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    Tick Tock

    Anyone's portal say "Looks like you didn't put in for this year's draw" on the one page, and "Drawn" with nothing else available on the other?
  2. Hucker

    Tick Tock

    So I called again at COB. Got the same gal as before! ["Lucky!" - said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice] She thanked me for my continued interest in what is going on with the draw process. She said there were a lot of people calling with a bunch of silly questions. She asked me to pass a message on to my brothers/sisters/transbrothers/transsisters/cisbrothers/cissisters/et al.
  3. Hucker

    Tick Tock

    I just called again to verify this. The gal laughed at all of us on CW. She said they received almost 250k applicants, and were struggling with the unprecedented volume. When I read her the bolded part above, she said it was something they put out to ease our nerves. I'll call her again before COB to check the status...
  4. Hucker

    Tick Tock

    I just called. Not gonna happen today. Something about portal and draw systems not linked up yet. Until all of the applicants' portal are up to date (manually done?!), they will hold off on the draw. My friend said they wanted to avoid complaints later about people feeling like they were screwed over because their receipts said one thing and portals showed another, and now they weren't drawn and the system was broke. They were prepared to do it today, but too many complaints leading up to draw to risk it.
  5. Hucker

    Longest two weeks of the year

    Down to the longest day...
  6. Hucker

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    I have owned Yamaha Viking 700 and Honda Pioneer 1000 for SxS. Both great. But Honda was my favorite, by far. Currently own Yamaha Kodiak 700 quad and an old (2000) Honda Rancher. Rancher still runs like new, but the Kodiak is waaaay better comfortwise. Coincidently, the motor from the Viking is the same as the Kodiak! Pretty bulletproof.
  7. Hucker


    Anyone try to only purchase a point? It’s asking for a license number to buy the point. I thought I could buy a point without a license...
  8. Hucker

    Legal advise

  9. Hucker


    I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll have a look.
  10. Hucker

    Bed liner spray

    U-pol raptor liner on Amazon, if you are a DIY kinda guy. Need a 60 gal compressor though. And as usual, prep is the most important part. You can get black or tintable. Here is my bed I did (with some hunting flair).
  11. Hucker


    I have (5) of these in good shape. 5x5.5 bolt pattern 225/75-16
  12. Hucker

    Caught the Corona Virus

    Pics, or it didn't happen!
  13. Hucker

    ISO 410 shotgun

    I just saw a single shot 410 at Cal Ranch for $95. Looked nice. Not sure of make/model.
  14. Hucker


    FWIW, I gps'd the spot when we got into them. When I got home, I found that GIS website. The location on the map (with date/time stamp) was very accurate. IIRC, it showed that pack there 2 days before we were there. And it is amazing that they refuse to go on the reservation...😏
  15. Hucker


    Figures...had the best available shots on them.
  16. Hucker


    Here it is... http://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=fa2f5e84ec5545f3985c917825805f65&extent=-12337235.6233%2C3947363.8229%2C-12057476.0998%2C4124086.2323%2C102100
  17. Hucker


    Been to Big Lake x2. Been into the Hoodoo pack both times. The first time I had my kids and dog with me and 15 came in on us. 9 straight on, and 6 flanked us. Talk about pucker factor! Had my mini-14, but really didn't want to face that $56,000 x 15 fine. 4 had tracking collars. There is a GIS tracking website somewhere online for those interested.
  18. Hucker

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    When I was buying mine, I was price shopping. I had a local dealer make me a great offer. When I talked the deal over with Western Honda, the salesman actually sold me on the local dealer's deal. Said he wanted my business, but concluded the local deal was better than he could do. My next Honda deal will not be made without giving those guys a chance to earn my money. I appreciated the honesty.
  19. Hucker

    Unique Elk

    That is a lot of "Next" button clicks....
  20. Thank god. I was gonna spend my money. But, dibs if it falls thru. Smoking deal for sure!
  21. Hucker


    This: Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe I love that I can customize the back seating area depending on needs. We can put 4 in it and still have a flat spot for the dog in the bed. Added a bed extender so I can carry a cooler and backpacks for day-tripping. Being able to talk without yelling: priceless.
  22. Hucker


    Love mine... Free bump!
  23. Hucker

    Savage LRH 7mm mag

    Where are you located?