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  1. AlexB

    Looking for a cz 452 .22 lr or .22 mag.

    Interested in the semi auto pm sent
  2. AlexB

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD

    This glass just came back from vortex for clean/inspect .Open to offers
  3. AlexB

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD

    Still available
  4. AlexB

    SWAROVSKI 15x56 SLC $1,400

    Slc neu....not hd
  5. AlexB


    Pm semt
  6. AlexB

    Vortex Razor For Sale

    Gen 1 or Gen 2?
  7. AlexB

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD

    Kaibabs in like new condition. The glass is perfect no scratches no flaws. $900
  8. Mine would be a rem 700 action in a mcmillan stock with a proof research barrel in either 6.5 creedmor , 260 ackley improved or 6.5x284. I'd try to keep it light but also something that can reach out and touch something.
  9. AlexB

    WTB rifle in 6.5

    I'm in the market for a something in 6.5 caliber if anyone's thinking about letting one go. I'd really like a savage predator max 1. Open to anything
  10. AlexB

    **SOLD** PSE Vendetta

    A price would help