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  1. Jay your Christian halo is centered pretty well. But I have seen the dark side when ur not in front of a camera or bloggings about yourself that I have stumbled across. You have a lot of apologizing to do to people in the past several years. Have you had a life altering experience and have you really changed like your Christian-slanted writings imply? I hope the best for you.
  2. Flagstaffer

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    You slammed on me first Murfy JUST sayin don't be rude The thing is, the stories you have about the few elk you have killed are the stories people want to hear. Because they are good, and they are true, and they are about you and your hard work and achievement, kill or not. Big bull or not. But the day you follow a guide around and kill the bull he says to kill, then keep that story to yourself and let the guide tell it. It was his hunt and his achievement, not yours.
  3. Flagstaffer

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    Murfy... I had a premier member call me to take a look at what was being said about guides. he had a good laugh too so I made an account. Huntnaztoo has a good point. so no one knows hunting unless they have a long term account here pfff
  4. Flagstaffer

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    I apologize to DesertB... I let your comment get to me. won't happen again
  5. Flagstaffer

    Arizona Unit 1 Early Archery – Getting Warmer?

    I too see to many people jumping on the guide wagon. If you're going to apply for the tag then try HUNTING people! Does it cross your mind that you can actually do it all by yourself? Guides are making it such a bad experience in the better units with their paying puppy dogs in tow. A lot of people who didn't earn it on their own are killing some of our best giant bulls. Its aggravating to see all the photos on the guide sites with the guides taking all the credit. Seeing fewer big bulls out there each year DersertB Go hire a guide for your next Arizona elk tag Im sure you need one to have a decent hunting tale to tell Im out
  6. NO replies to this topic in 2 weeks Jay! The people have spoken... in a sense. You're really promoting yourself I see. 'You're proud to announce'... Cabelas this.. Cabelas that. I remember you telling a person we know several years ago that he would be famous for the videos he made. I recall You were so enamored with the thought that person could be you someday. And then the Jay-promo-machine soon began. eye roller