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    Patent Attorney

    I have a product that I have prototypes made and feel I need to work on a patent before I move on to packaging/branding. I have been doing some online research about patent attorneys and have been getting mixed opinions about patent attorneys. Im wondering if anyone has ever personally dealt with a patent attorney and would like to share how there experience has gone? Did you find a patent was even necessary? Recommendations of a good local one? any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I looking to get a pole barn built on my property in chandler. Something similar to a Morton buildings with a shop and small living quarters/office. Does anyone know if there is a company similar to Morton buildings that supplies Arizona or a contractor that specializes in buildings similar? Thanks
  3. thanks I have for sale a Remington model 600 in .308 caliber. For sale at 550.00. Price is firm. Please PM if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  4. Richie

    Primary care provider

    I am searching for a primary care provide and was wondering if anyone here is very happy with who they go to. I feel like we are like minded people here and if your satisfied, I probably will be to. I would prefer someone is the east valley. Please feel free to pm me if you don’t want to post it. Thanks in advance.
  5. For sale are Step bars 6 inch angular chromed aluminum crew cab extended length . These are take off my 2017 Ford F350 truck after 6000 miles. These are like new condition. Part number is HC3Z-16450-BB. 500.00
  6. I have for sale a Remington model 600 Mohawk in .308 caliber. Please PM if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have for sale a J.C. Higgins Model 50 Rifle w/ FN action. Also includes scope that is mounted on rifle. Caliber is 30-06. These rifle were sold by sears in the 1950’s and built with high quality parts. Please PM me if your interested. Thanks for looking.
  8. SOLD I have for sale a Tradewinds Husky Model H-5000 in 30-06 Caliber. I would consider the gun in good condition. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Rifle was manufactured sometime in the 1950’s according to serial number. Please PM me if your interested. Thanks for looking.
  9. Richie

    Shipping Rifle advice/help

    I have some rifles that I need to ship to a FFL in a different state. Does anyone have any recent experience with any specific locations locally where you have shipped a rifle out of? How was your experience? Any tips or advice? I do plan on going to a FedEx and UPS locations to see what they say. Seems like some research I have done online still leaves some uncertainties has to how the exact process works. Thanks
  10. Richie

    6.5 Grendel For Sale

    I have for sale a 6.5 Grendel Rifle. Parts are listed below. For sale at 1100.00. I have 25rd magazines for 20.00 each. Price is firm. Please pm if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for looking UPPER-mil spec upper BARREL- Black hole weaponry double fluted bead blasted MUZZLE DEVICE-Primary Weapons Systems Flash suppressor w/muzzle control GAS BLOCK/TUBE- Low profile gas block/Mid length gas tube HANDGUARD- Viking Tactics Alpha Rail 15" SIGHTS- Spikes tactical MBUS folding front & rear sights BCG- mil spec BCG CHARGING HANDLE-mil spec LOWER- Spikes tactical Lower(multi) forged spider w/ bullet marks color fill PARTS KIT- CMMG lower parts kit GRIP- Blackhawk ar-15 Ergonomic grip STOCK- Magpul MOE Carbine stock
  11. Richie

    6.5 Grendel For Sale

    Price drop
  12. Richie

    Remington model 600 .308 caliber 

    No I purchased it the way it is
  13. I have for sale a Winchester model 70 in 30-06 caliber. Rifle was manufactured in 1951 and includes scope and sling. For sale at 900.00. Price is firm. Thanks for looking.
  14. Last price drop before it goes to auction.
  15. Last price drop before it’s off to auction
  16. Last price drop before it’s off to auction