shoot. Last year, on opening day, I glassed up two bucks sparring at 500 yds. I grabbed my youngest kid and my CTR and got him to 300 yds. He dropped one of the bucks. When we were sure he was dead (one shot), I told him to run back to the truck and tell his brother how to find me. The oldest one got behind the gun, in the same spot as his brother, and dropped the other buck. Maybe the coolest experience I have had hunting. Two bucks on the deck, and still had the boys to school in time for the opening bell! My oldest was pissed because he thought he could skip the whole day to hunt with me. Got extra brownie points with mom. GLWS!
  16. Hucker

    Best Dealer for Honda Pioneer 1000

    So a few years ago, I was trading in an ATV for a Pioneer. Cochise gave me an awesome price. I called Western and asked if they could beat it. The guy at Western was fantastic, and in the end, he talked me into the deal at Cochise. He will forever get a first look going forward. Both great places. "Doc" Smith at Cochise is my go-to-guy.
  17. The flow of illegals in SE AZ is crazy right now. During archery season, I vectored BP on so many groups. 5 or 6 to a group. Asshats kept fucking up my hunts, so I fucked up their chances of getting in. They had already beat the sensors and cameras. But once they chased my deer out, I brought the green suits in. It actually became fun stopping the bastards. I randomly go out to glass them up just because. Only drawback is that anyone in BP who hunts knows my secret spot now...LOL.
  18. Hucker

    hunting/camping solo

    Camp with buddies but I prefer to hunt alone, mostly.
  19. Hucker

    Durston X-Mid 2.0

    I have a 2P from Massdrop. Like it a lot.
  20. I love my wife, and so can you for $59.99…and if you act now, you can get twice the loving for one low price.
  21. Hucker


    A bunch of ammo was available at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Tucson last week... GLWS
  22. Hucker

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Sold. I bought it.
  23. Hucker

    Sig Romeo 4h

    PM sent.
  24. Hucker

    TRUMP AR15 and a hers AR

    Bump for a good dude!