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    223/556 ar for sale $800

    I am selling my double star 223/556 ar I bought this gun used I have only put like 60 rounds through it! It shoots great I just am not a big at guy so I am going to go another direction please note this has a heavy barrel
  2. Bobbyhcp

    Meopta 12x50 hd for sale

    I am looking to sell my 12x50 meopta hd I have had them for 1 year they are in awesome condition only used on one hunt still have original box these will also come with a badlands. Bino chest harness I am asking $1000 firm I can text pics if you want
  3. Bobbyhcp

    Meopta 12x50 hd for sale

    TTt Ttt
  4. Bobbyhcp

    twin HD 65mm swarovski big eyes for sale SOLD

    I sent you a text
  5. Bobbyhcp

    Fantasy Football Time?

    I am in again
  6. And for his 31st post he asks how to find coues deer 😂😂😂
  7. Bobbyhcp

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    Unit 29 3rd hunt tag number 5-8 This was my second choice
  8. Bobbyhcp

    Happy Fathers Day ....

    Thanks! Happy Fathers Day dads!
  9. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    This forum has pms but its all good I will find my own spot in a unit that is gonna filled with road hunters
  10. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    Ok guys I am a coues deer hunter but me and my buddys put in for mule deer in New Mexico unit 23 and drew it. We are gonna start this weekend looking at country and will probably do at least 8-10 different trips scouting. I dont really know the area so if anyone has any tips I would be interested and I want to hike in away from the crowd
  11. Bobbyhcp

    Polaris predator 90

    Interested any pictures
  12. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    Bob when is the best time to call?
  13. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    I will maybe later today thanks bob!
  14. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    This is getting out of hand I am scouting been twice already I was just asking for a direction a little help not nobodys hot spot I am capable of finding deer and reading country its a new state and a new unit heck even a New deer species for me
  15. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    Thanks bob some guys are just a holes
  16. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    I did one last weekend I am doing another this Saturday you didnt read the post very well it said I will be scouting a lot 🖕🏿
  17. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    Has anyone hunted around mule creek on the south side??
  18. Bobbyhcp

    Unit 23 New mexico

    Thats my kind of key!