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  1. footballica

    Ruger American 30-06 w/ Leupold VX-1

    Sorry guys. Asking $450 for it
  2. I am selling my Ruger American 30-06. Attached is a Leupold VX-1 3x9 already with a 200 yard zero. I also have Hornady and Barns ammo to go with it. Gun only has 200-300 hundred rounds through it. Selling it due to a shoulder injury and cannot tolerate the recoil.
  3. footballica

    Preditor scope for AR Platform

    I have a vx-1 on my 30-06 so I know what you mean. I am more familiar with MOA.
  4. footballica

    Preditor scope for AR Platform

    Casual hunting. dont need to reach to 5-600 yards. Something that I could take to 300 if I had to. Not looking to spend more then $350-$400
  5. Hello all. I am looking to upgrade from my iron sights on my AR. I've started looking at scopes and have no idea where to start. Not sure if a general scope would work or if a AR specific scope would be better, high mag or low mag, fixed power or adjustable etc... what are your thoughts?
  6. footballica

    Free Predator Hunting Camp and Seminar

    Just signed up. Cannot wait for this. I've been wanting to start predator hunting but had no idea where to start. This will be huge for us new guys.
  7. footballica

    First elk hunt

    When you say "top" are you talking about Mingus Mt.?The bull in my avatar was on top of mingus in november. Do you think that they have gone down in elevation with it getting colder and the storm that came through last week?
  8. footballica

    First elk hunt

    When you say "top" are you talking about Mingus Mt.?
  9. footballica

    First elk hunt

    Hey everybody, I have a late cow tag in 19a and this will be my first elk hunt. Now, I know what everybody is thinking " he just wants honey holes, doesn't want to tough it out..." Not at all. I'm just looking for some tips and general advice that could help me out. I'm fairly new to hunting as a whole but I have started to figure some stuff out so I'm not totally in the dark. I've done some scouting and have a general idea of where I want to set up shop but I'm not overly confident in my choice or skillset. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Mike
  10. footballica

    19a elk tag

    I have the late cow tag and I've only seen some sign of them. I could also be looking in the totally wrong spot too lol. This is my first elk hunt so I'm learning as I'm going along.
  11. footballica

    2015 Opening Day Success

    hopefully your luck can rub off on the rest of us man. nice job and great looking elk
  12. footballica

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    i keep it simple. 30-06 180 grain. that will kill 90% of what north america has to offer.
  13. footballica

    19a Cow Hunt

    Its a cow tag and its the late hunt (12/4-12/13).
  14. footballica

    19a Cow Hunt

    Did you end up getting a tag for this unit? I got drawn for 19A and I am in the same boat as you ( I Just happen to be in Phoenix).