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    71 yrs old with 19 bonus points, what unit for a Bull

    There is only two NR tags for bonus pass so to draw 22 u will need the most points of all NR in the draw because u have to draw the first tag in order to get both of them
  2. Thomas11

    New Mexico draw

    The harvest reports are even due till the 7th or 8th. There is no way the draw will be done before that so don’t believe any of this mess w carcass tag showing etc. this only has to do w you choosing an e tag vs a carcass tag.
  3. Thomas11

    15A, 15B, 18A elk hunt (antlerless)

    Sent u a pm
  4. Thomas11

    15A, 15B, 18A elk hunt (antlerless)

    Well unfortunately I live in Alabama. So all my elk hunts I have to be researched and planned from the keyboard and phone conversations. But I do agree. I’d love to have a otc deer tag early season and scout/hunt. That would be a blast
  5. Thomas11

    15A, 15B, 18A elk hunt (antlerless)

    I have the early rifle bull tag for the hunt! I’ve studied the unit quite a bit and def have some ideas but anyone w any knowledge of this unit I appreciate any feedback!
  6. Thomas11

    FS: Kaibab 18x56 PRICE DROP

    What was the issue w them? I’m kinda interested but I really want slcs
  7. Thomas11

    Swarovski 15x56 HD - $1900

    Did these sell?
  8. Thomas11

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Access Issues

    While true remember that if you choose to camp on State Land you have to have permission from the lands lesee (usually this would be the rancher leasing the land for his cattle). yea I knew that about the state land, but I think Id focus on the BlM and pack in and stay. The two areas in that unit to hunt seem to be Lunero peak(state) and the BlM to the south. But Ive seen a lot of ppl hunt the open flats too
  9. Thomas11

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Access Issues

    U should be able to camp on any of the BLM inside that unit.
  10. Thomas11

    Powder Vs. Pellets

    so Ive only shot pellets but this yr Im gonna try BH. So literally do u just fill the tubes up to the volume measure on the side that u r gonna shoot and your good? I keep reading the whole u gotta weigh your charge vs the volume method? But I dont know really? Im not shooting past 150 yds
  11. Thomas11


    . They actually have a 600 Gr one out now!
  12. Thomas11

    1 Day!!!

    Has anyone had an issue w portal acct saying u missed latest draw deadline to apply?
  13. Thomas11

    Regs are out

    I'm using toprut.com. I'm not claiming these to be exact but you can read about how they do the odds and it's a pretty good system. I've compared them to gohunt odds and they are generally within 2-3%. I think the az draw is so confusing no-one really knows exact odds. But either way most of them get the part right where you know you'll be guaranteed.. Toprut odds are good!
  14. Thomas11

    Late Season Archery Hunts - Doable?

    Id say do 23. U have a realistic chance of drawing with just a point. Ive thought about it myself. The success rates are low but bulls are killed every year. Yes its gonna be tough but doable. It really just depends if u want potentially wait at a minimum 7 years for a early archery tag and thats a minimum or hunt Now without all the ruttting action
  15. Thomas11

    Nm 16c rifle tag

    I've had the archery tag. PM me if u wanna talk
  16. Thomas11

    New Mexico Elk

    Results will be out last of April normally if my memory is correct
  17. Thomas11

    Elk Draw Readiness Checklist

    . That's hillarious! Me too!
  18. Thomas11

    Utah Elk

    Got my name in for elk!
  19. Thomas11

    4B Roll Call

    he actually had a couple podcast about 4b elk if I remember correctly? I listened to them but can't recall all the content
  20. Thomas11

    Bonus pass question

    You can also go to toprut and they have bonus pass numbers for NR and R on their site. Very easy to see and find your odds. Just keep in mind from year to year more ppl can apply for the hunt than did last yr upping the number of points and vice versa
  21. Thomas11

    I think I F'd up big time

    Your license has to be valid on the deadline draw date, it doesn't matter that it was valid when you applied. if not you risk being kicked out of draw and if you have been applying for 5 yrs u lose your loyalty point. As long as u buy a license before the deadline you are fine. The system will see it and u can use that license to hunt in the fall. U don't have to buy another again this fall. So if u bought a license today it's good for 365 days from today. But your license that expires 1-22-17 will get u kicked outta the draw
  22. Thomas11

    OTC Colorado Elk

    I don't know much about that area. I hear it gets a lot of traffic from horseback and outfitters. It looks to be very big country. Also my concerns would be the ability to get away from the crowds as there are a high number of hunters all pinched in the northern pockets of these units. I've looked at these units, they do get a lot of press and number of animals in these areas seem to be good, success rates aren't terrible either. But the drawback to me was if you look at access, there are really only a couple or just a few roads that lead to these trailheads or really the northern end in general in these units. So ppl aren't spread out. Everyone basically is going into this area from same few trailheads as you. I know once u get in there there's room to roam but then u have to compete with all the horsebackers, outfitters, etc. but again I've never been there. I'm going OTC myself in CO somewhere but still trying to nail down a few areas to check out
  23. Thomas11

    Unit 6A

    I had this hunt last yr, what I found is 90% of the hunters stay real close to the roads. With that said, there are roads everywhere but find some of the more inaccessible roads/areas and you will find elk. We were in elk everyday and good bugling activity. I had my opportunities to kill a couple big Bulls but I couldn't shoot straight! I thought it was a great hunt once u get away from the crowds.
  24. Thomas11

    Unit 5 Hopi (left over tag)

    For instance, there was one archery tag for Hopi 5a early season in leftover. And I'm sure lots of ppl sent in a app for it
  25. Thomas11

    Unit 5 Hopi (left over tag)

    my understanding on these leftover tags is they are first come by mail only and if your application gets there early it's rejected. So literally they would have to open your mail before any others and your mail must get there the exact day. Kinda sounds like it may harder to get a leftover tag than regular one!