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    Short Bed Camper Shell

    Can you give us some measures on it? Length, width at cab, and width at tailgate, please.
  2. Hucker

    Unit 5 Hopi (left over tag)

    Two buddies and I had this hunt (bull) this past year. Hunting East Sunset mountain, I saw 11 bulls and 8 cows. We all tagged out. Access to the Hopi ranch is pretty easy. There is an email address where you can do most of it via email (you will have to sign and return the form) or go see the rancher (Wilson?) on the west side of 87, a couple of miles south of Holbrook...he gave us ours face-to-face. Very easy. Get up on top of the mountain and glass down. I tagged out 1 hour into the season. As I was gutting, I had a giant 6x6 run up on me. My one buddy tagged out at noon the next day (his was running with another 6x6). Day three had us glass up 6 bulls, but couldn't get a decent shot (600+ yards away, and buddy had not practiced that far). The next day, he harvested a nice 5x5. They are there, just gotta get up high...the guys at the bottom of the mountain were not seeing anything.
  3. Hucker

    Portal Results Available

    It's official..no tag for me...
  4. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    My buddy's card was hit at 7:01 this morning! Woohoo! Can't wait...blah, blah, blah. Alright, now that we got that nonsense out of the way, let's watch this thread for 2016. Some peoples' OCDs need pacification with a new 2016-specific thread. Fingers crossed my boy (10 y.o.) get drawn his first year!
  5. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Can we hit 100,000 views by midnight?
  6. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Guys, we got a little off topic. Let's get this back on track, please. Who's card has been hit by G&F, in 2016, for an elk tag? Thank you.
  7. Hucker

    Can we start an updated thread about the Elk draw

    Is that your girlfriend? His sister dancing with his girlfriend, maybe?!?
  8. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    No and then.
  9. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Girls in Alaska are affectionately referred to as "Tundra Wookies."
  10. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Better pack a lunch and bring your mom! ;-)
  11. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    21 pages for my first thread...nice!
  12. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Ahhh...trying to inject logic into a system built on anything but...good for you!
  13. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Any truth to the rumor I am starting that they won't be hitting cards until April 1, 2016 so we can't tell if it is an April Fool's Day joke or not?
  14. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    Quick! Hit her back in Curt's #2 slot!
  15. Hucker

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    An unreliable source said his card was just hit. Anyone else?
  16. Hucker

    WTB - Gooseneck Flatbed

    Looking to buy a gooseneck flatbed trailer for a project. Deck-over or lowboy...either can work. Looking for single-wheel, double axle. Looking for a 16' to 20' max. Know anyone looking to sell one? Thanks guys.
  17. Saw you on Brown Canyon Road....
  18. Hucker

    Sell or trade CZ American 452 .22 lr

    I have this same model in .22 mag...tack driver fo' sho.
  19. Hucker

    Giant moose antlers

    And loving you long time.
  20. Hucker

    Any 5A Bulls Down Yet?

    We tagged out (3 tags) yesterday (Tuesday). One rag horn (2x4) opening day, a 5x4 the next, and a 5x5 on Tuesday. Elk on the table for three lucky families. The rag horn had a very peculiar setup on the one side. There is a 30" spike on the right side. There is another 30" spike that comes out of the skull over the top on his eye. There is skin/hair growth between the two bases. I'll try to post pics...
  21. Hucker

    Any 5A Bulls Down Yet?

    Anyone been in 5A for awhile? Is there snow on the ground? Leaving Saturday morning to setup camp and scout for a week before the Nov. 27 to Dec. 3 hunt. Anyone have a decent spot to camp for the 14 day trip? I am worried we might get some more snow. My buddy is going to be pulling a horse trailer with two horses, so we will need a spot we can get out of it we get any sizable snow drop. Thanks guys.
  22. Hucker

    Stolen F250

    I hate people who steal. Sorry you have to go thru this.
  23. Hucker

    UTV choices

    I have the Yamaha Viking. I was set to buy a Honda Pioneer-4, but sat in one and drove it around the dealer's lot. My knees banged off the front too much and I felt very cramped. It disappointed me that I couldn't get one. For reference, I am 6'2" tall and 200lbs. I drove the Viking VI, but that was like driving a yacht. I ended up in the Viking (3 seater) and couldn't be happier. It has the proven 700 cc engine and Yamaha CVT transmission. Max speed is 50-52mph, which is plenty for hunting/hauling. It has a 600lb cargo capacity with a 1,500lb towing capacity. I have added a winch and some lights, along with a custom bed rail/rack system I welded up. It fits all of my needs.
  24. Hucker

    One bad .50 Cal

    I personally don't agree with using one of these for hunting purposes, and therefore the rest of you should conform to my way of thinking. [Enter ethics cliche here], [Enter fair chase cliche here], because that's how the guys I read about in a 1970s hunting magazine did it with blue jeans and a red/black checkered jacket with better success than anyone here could ever hope for. Wind in your hair/no movement is key. Cliche, cliche, cliche. Seriously, I'd shoot a 750 gr A-Max Match ammo through it.
  25. Hucker

    Giant 5x5 bull hit dirt

    Would this one be a 5x6?