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    Results up

    34a early nov
  2. Got it. Thank you very much for pointers on the draw! I read somewhere you get an extra point for hunters education... I have my card from back in 1996 does that count? lol
  3. You are guaranteed to draw that 34A tag, so you'll be deer hunting. If you weren't, your third through fifth choices wouldn't have got you anything. None of those hunts have any tags left to go into the 3-5 pass of the draw. Since you're new to big game, you may want to read up on some of the "how the draw works" tutorials. Thank you for the advice. 20a had a 57% last year 36b was over 90% and 19a 65% are those a bit too ambitious?
  4. Thanks Bob. Good luck with all those points when you come back.. All those are once in a lifetime hunts.
  5. DeerCraver

    New to Coues / AZ

    I have stopped all over 34a for bird hunting and saw does during spring Ham hunt. I too put 34a toward the top of my list. I see lots of alien activity - trash piles of water bottles, stashed food. Always be safe and bring your side arm, but truth be told they are more scared of getting caught by you. I am personally more worried about my camp and truck while out hunting. I tend to park in a visible area away from brush to make it harder for them to access without becoming visible to the BP. I place all valuables out of sight and locked. If you have a cooler sitting in camp, make sure you have back up water somewhere locked. I see BP all over with the eye in the sky... they also make great resources to chat about the area. Have fun! good luck on the draw
  6. New member love the forms I have been reading for a few hours now.... This is my second AZ big game hunt and first try at AZ deer. I am an avid bird hunter and was an active big game hunter in my youth before college, life, kids, wife and career ate up my time. Now that I am a bit more established an approaching the big three "O" it is time. What units do you all put in for? While ham hunting and scouting I found a fair amount of coues deer mostly does and wanted to try for a coues buck this year, but I did go for a few units that have mules. I have a feeling I will be landing 34a - a unit I am very familiar with from several bird hunts and the one ham hunt. 1016 12b any - Oct 23- Nov 1 1123 34a white- Nov 6th - 12 1031 20a any -Oct 23- Nov 1 1062 36b mule- Nov 13- 19 1029 19a any- Oct 23- Nov 1 Ill be honest 12b is a dream, and the rest of the units I know little to nothing about. That what is all about though learning and exploring, right?