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  1. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    Due to extreme drought in Africa, Elandpro Safaries is offering great discounts on all hunts. Cull hunts, trophy hunts, and even all your site seeing needs. Please check out the facebook post or contact me at rudehorsegunworks.com for details.
  2. krawl33

    Vortex Viper Rifle Scope

    I won't be down to Tucson for a bit, would you take Paypal $ and ship it for $280? Thanks!
  3. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    The greatest part of the day was coming back to the compound, they had a second group there that was hunting with Gerrit's cousin Peter. They were from BC, Canada... Had all these big stories about killing tons of bears and this and that... The first morning all we had run into was that jackal so they called us "jackal team" then we ended the first day with 2 single shot dropped kudu, they had a blesbok they took 4 shots on, and a warthog they had to track for half a day because his son-in-law shot it in the foot... Yeah we quickly went from "jackal team or "B-Team" to A team for sure. The best part was the food, people, and conversation after the hunt. The trigger time for a hunter is priceless. Our 3rd day we took 4 animals! The Canadians took 2! We had the skinners working until sun down!
  4. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    We ate a form or multiple forms of the game meat every day 3x a day! Amazing food, usually has a bit of German influence. Gerrit did most of the BBQ outside in their covered seating area, and on the grill, as well as, when we went fishing he BBQd some gemsbok sausage for breakfast and lunch. Makkie his wife, makes all the breakfast and lunch meals as we are preparing for the hunt or out hunting at those times. They include all the beers and water and soda you can stomach. They also have a small selection of liquor if that is your poison. After a good day of hunting and dinner they usually bring out the German style aperitifs for a shot with everyone! We ate blesbok, warthog, kudu, black and blue wildebeest, gemsbok, eland, lamb, goat, and a bit of beef! I would have rather had the wild game than any of the traditional meats, they were fresher and had better flavor. But they usually gave options.
  5. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    That was me that shot the old bulls with the broken horns. I like the old gnarly ones. There was no discount for that. Would have been nice, but I didn't even ask. THey were both about 9-10 years old and this would have probably been their last season even without the broken horns.
  6. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    Why not next year? If you just want to take several animals and do a 5 day hunt 7 days total... 4 non-trophy animals that's only like $1650 for the hunt its self... heck that's shooting for free and just paying the stay... If it were a la cart it would be 2100 just for the stay @300 a day! Of course you have a taxidermy fee and airport transportation $300 and your flight about $1500. But who else can go on a complete safari for about $4k? Not many! Their bigger packages are even better deals if anyone wants info I can send it to your email!
  7. krawl33

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    It is the trip of a lifetime, but if you plan it right and don't blow your wad in one trip you can always make a second! It is closer to reality than you think!