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  1. I haven’t sold any firearms in a long time. I was wondering what people are asking for from a buyer when selling a gun. I have a some that I purchased that aren’t registered to me and some that are. Do people get turned off if I ask for a bill of sale and to take a copy of there drivers license for my records just in case? Do you only go through a FFL?
  2. Richie

    Hunt Draw issue

    I guess they could just put the day first and month second..woops
  3. Richie

    Hunt Draw issue

    Not that it makes a difference but did anyone notice the date on there emailed receipt? My and one other person has 10/02/2020...
  4. Richie

    Patent Attorney

    I have a product that I have prototypes made and feel I need to work on a patent before I move on to packaging/branding. I have been doing some online research about patent attorneys and have been getting mixed opinions about patent attorneys. Im wondering if anyone has ever personally dealt with a patent attorney and would like to share how there experience has gone? Did you find a patent was even necessary? Recommendations of a good local one? any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have for sale a 1977 Glastron 17ft boat. Comes with trailer and Nissan 90hp outboard motor. I spend 1500.00 on the getting the main computer board on the motor(done at Martin marine),100.00 on a new battery and 300.00 on new tires. Motor and trailer are good and boat needs some work. Registered until 2/2020. Price is 2000.00
  6. I have for sale a used Honda EU6500is inverter generator. It was always used for work in an enclosed container so its looks pretty much new. It has 690 hours on it. I paid 4100.00 plus tax new. It’s for sale for 2500.00. Please message me if your interested. Thanks
  7. I have a brand new 35x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grappler mounted on a brand new 17x8.5” wheel. I bought this setup for a spare that I don’t need anymore. Purchased from discount tire. My receipt total was 480.66. Never been used or mounted and kept indoors it was for a 2003 f250 and lug pattern is 8x170. Price is firm 325.00
  8. 2017 Ford F350 Factory 20” platinum wheels and tires. Tires and almost new. 5000 miles on them. 1400.00 Michelin LTX AT2 tires LT275/65R20 Fits 2005 and up f250 f350 and excursion. Also fits 1999-2004 with front spacers
  9. Selling my Pack Rabbit PACK MULE II FRAME W/COYOTE XTREME HARNESS SET. Cool feature is it has a built in seat and actually comfortable. Selling because I have way to many packs and im only one person.. I actually never used it.bought in 7/15. I purchased the frame, adapter kit and elastic seat retention. Total came to 201.32. When i purchased they didnt have there own packs so you buy the adapter kit to attach any other pack you have. Was just looking at there site and they now make there own packs to. Check it out. selling for 150.00 PM me if your interested . Link to website for specs http://www.pack-rabbit.com here is a link to a video review. Video is of a sandpiper of California pack mule frame system which contracts the frame system from pack rabbit so its the same product. https://youtu.be/utBkl6ZL7bk
  10. For sale are Step bars 6 inch angular chromed aluminum crew cab extended length . These are take off my 2017 Ford F350 truck after 6000 miles. These are like new condition. Part number is HC3Z-16450-BB. 500.00
  11. I have a SCT Performance - 7015 - X4 Performance Tuner - Custom Power Flash Programmer- Ford. It is unmarried. Screen has a small scuff mark on it from the plug rubbing against while being stored but every work perfect and is in excellent shape. Price is firm. 300.00
  12. For sale is a military trailer cart that is built to transport airplane engines. The trailer is in great condition and originally has two I-Beams. I fabricated the flatbed with the aluminum diamond plate painted tp match. It has a hand brake located in the rear tires. Purchased to use for a job and that job is complete. Thanks. Asking 1000.00
  13. Richie

    Truck tuning

    What kind of truck are you trying to tune?
  14. Thought I'd see if anyone drew the same tag. It was my first time putting in for an out of state tag so I'm going to assume the odds were not that bad if I got one first time. I already did all my Google map searching and took on trip to learn the lay of the land, do little scouting and put up some cameras. Will probably do at least one/two more trips before the hunt. I did find deer but I don't know what the crowds are like once the season starts. Anyone have experience of where the crowds are? I have an archery tag that is the month of September and first half of January. Also would mind exchanging info with someone that is going to be up there incase they need help with anything. Thanks